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Publication numberUS2251853 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 5, 1941
Filing dateAug 24, 1939
Priority dateSep 14, 1938
Publication numberUS 2251853 A, US 2251853A, US-A-2251853, US2251853 A, US2251853A
InventorsPandiyan Abraham Jothy
Original AssigneePandiyan Abraham Jothy
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US 2251853 A
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Augc 59 1941. A. J. PANDIYAN 5 2,251,853

TQOTHBRUSH Filed `Aug. 24, l1939 x XX Patented Aug. 5, 1941 c UNITED STATES PATENT @FFME TOOTHBRUSH Abraham Jothy Pandiyan, Tanjore, Madras, India Application August 24, 1939, Serial No. 291,787 In Ceylon September 14, 1933 This invention relates, as hereinafter described, known manner so as to form a number of bristles to tooth-brushes and has for its object to proup to a certain depth, the remaining portion bevide a tooth-brush wherein the sets of bristles ing left solid. The said solid end of the tuft is are detachably iitted into the handle. given a shape and size corresponding to those Another object of the invention is to provide a of the slot or groove provided therefor in the more sanitary tooth-brush than the ones known handle of the brush. Means such as a screwat present, by rendering it possible to discard the thread or a knob may be provided on the solid bristle part of the brush after each use. end of the tuft and Corresponding engagement A third object of the invention is to provide means on the handle or vice Versa, to ensure a a comparatively cheap tooth-brush which will 10 close fit for the tuft into the handle. The setbe within the means of poor` people also, even if ting agent used may be rubber, sealing-Wax, resin, the bristle part is discarded after each use. Bakelite and similar material or Celluloid, which Other objects will be revealed in the description on setting will rmly hold the bristles together following, of the invention. and provide a surface adapted to make a close Toothbrushes comprising two separate parts l5 t into a slot, groove or the like provided therewhich are detachably tted into each other for in the handle. are known. The said parts are the handle and Other objects and advantages of the invention the head or bristles-carrying part. The latter will hereinafter become more fully apparent from comprises a base, carrier or backing into which the following description of the drawing, wheresets of bristles are permanently Xed. Hence, l in preferred embodiments of the invention are if it is desired to renew the bristles when they illustrated, and wherein: become unsuitable for use the entire bristle-head Figure 1 is a perspective View of a preferred is detached from the handle and a fresh bristle form of the tooth-brush, head is inserted in its place. The handle being Figure 2 is a longitudinal central sectional view intended to be permanently kept, it is made of C of the same, comparatively costlier material and is ornament- Figure 3 is a perspective view of a modified ed with engravings of precious metal or the like. form of the tooth-brush, v

It will be realised that in the above-mentioned Figure 4 is a longitudinal central sectional View type of tooth-brushes, an appreciable amount of of the same, saving can be effected if instead of discarding Figure 5 is a sectional view taken along the line the entire bristle-head, the bristles alone are dis- 5-5 of Figure 4, carded. This is possible only if the sets of bris Figure 6 is a sectional view taken along the line tles are detachably fitted directly into the han- 6 6 of Figure 4, dle instead of there being a separate bristle-head Figure 7 is a perspective View of another form fixed to the handle. of the tooth-brush, and

A proposal has been made to construct a tooth- Figure 8 is a longitudinal central sectional view brush wherein a set of bristles is mounted heliof the same. cally on a twisted wire axis and the ends of the Referring more particularly to the drawing, wire are fitted to a mounting provided on the wherein like reference characters designate like handle. A separate backing prevents rotation of or corresponding parts throughout the different the bristle-fitting when the brush is in use. A views, Ill designates generally the tooth-brush,

brush of this type consists of ve separate parts, illustrated in Figures 1 and 2, including the hani e., the handle, the mounting, the backing, the dle, designated generally II and the brush heads, twisted Wire and the bristles. In contradistincdesignated generally I2. The handle II includes tion to what is known and having in view the an enlarged end I3 and a flat end I4. End I3 objects mentioned above, the tooth-brush accordis provided with a longitudinal slot I5 which coming to my invention is characterised by that the municates at its inner end with a transverse bore tuft of bristles is detachably litted into the han- I6 and which extends therefrom through its free dle, the lower end of the tuft being adapted to end. The free end of the portion I3 is provided be a close lit into a corresponding slot or groove with an internally threaded longitudinal bore Il. provided on the handle. To facilitate the said The at end I4 of the handle II is provided adaptation the lower end of the tuft of bristles with a vertical longitudinally disposed slot I, the is made solid either by dipping it into a setting inner end of which communicates With a Vertiagent or by utilizing a piece of brous wood one cal transverse bore I9, the opposite end of which of whose sides is mechanically treated in any extends through the free end of the at portion I4. End I4 is provided with a transverse bore which is internally threaded and which extends vertically through the slot I8, intermediate of its ends.

The brush heads i2, as illustrated in Figures 1 and 2, each include at one end a tuft of bristles 2| and at their opposite ends a base 22 in which the bristles 2I are mounted. VBase 22 of each brush head I2 is externally threaded for engaging the internally threaded bores I'I and 20 for detachably mounting the brush heads I2 in the handle I I and for disposing one of the brush heads longitudinally of the handle and at one end thereof, and the other transversely of the handle and at the opposite end thereof.

The diameter of the enlarged end I3 increases slightly toward its free end so that a clamping ring 23 which is slidably mounted thereon can be moved toward said free end to compress the corresponding portions 24 thereof for clamping the brush head base 22 in the threaded socket I'I so as to prevent the brush head I2 mounted therein from being turned and detached while the ring 23 is in an advanced position.

