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Publication numberUS2247526 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 1, 1941
Filing dateApr 7, 1939
Priority dateApr 7, 1939
Publication numberUS 2247526 A, US 2247526A, US-A-2247526, US2247526 A, US2247526A
InventorsWilliam Steinen
Original AssigneeWilliam Steinen
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Frame and handle assemblage for mirrors, brushes, and other devices forming parts of toilet and dresser sets
US 2247526 A
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July 1, 1941.`


Application April 7, 1939, Serial No. 266,497

2 Claims.

The present invention relates to a frame and handle assemblage for mirrors, brushes and other devices forming parts of toilet and dresser sets.

It is among the objects of the present invention to provide an improved frame and handle assemblage for mirrors, brushes and other devices forming parts of toilet and dresser sets which will involve a few parts, which will be of artistic, durable and inexpensive construction and which, at the same time, may be manufactured at a minimum of expense by relatively unskilled labor.

Another object is to provide an improved frame and handle assemblage of the character abovel described which may be inexpensively manufactured of sheet metal or die cast metal parts, with assurance that the construction will be rigid and durable and may be subjected to rough usage over long periods of time without tending to separate, becoming loose at the throat or becoming dismantled.

Still further objects and advantages will appear from the more detailed description set forth below, it being understood, however, that this more detailed description is given by way of illustration since various changes therein may be made by those skilled in the art without departing from the scope and spirit of the invention.

In accomplishing the above objects, it has been found most suitable to form the frame member of a substantially continuous metal strip of U-cross section, which metal strip may be split adjacent the throat Where it is joined to the end of the handle.

Although the handle may be made of various constructions, in the embodiment shown, it is formed of a die casting which may be of suitable ornamental shape.

In the preferred construction, the mirror or brush back is provided with a metal or other backing plate having a rod extension which may be threaded and which may extend into' an opening or bore in the throat portion of the handle adjacent the junction of the frame with the handle.

This throat portion may be caused to draw up the frame on the handle to cause a rigid connection therebetween and ,to latch with the terminal portions of the rim member encircling the mirror and brush back, as the case may be.

In a preferred form of the invention, the threaded rod is caused to extend through an opening in the handle Where a nut is positioned, said nut being readily accessible from the outside of the handle and being designed to draw it up and cause a tight connection between the frame and the handle construction.

In an alternative construction, a flared throat portion is provided which may contact the continuous metal strip forming a peripheral channel rim and this throat member may have a socket to receive a handle.

Between the contact with the channel rim and the socket for receiving the handle, there may be positioned a take-up bolt connected to the backing plate of the mirror or brush back provided with a nut to permit tightening up of the entire construction.

Referring to the drawing which illustrates several of the various possible embodiments of the present invention, but to which the present invention is by no means restricted since the drawing is merely by way of illustration and not Iby way of limitation, l

Figure 1 is an elevation showing the complete assemblage of the frame and handle with a portion of the frame adjacent the handle being broken away more clearly to show the construction.

Figure l-a is a fragmentary transverse sectional view along the line la-Ia of Figure 1.

Figure 2 is a fragmentary transverse sectional View of the construction between the frame and the handle upon enlarged scale as compared to Figure 1 and on the line 2 2 of Figure l.

Figure 3 is a fragmentary transverse sectional view showing the assemblage between the frame and the handle upon the line 3-3 of Figure 2 upon an enlarged scale as compared to Figure l.

Figure 3-a is a fragmentary transverse sectional view along the line 3ft-3a. of Figure 3.

Figure 4 is a fragmentary side sectional view of an alternative construction upon a reduced scale as compared to Figures 1 and 3. v

Referring to the construction as shown in Fig-A ure 1, the frame A, which in the embodiment shown embraces a mirror or brush back B, may also, if desired, embody a mirror or other suitable device useful in connection with a toilet set assemblage.

The handle construction C is provided with a suitable arrangement D to lock it` to the frame A and mirror and brush back B.

Referring to Figures 1, l-a, and 2 the channel rim frame is of U-shape cross section and has the side flanges l0 and II together with the base flange l2 which has the projecting portions or ridges I3 so as to form a groove or channel I4.

The channel member A may be bent to oval shape, as indicated upon Figure 1.

against the backing I8 by means of the flange I0 of the U Ior V cross section channel rim member A.

'The portion of the back metal plate I'I adjacent the throat T may be cut away or recessed Y at a and welded at 20h tothe metal strip or bar 20, which continues into `the rod member V2l having the threaded portion 22. n Y

The handle may be of cast metal or formed of a plastic material and is provided with a series of piercings 23, an ornamentalv end portion 24 and the outstanding ear portions 2 5. K

The outstanding ear portions 25 ride in the recess I4 between the bosses I3 and theyalso are `provided `with protuberances or bosses 26 which t into the holes 21 inthe portions of the chan- -nel A adjacent the throat T.

Extending into the uppermost piercing 23 in then-handle Care the bores 29 and 30 which receive the threaded rod 22. The piercing 28 receives the nut 32 forming part of the assemblage structure D. l y

The nut 3.2 is designed to abut and closely t at 3,3 .and 34, the flat surfaces 35 and 3S on bosses atfthetop and bottom of the piercing 28.

