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Publication numberUS2248075 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 8, 1941
Filing dateOct 27, 1939
Priority dateOct 27, 1939
Publication numberUS 2248075 A, US 2248075A, US-A-2248075, US2248075 A, US2248075A
InventorsGroeniger William C
Original AssigneePierce John B Foundation
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Multiple combined stack and individual waste and group venting assembly
US 2248075 A
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VIDUAL "WASTE1AND enonr VENT-ING ASSEMBLY William c. egoe ga co mtus, Ohio, assignor to John-Bp l'ierce Foundation, New "York, N. 'Y., a-eorporationofNeyv York I Applicationfictober 27, 1939,.SerialNo. 301,577 i 2 Claims.

My present invention relatesto improved .multiple combined-stack and individual waste and group venting assemblies. I

My present invention-.provide wmain stack-and sub-main stack piningfor the discharge, with group :venting, of groupsoi plumbingfixtures disposed on floor rlevels of a-building structure, each group comprising a plurality of plumbing @fixtures disposed on any given floor level,- the multiple groups being disposed on the respective (floor, levelsinisubstantiahvertical alignment;

My invention provides for the" locating of "the desired particular plumbing 'fixtureswon any given floor level ;in:any position mutually with respect to one anotheras'desired;lthedndividual plumbing fixtures :being d sposedoptionally at :any radial location, the '3 soil :pipe stack :and main vent stackserving ;as the center; Preferably, each plumbing fixture: isroonn'ected by individual waste branch with the waste and venting assembly of itsfloor level.

In preferred embodiments of my invention, each waste andventing assembly'rfor any given floor level comprises arfittingydispo'sedrat and "extending through the floor;level,';such -fitting c'omprising laterally extending :channel's; the-"termini of which --are:-disposed :above" the jflOOI slabj-and arranged to lee-connected withawastabranches of plumbing fittings on such floor level;

Further ffeatures and objects of-the invention will be more fully understood from the following detail description and the accompanying drawings,1in--which Fig. 'laiS a-horizontal sectional rview -on line |'--I of--Fig.2; a

Fig. 2 is a vertical elevation illustrating a typical embodiment of my multiple .cembined stack and individual waste and group venting "assembly ata floor level. I

Fig-. ,3 is a =side -elevation-gof Fig. 2, viewed in a plane at'right angles to :that of- Fig. '2. I

Fig. 4 -illustra;tes diagrammatically in'vertical section .;the"application ofimyinventionitora rfourstory-building.

Fig. 5' is. a detail sectional view -'on 1- line 5 of Fig. 14.

Fig. 6'- is a *detail sectional view on 'line 6- 5 of Fig. 4:

Figsfl :is 'a"verticalccentral sectional View of an upperly. fittingshown in Fi'gs. 2 and 3.

Fig.5 8 is a vertical xcentral. sectional View of "a Referring to :Figures 21,1: 2, f 31 and .4 the last tageously employed ion-the dischargeand ,ventthe upperqreach of the .main rent of thefittingl6.

through the -ceilillg' ,1 3 ,of the -uppermostm story and -the-roof l4. v 1 --Inpreferred embodiments .of. myinvention the waste and venting. assemblies v indicated generally l5 may 'be of As illustratedin greater. detailinliigsr 1, 2 {and 3, each wasterandsventin g assembly. comprisesafitting- I 6; advantageously disposed at and extending through the fioorlevelat rwhichit is located,

aster example the second floor level l2a. Such.

fitting comprises a through .channel Bu which communicates through its upper terminus with stackpiping 21;:prefer-ably through a ifitting-flr The fitting i6 compr-ises: further laterally. extending chanynels Nib, Hie, the termini of -.which-are disposed .above the qfloor slab andconnected with waste .branches of plumbing fixtures serving=thewaste and- 'venting assemblyand preferably draining at relatively low level. Typical of such low level draining -plumbing=fixtures-l have illustrated a toilet-bowl 8 the -wastebranch -18 :of whichds shown, see-Fig. 2-, as connected-with theter'min-us of the lateral:channe1 -L6bof thefitting .I6. A

bath tub- 20 (on howeror equivalent) may similarly beconnected =by.a wastebranch 2-1 :with the terminus of thedaterallyextending-channel l A trap 200,15; indicatedflforsuch plumbing fitting.

ing of any plumbing ,fixturesdraining-ata relatively high level ELIldrfOl! suchpurppseishrovlded with. laterally extending channels-wild, 11b the former I being connected, for example, to a waste branch Moira lavatory 23. 'lIhe-terminusof'the laterally extending channel Hb rmaykbe connected to awaste branch 240i 'a kitchen sinkifi or laundry tub or equivalent. A lavatory a, kitchen sink; laundry tub and 1the like aretypical of plumbing fixtures draining at relatively high level. V

The lower terminus of the fitting-l;.6,ris suitably connected to the main-stack 1J0 ash-yen appropr aterfitti e' fifiseeF a'fi a dra fer thadie charge of the fixtures from the waste branches l9,2l,22, and 24.

