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Publication numberUS2249689 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 15, 1941
Filing dateJul 5, 1935
Priority dateJul 5, 1935
Publication numberUS 2249689 A, US 2249689A, US-A-2249689, US2249689 A, US2249689A
InventorsGelardin Albert
Original AssigneeGelardin Albert
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US 2249689 A
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July 15, 1941. GELARDlN 2,249,689

FLASHLIGH'I' Filed July 5. 1955 INVENTOR 17 19 AL RT GELAfi'D/N ATTORNEY Patented: m s, 1941 d UNITED STATES PATENT oF IcE- Albert Ge li r dfn f jv rork, N. Y. Application July 5, 1935, Serial No. 29,841

- Claims. (01. 240-1043) This invention relates to flashlights and hand lanterns of the kind in which the electrical circuit between an incandescent lamp and the battery is adapted to be completed at will.

One object of the invention is to provide a flash lamp of the kind which can be carried in the pocket without danger of inadvertent closing of the circuit.

Another object'of the invention is to provide I a light transmitting closure for one end of the flashlight casing which surrounds the. incandescent lamp.

' The invention also seeks a translucid closure for the end of the; flashlight which surrounds the incandescent lamp whereby light rays for a purpose hereinafter to be described in detail. At the other end of-the casing, similar indentations H are formed to provide portions I of -a thread on the inner surface of the casing 5 audit desired; the end of the casing may be is inserted through the upper end of the casing 1 and is of a diameter such as to pass the thread portions 8. it being contemplated that the thread portions ll will be so proportioned as to engage the plug -IE on the necessary smaller diameter. However, the plug i5 has, preferably,

battery terminal normally tend to be separated.

Yet another objector the invention is to provides. circuit closer of the character described in which the circuit is completed by the movement of the end closure relative to the axis of the battery.

The invention also seeks a flash lamp which 'is practical from the standpoint of ease and cheapness of manufacture and convenience and durability in use. 1

These and other objects of the invention and the means for their attainment will be more apparent from the following detailed description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing illustrating one embodiment by which the invention may be realized and in which:

Figure 1 is a view in longitudinal section and partly in elevation. showing the flash lamp of this invention in circuit open position;

Figure 2 is a transverse sectional view taken 7 a sumciently great diameter to be prevented from passing out the lower end of the casing by the flange i3. The plug may conveniently be provided with a perforated boss I! adapted to carry on the outside of the casing, a ring l9 by which the flash lamp my be carried on a chain, for instance, hung on a nail and by which 7 the plug may be turned to cause it to move axially of the casing for a purpose hereinafter to be described. V

The battery I is also inserted through the upper end of the casing .9, the casing being so proportioned that the battery I may pass the threads 9., Into the end of the casing 5 is adapted to be screwed a light transmitting and preferably translucent frusto-conical shield or globe 2| constituting a head to the flashlight as a whole and formed with a thread 23 at its lower end for engagement with the thread portions 8 and having a transparent portion, conveniently, an open end 25 through which light rays from the lamp 21 may pass with undiminished intensity. A shoulder 28 formedbetween the inner threaded end of the globe 2i and the exposed outer end acts as a stop to limit the inward screwing movement of the globe and thus limits the tension with which spring 3| (hereinafter described) holds the lamp 2! in the globe. Obviously, the light rays from the lamp 21 passing laterally through the translucent portion of tains the base 28 of the lamp 21 and the bore gradually reduces therefrom in diameter outwardly towards the opening 25 to form a socket between the lamp and battery.

for. receiving the light source end of the lamp and for centering the advance active end of the lamp in the opening 25. The diameter of the constricted aperture or opening 25 in the, end of the shield 2i is such as to prevent the passage of the lamp or, at least, of the base 29 of the lamp so as to retain the lamp within the flashlight structure as a whole. Extending between the base 29 of the lamp 2! and the battery I is a spring 3| preferably helical which is threaded at one end on the threads of the lamp base 29 thus forming a lamp socket and at the other end engages either the zinc terminal 33 of the battery or the interior of the wall of the casing or both whereby the circuit is completed between the cup electrode of the battery and the shell of the lamp base. 'The spring 3| also acts to force the lamp as a whole axially into the socket fashioned to receive it in the globe 2i and thus tends to maintain the lamp centered in the opening 25.

Thuswhen the plug [5 is screwed into the easing it advances the battery until the central terminal :35 thereof engages the central terminal 37 of the lamp to complete a circuit which also includes the spring 3|, the shell of the lamp base 29 and the zinc cup 33 of the battery 1. When the plug is again screwed out of the casing, or toward the lower end thereof, the expansion of the spring 3| separates the terminals 35 and 31 and interrupts the circuit.

The diameter of the plug I5 is such that'it will pass the thread portion 9 but engage the threads I! but the plug is of such diameter that it cannot pass through the aperture defined by the flange l3.

Various modifications will occur to those skilled in the art in the configuration, disposition and composition of the component elements. going to make up the invention as a whole and no limitation is intended by the phraseology of the foregoing description or illustrations in the accomthat end, a threaded closure threaded into one end thereof for movement axially of the casing, a light transmitting enclosure for the lamp surrounding the same and carried by the casing, a

2. In a flashlight having a battery, a translucid light discharging head formed to produce a direct beam surrounded at its source by a corona of diffused light, said head comprising a light transmitting tapered globe that diffuses light from a source within the globe in all directions except axially of substantially uniform intensity, said globe having a restricted tapered throat narrowing to a diameter less than that of a bulb, a bulb, and conductive spring means engaging the base of the lamp and in electrical connection with the battery for pressing the bulb into the narrowed portion of the throat which provides annular contact and support for the bulb.

3. In a flashlight, a tubular casing of current conducting material, a lamp, a separable head of light transmitting insulating material of substantially uniform thickness provided in one end of said casing and threadedly engaging thesame, said head being provided with an annular, forwardly and progressively converging interior surface, for direct supporting engagement with the forward end of said lamp, positioned within said converging interior surface, and means for holding said lamp in supporting engagement with said interior surface, said shape of the interior of said head permitting the accommodation of position in said head, a battery contained in said casing, circuit connecting means between said battery and lamp, a closure in the flanged end of the casing having a portion in said casing of a diameter greater than that of the opening defined by said flange and another portion -normally protruding through said flanged end of the casing and having a diameter less than that of said opening, one of said portions being threaded to engage threads carried by said casing adjacent said flange whereby upon rotation of said closure, it will .be axially moved to open and close the circuit.

5. A flashlight casing comprising a tubular shell, internal threads arranged at one end, a screw threaded plug in said end operatively engaging said casing threads, a flange projecting inwardly from the end of said casing and forming a limiting means for said plug whereby the same may not be screwed out of said flanged end of said casing, said plug being adapted to engage another component part of said flashlight disposed in said casing to open and close the circuit of the flashlight. j


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U.S. Classification362/203, 362/208
International ClassificationF21L4/00
Cooperative ClassificationF21L4/00, F21L15/06
European ClassificationF21L15/06, F21L4/00