'It will be noted that the channel rim A terminates at 40 and the terminal edge portions are overlapped by U-shaped member or clip 4I which is curved, as indicated at 42, to conform to the bottom of the frame A and recess 42a in the upper end of the handle and which has the indentations 43 fitting into rthe openings 44 in the edges of the channel member A. Y, Y Y

The sidesr4|a of the U-shaped clip 4I yiit along the front of the mirror B and the ornamental backing I9 to form a complete assemblage.

In assembling the device of the presentin- Vention, the U-shaped channel rim` member A may be fitted around the mirror B, the backing I6, the metal plate I'I, the backing I8 and the ornamental back facing I9.

The clip `4I may be then, placed across the terminal end portions 40 of the rim channel member VA with the threaded rod 22 projecting through the opening 4Ib in the 4base 42 thereof. Thethreaded extension 2 2 Vthen may be inserted into the openings 29 and 39 in the throat portion T of the handle C.

Before this is done, the nut D is placed between nel rim I0' at the points 26.

When the nut D is tightened up on the rod 22, it will draw up the throat 25 upon the channel rim member IIJ tightening up the entire construction.

The handle C has a reduced Idiameter portion 60 which fits into the ysocket y'6I in the bottom of the throat member T.

The handle construction C', of course, may be varied so as to be made of wood or it may be made of a casting, Aas indicated at C in Figure 1, or ity may vbe made of various sheet metal constructions Vas illustrated in my Patents Nos. 2,136,643; 2,136,644; 2,136,645; 2,139,564; 2,139,565; 2,136,646 and 2,151,449.

Themirror or brush back construction B, the backing plate II and the backing facing I9 may also be made of the form and shape, as shown in said patents.

It is apparent :the specific illustrations above shown have been given by wayof illustration and not by way of limitation and that the structures above described are subject to wide variation and modification. without departing from the` scope or intent of the invention all of which variations and modifications are to be included within the ,scope o-f the present invention.

What is claimed is:

1. In a mirror, `brush or similar construction, a frame and handle assemblage to receive .a mirror or brush element comprising a split resilient sheet metal channel rim and ,U-'shaped cross section constituting the `periphery of the frame, a separate handle member having a throat portion connected to said `frame at the split in said channel rim, a backing member having an enlarged portion of the same shape and outline as the mirror and iba-clk' of the'brush element, the edges of said mirror ior brush element `and said backing member being tightly held within said channel rim and between the side flangesand drawn tightly up' and resiliently wedged between said siderianges, said handle member being provided with an axial Vbore-adjacent the frame and the faces 35 and 36 of the opening 28, andit is then tightenedup upon thethreaded rod 22 to drawlup the extensions 25 of the handle along the channel I4 between the elevations I3.

When Vthe combination is completed, Athe projections 43'on the base of the clip 4I will fit into the recess 44 in the rim A While the tits 26 on the handle extensions 25 will nt into the recesses 2'I in the rim A.

The resultant construction, as formed,`is strong and durable and `will not tend to loosen even though the assemblage be subjected to considerable handling.

In the alternative construction shown in Figure 4, the backing plate I'I is spot welded to the upper portion -20' of the rod elementV 2l. The rod lelement 2I is threaded vat 22 and 'projects through an opening 29' in the throat member T' l The throat memberT 'is Vprovided with a ilarsaid .backing member :being provided with a threaded extension extending into said bore, said handle memberbeing laterally pierced and said piercing `being provided, with parallel upper: and lower faces and Yan elongated nut` member tted into said piercingalso having upper `a-ndvlower parallel end -fa-ces closely abutting the faces of said piercing'and threaded .upon said :threaded extension and serving to draw yup "said 'handle upon said frame.

2. In a mirror, brush or similar. construction, a frame and handle assemblage to receive fa mirror or brush element comprisinga split resilient lsheet `metal channel rimand Ue'shaped cross section constituting 'the periphery of kthe frame, ra separate handlememberv having a throat portion'connected to isaid frame at the split in said ,channel rim.a backing member havingfan enlarged portion of thesame shape and outline as the mirror and back of the brush element, the edges of said mirror orV brush element and said backing memberbeing tightly held within said channel rimzan'd between the side flanges and drawn tightly up and resiliently wedged between said lside vflanges, said handle member being `provided With an axial borefa'djacent the framenafnd said backing member` being provided with a threaded extension extending into said bore, said handle member being laterally pierced :and said piercing :being provided 'with parallel upper :and

ing upper portion 25 which contacts the chan- A lower faces and an elongated nut member tted handle member being provided with Wings and into said piercing also having upper and lower said channel rim member being provided with a parallel end faces closely abutting the faces of central groove, said Wings being designed to t said piercing and threaded upon said threaded in and slide in said groove to draw' said frame extension and serving to draw up said handle 5 up upon said handle.

upon said frame, said throat portion of said WILLIAM S-TEIN'EN.

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