In the preferred embodiment indicated in Fig. 4, the main vent stack is denotedby the reference number 21, which excepting for the first floor, extends through the respective floor levels and is suitably connected at its upper terminus, as by a suitable fitting 28, with an uppermost portion of the soil pipe stack III. The lower ter-.,

minus 21a of the main vent stack 21 is suitably connected as by piping 29, to theupper terminus of the fitting ll of the waste and venting assembly of the first floor, and communicates through such fitting l1 and therewith through the fitting l6 and fitting 26 with the lower portion lllb of the soil pipe stack.

Referring to Figs. 2 and 3, and also Figs. 5 and 6, with respect to the waste and venting assemblies of the second and upper fioor levels, the upperterminus llc of the fitting I1 is connected bygagpipejtfl or eq ivalent to a fitting '3l to afford communication of the same with the main vent stack:2|,; Fig. '7 illustrates in central vertical section a typical formation of such fitting 3|. Fig. 8 illustrates in central vertical section a typical formation ofthe fitting l1. Fig. '8 illustrates also. the generalformation of the fitting I 6.

Preferably atjeach floor .level, the soil pipe stack, l 0 and main ventstack 2'! and the waste andiventing assemblyof'such floor level are enclosed in a suitable casing the walls of each casing advantageously extending from the floor slab to the ceiling; removable closures of suitable openings in suchcasingwalls are provided for afiording. access for'insp'ection and repair.

'At'the respective floor levels, the positions of thejgroup of plumbing fixtures typified by toilet bowl [8,; bath, tub. or'shower 20, lavatory 23, kitchen sink or laundry tub 25, may be varied asjdesired or required with respect to the soil pipe stack In as a center; Also, preferably, each plumbing fixtureisprovided with a waste branch individually corinectingsuch fixture with the waste and group venting assembly of its floor level, i. e independently of'any other plumbing fixture. creep venting of the plumbing fixtures at each floor level is thus afforded by its independent branch wasteconnection with its as- ,sociatedwaste andventing assembly through the main vent stack 21 in cooperation with the soil pipestack l ll,'t hereby insuring full flow of discharge of the plumbing fixtures singly or plurally at all timesat any given floor level and concurrently at any 'tw'ojor more floor levels. I In compliance with code regulations, suitable cleanoutinspecticn and'repair may be provided at any convenient location, such as at the flooring3 2 of the fiooring basement or equivalent, as is indicated at 33., v v The respective fittings serving as component parts of rnyi co'mbined stack and multiple waste and venting: assemblies preferably embody the construction of U; ,8. Patent No. 2,065,523, dated December 29, 1936, entitled Methods of uniting fiuidfs'tr'eams and devices therefor.

-Water. closets ofthe type set forth and claimed inrny USS-{Letters Patents'Nos. 2,066,881 and 2,066,882, both granted on January 5, 1937, and linfsubsedu'ently granted patents, are particularly applicable inconnection with the instant inventionjin that "the discharge of the same through the selected branch waste piping is disposed above the-floor level.

"fThe present invention affords also the assembly as a unit of the casing and therein enand thelike being disposed spaced from the Walls 7 of the building structure.

By the provision of the casing, all soil and vent stacks and all water distribution piping and therewith connected parts are concealed from view, while at the same time optimum access is afforded to such enclosed parts. Such arrangement simplifies the insulation of such'piping thermally and particularly for reduction of noises ensuing in the-flow of supply water and aqueous discharges.

Whereas I have describedmy invention by reference to specific forms thereof, it will be understoodthat many changes and modifications may be made without departing from the spirit of the invention.

Iclaimz I 1. In a multiple story building, the 'combination of a soil pipe stack having its'upper terminus in communication with the outer atmosphere, a vent stack connected at its upper terminus with the soil pipe stack and extending through a pmrality of floor levels, waste and group vent assemblies for said floor levels disposed above the respective floor levels, each waste and venting assembly comprising a fitting extending through its floor level and communicating througlrits lower terminus with said soil pipestack and through its upper terminus with said vent stack, said fitting having laterally extending channels the termini of which extend above the floor level, a fitting disposed above said'first-na'med fitting and communicating with saidfirst-named fitting, said second-named fitting communicating with 7 said vent stack, said second-named fitting hava vent stack'connected at its upper terminus with said soil pipe stack and extending through a plurality of fioor levels, individual waste and group vent assemblies for said floor levels respectively, each waste and group vent assembly comprising a fitting'extending through its floor level and communicating through its lower terminus with said soil pipe stack and through its upper terminus with said vent stack, said fitting having laterally extending channels. the termini of which extend above the floor level, a fitting disposed above said first-named fitting and; communicating with said first-named fitting, said second-named fitting communicating with said vent. stack, said second-named. fitting having laterally extending channels, thelaterallyncxtending channels of said second-named fitting extending in directions angularly intermediate the directions of extension of the lateral channels of said first-named fitting, and waste branches disposed wholly above the respective floor levels connected to the respective termini of floor levels, said soil pipe stack and said ventstack being disposed within the walls of the 5 building and in spaced relation thereto.


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