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Publication numberUS2253024 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 19, 1941
Filing dateSep 17, 1938
Priority dateSep 17, 1938
Publication numberUS 2253024 A, US 2253024A, US-A-2253024, US2253024 A, US2253024A
InventorsFarrand Edith M
Original AssigneeFarrand Edith M
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Folding bassinet
US 2253024 A
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Allg. 19, '1941. E' M, FARRAND 2,253,024

FOLDING BASSINET Filed Sept. 1'7, 1938 X51/vena?" AZZorW/eiys A Patented Aug. 19, 1941 FOLDING nAssnvEr Edith M. Emana, Minneapolis, Miam Applicatiengsepiember rz, 193s, serial Nu. 230,442

` (ci. s-ss) y 2 Claims.

This invention relates to bassinets and similar devices and more particularly to a type which is simply constructed and `foldable, so that it can be` made into a compact `bundle for transporta-` l tionthereof. v

One of the objects of the invention is the provisionof a bassinet which can be made of cheap y materials which are simply combined to provide a strong yet light structure which can be quickly collapsed to a folded position and very easily reassembled for use. v

Another object of the invention is the provision of a bassinet in which there are no hard or sharp elements against which a baby might hurt t himself. l

Anotherobject of the invention is the provision of means for rigidly positioning the structure on l a chair or similar object so that it will not tip i or m11 from the object which supports it.

and wind.

Still a further object of the invention is the provision of a structure of the type described which can be disassembled and spread out upon 1 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE tween the sides thereof, and each of the pockets 1 is sewn to the large piece of fabric with lines of stitching 8. Each of the pocket elements 1 has one longitudinal edge thereof left free and this free edge deilnes the mouth 9 of the pocket. Side pocket flaps III" are shown sewn to the base rectangle with lines of stitching Il, and said pocket flaps iii are left open on their inner longitudinal edgesto provide pocket openings Il. The central rectangular portion of the main rectangular body is coveredby a pocket ilap Il which it stitched to the main body by lines of stitching i4, and one end edge of the flap i3 is left unsecured to provide a pocket opening il.

With the naps thus arranged we have flve pockets, the `pockets 'l being the ends of the bassinet. the pockets i0 forming the sides thereof.

Y and the central pocket i3 constituting the botto the structure to protect the baby from sun the ground to serve in the manner of a poncho. n

Theseand other objects and advantages of the invention will more fully appear from the following description madein connection with the accompanying drawing, wherein like reference characters `refer to the same or similar parts throughout the views, and, in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective` view showing the device assembled with the hood thereon;

Fig. 2 isa perspective view showing the inven- In the drawing there is shown a substantially rectangular piece of cloth 6 which may or may `not be water proof as desired. This cloth is in` a single piece and comprises the entire large substantially rectangular body shown in Figs. 4 and 5. A pair of end pocket members 1 are secured: at the ends ofthe main rectangle t betom. Into each of the pockets is slipped a sheet I6 of nbre board or other suitable thin, strong and light material. It will be seen that when the aps 'I and l0 are turned up to a vertical position they will form a box like structure. and the sheets of iibre board I8 are retained in the pockets due tothe fact that the openings are at those edges where the iiaps are turned up, and said sheets are confined within the pockets against accidentall displacement.

It will be noted that the main body portion i will have its corners `i'i left free between adjacent ends of adjoining side and end ilaps. These corners can be tucked in when the device is assembled and are scarcely noticeable when bed clothes are placed within the box. The sides and ends are held in their vertical position by tiestrings i8 which extend fromthe corners of the flaps as shown particularly in Fig. 4, adjoining strings merely being tied together to hold the device in position- In the bottom plan view shown in Fig. 5 it will be seen that a pair of relatively long tiestrings I9 extend across the Vrectangular body element B and may be secured theretoby sewing. The free ends of the tie-strings `i9 are preferably of such length that lthe bassinet can be placed upon a chair or bench and tied thereto with the strings I9. Thus the device can be firmly positioned so that the baby will not tip it over or cause it to slip from the chair or other supporting structure. l

The `outer sides of the side panels III have' straps 20 secured to said sides at the ends and center thereof, said straps being sewed to the body element 6 only at their edges to provide more or less tubular sockets. Into these sockets are fed the ends of substantially U-shaped hoop elements 2l, and these elements carry a hoodlike covering 22 and a back piece 23. It will be noted that the hood pieces 22 and 2l extend down considerably below the top edges of the basslnet to completely enclose the end at which the hood is applied and to prevent drafts from blowing in the back thereof. 'I'he hood as will be seen can be applied to either end of the device and may or may not be used as desired.