In Figures 3 and 4, a modified form of the invention is shown -wherein a tooth-brush, designated generally 25, includes a handle 23 which is flat throughout its length and which is provided with transverse bores 21 and 28 adjacent its ends forming brush head receiving openings. Opening 2l is provided with the diametrically opposed inwardly projecting studs 29, as best seen in Figurer 5, while opening 28 is provided with the diametrically opposed cppositely extending L-shaped slots 3U.

Brush is provided with the brush heads 3| and 32 each of which is provided with a set oi bristles 33. The bristles 33 of the brush head 3I are mounted in a base 34 which is provided with the diametrically opposed oppositely extending L-shaped slots 35 in its sides. Base 34 is adapted to be mounted in the opening 2 with its slots 35 in engagement with the studs 23 to form therewith a, bayonet connection by inserting the brush head 3l and turning it slightly so that the studs 29 will engage the oppositely extending inner ends of the slots 35 to form a bayonet joint for detachably mounting the head 3| in the opening 27. The bristles 33 of the head 32 are mounted in a base 33 which is provided with the diametrically opposed outwardly projecting studs 3l. Base 36 is adapted to be mounted in opening 23 with the studs 31 engaging the slots 36 to similarly form a bayonet joint, except that the parts are reversed. Obviously, the handle 26 could be provided at each end with an opening corresponding to the opening 2'I and with two brush heads corresponding to the brush head 3| or with two openings corresponding to the opening 28 and with two brush heads corresponding to the brush head 32, as desired.

In Figures 7 and 8, still another modified form of tooth-brush is illustrated, designated Lgenerally 38, which includes a handle IIa having the parts |30., I4a, I5a, Ita., ISaJ and Isa corresponding to the parts I3, I4, I5, I3, I8, and I9, respectively, of the handle I I. In lieu of the internally threaded socket I I, the handle IIa, is provided with a socket 39 in the end of its enlarged portion I3a which tapers inwardly and which is disposed longitudinally thereof and instead of the threaded bore 2!) the nat portion I4w is provided with a transverse bore 4D, intermediate the ends of the slot I8a which tapers downwardly. Toothbrush 38 is provided with brush heads 4I and 42 the former of which is provided with a set of bristles 43 mounted in the base 44. Base 44 is shaped and sized to t the socket 39, being tapered towards its free end and being adapted to be detachably mounted, by frictional engagement, therein to mount the brush 4I longitudinally of the handle 38. Brush 42 is substantially greater in diameter than the brush 4I and includes a set of bristles 45 mounted in a base 46 which is tapered and sized to correspond to the opening 4l) and which is adapted to be detachably mounted therein and held by frictional engagement therewith to mount the brush 42 transversely of the handle 38. Slots I5, I8, Isa and I8a are provided to render the free ends of the portions I3, I4, Itav and Illa, sufiiciently yieldable so that the sockets or bores formed therein can be expanded slightly to receive the brush head bases and to provide suilicient frictional contact therewith to prevent the brush heads from being casually detached. To this end, the` diameters of the bases of the brush heads may be formed slightly greater than the diameters of the sockets or bores in which they are adapted to be mounted.

The brush heads used in all three of the forms, heretofore described, of the invention may be formed either from a tuft of bristles one end of which is dipped in a setting agent, as heretofore described, to form the base or the brush heads may be formed lfrom a fibrous wood such as palm or bamboo one side or end of which is formed into bristles, by cutting or hammering up to the depth desired leaving the opposite side or end solid to form the base portion. This last mentioned type of brush head may be very economically manufactured due to the inexpensive wood employed. Where a setting agent is used to form the base, a thin cap of rubber, Celluloid, Bakelite or thin metal may be mounted thereover to prevent the setting agent from being affected by climatic changes.

If desired, where the brush head base is formed of rubber or the like the connecting means as described for mounting the base in a socket or bore may be dispensed with since due to the pliability of the material it may be readily compressed to provide a suiciently tight engagement. Furthermore, various combinations of the brush head and handle connecting means as illustrated may be combined and other types may be employed such as a screw propeller of the type used conventionally in automatic pencils for tightening a brush head base in a bore or socket which is disposed transversely of the handle.

Various modifications and changes are contemplated and may be resorted to provided they fall-within the spirit and scope of the invention as hereinafter dened by the appended claims.

I claim as my invention:

1. A tooth-brush comprising a handle having a longitudinal slot extending through one end thereof and a transverse bore adjacent said end and intermediate of the ends of said slot, said bore being internally threaded, and a brush head including a set of bristles and a base in which said bristles are mounted, said ba-se being externally threaded and sized to engage said threaded bore to detachably mount the brush head transversely of the handle.

2. In a tooth-brush, a handle provided with a longitudinally disposed slot opening outwardly of one end thereof and a transverse bore formed in said handle adjacent said end and communicatingvwith said slot adjacent the outer end thereof, said bore being tapered, and a brush head having a tapered base for frictionally engaging said bore for detachably mounting the brush head transversely of the handle.

3. A brush structure comprising a handle having a longitudinal slot opening outwardly of one end and a transverse opening communicating with the slot, intermediate of its ends, said slot 10 dividing said end of the handle into furcations, said furcations being resiliently disposed relatively to one another, and a brush having a head for engaging said opening, said head being slightly larger in diameter than the opening, for spreading the furcations to tension them to frictionally retain the head in engagement with the opening.


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