When the device is in folded condition the long tie-strings "I9 can be wrapped around the folded elements and their ends tied together to hold the basslnet in its compact folded position.

From the foregoing description it will be seen that I have provided an extremely simply constructed bassinet which can be very cheaply made and which is arranged to fold compactly for ease of transportation. It can be opened up iiat'and used as a poncho as described above, and when folded and not in use it may be placed in a cloth cover to keep it clean. When the device becomes soiled the stiff sheets i6 can be removed from the pockets andthe cloth portion of the device can be very easily laundered. v

As shown in the partially collapsed position in Fig. 2 both of the end panels are folded ilat against the bottom; Should it happen thatone desires to place the article on a sled or small coaster wagon to provide a relatively high sided body for such a vehicle, a relatively large child can be placed in the structure with the forward end folded down and the rear end tied up in vertical position with the sides. A large child can then sit in the device with his feet extending out of the frontend with said front flan folded down.

When desired, another hoop, similar to the ones supporting the hood, can be inserted at the opposite end 'from the hood and a mosquito netting placed over the uncovered portion, or the hood can be removed and the netting supported between hoops at both ends of the structure. l

As was stated before the device is made entirely of cloth `except for the stiilening sheets which are in the pockets and covered by cloth and also except for the hood hoops which support the hood. Of course, these hoops are also covered by cloth and there are no hard metal parts `upon which a child might injure himself.

If desired, a suitable handle might'be secured at a convenient spot `on'one of thel panels so that it can be more easily carried.

It will, of course, be understood that various changes maybe made in the form, details, arrangement and proportions of the various parts without departing from ,the scope of my invention.

What is claimed is:

31. A bassinet and the like comprising a sub` stantially .rectangular main sheet of flexible fabric, pairs of rend and side panels of rectangular shape and of substantially smaller size than said main sheet, eachpof said panels having an outer edge substantially coincident with and secured to an edge of said main sheet. said-panels having side edges secured to said sheet. the inner edges of said panels being unsecured to the sheet. stiffening elements of panel formation removably inserted between said panels and said sheet beneath the unsecuredv edges of the panels, said panels being distributed on the sheet to bring the inner corners of the end panels into closely positioned relation to the adjacent inner corners of said side panels, the inner edges of said panels defining a central rectangle on said main sheet, a central panel of a size subtsantially coincident with said central rectangle, three sides of said central panel being secured to said sheet and one side being ,unsecured te provide a 'pocket between said central sheet portion and said central panel, a stiffening element o panel formation removably inserted between said central panel and sheet, said side and end panels being swingable upwardly from their outer edges at the sides and ends of said central panel to provide verticallyA positioned end and sidewalls, and means for detachably connecting the adjacent upwardly swung corners of said panels in their vertical positions.

2. A bassinet and the like comprisnga suba stantially rectangular main sheet of flexibleY fabric, a central panel of rectangular shape secured to said main sheet alongvthree sides of said paneland opening along the fourth side to provide a. pocket, said central panel lying in substantially equally spaced 'relation to the edges of said main sheet, `a stiienng element of panel formation removably inserted -into thepocket formed by said main panel, side and end panels secured to said main sheet and being of widths substantially equal to the distance from the edges of said main panel to the edges of said main sheet, said side and end panels being secured to aid main sheet `at their ends and outer sides and being open at their sides immediately adjacent the edges of said main panel to provide pockets, stifiening elements of panel formation removably inserted into the pockets formed by said side and end panels and standing on theirV edges around the edges of'said main panel and its stiffening element, portions of said main sheet and the outer edges of said side and end panels providing covering for `the outer edges of said side and end panels and their stilening elements, said side and end panels and their stiiening elements in a Vvertical position combining with said main panel and its stilening element to form a rectangular box-like form, and means for connecting adjacent end edges of said side and end panels to maintain them in vertical box-like formation. r


PatentNo. 2,255,02L'h August 19, 19m.

EDITH M. FARRAND. It is hereby certified that error appears in requiring correction as follows: In the grant, lines l and l5, name of inthe above numbered patent ventor, for Edith M. Ferrand" read--Edith M. Farrand; and that the said Letters Patent should be read with this correction therein that the same may conform to the record of the case in the Patent Office.

Signed and sealed this 50th day of September, A. D. 19M

Henry Van Arsdale, (Seal) Acting Commissioner of Patents.

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