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Publication numberUS2253177 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 19, 1941
Filing dateOct 24, 1938
Priority dateOct 24, 1938
Publication numberUS 2253177 A, US 2253177A, US-A-2253177, US2253177 A, US2253177A
InventorsRichard Hacmac Edward
Original AssigneeNa Mac Products Company
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Combined shearing device and closure for liquid dispensers
US 2253177 A
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1941- E. R. HACMAC 2,253,177



Patented Aug. 19, 1941 2,253,17 7

UNITED, STATES PATill iT QE'FICE. t it '2,25s,177 i YoormrNEn SHEARJNGDEVICEAND oLo- U LIQUIDDISPENSEBS 3 Edward" Richard Hacmac, Hollywood; Galiii, asa signorto Na-Mac Products: Company, a corpo-Q ration of California Application-October 24, 1933, Serial nugzfaaec 1 claim. (01. 65-31) My invention relates to a combined shearing device and. closure 'forjliquid dispensers, land more particularly to asimplified means for operating such a device. 7

vice and at substantially a right angle to the top. The rear 1 of the raised portion is also spaced from the rear of the device but rises gradually therefrom. The front 6 and rear 1 of the raised portions are arcuate. In the front of the top 8 of the raised portion is part or opening 9 providing a discharge spout for the container, the front of this opening having the ar cuate contour of the front 6 of the raised por- There are devices of this sort now on the tion, the other sides being substantially straight. market such as disclosed in patent to Pershall, Mounted centrally of the top 8, of the raised por- No. 2133,772, issued October 18, 1938. The pres tion 5 is spout closure and shearing blade mement invention has all the advantagespf these ber Ii] held slidably in place by means of lugs devices and is an improvement thereon in that ll projecting inwardly fromthe top of the sides it simplifies the structure thereof by eliminating of the raised portion 5. This blade is of relacertain of the parts and by changing other parts tively thin and resilient metal and forms a mov to perform the c on of the eliminated parts. able or slidable shearing element which closely I also raise certain parts up and out of possible contacts the upper edge of the spout and coacts contact with the container contents to lessen the therewith to shear off and forcibly hurl or propossibility of these parts becoming sticky and 5 pel the residue or final part of the sheared flow gummy therefrom. away from, the spout and thereby eliminate or Further objects are to provide a construction of prevent dripping. In order to accomplish this maximum simplicity, efiiciency, economy and ease novel function and result, the invention compreof assembly and operation, and such further obhends forming the spout with relatively thin walls jects, advantages and capabilities as will later with the width of the blade or slidable shearmore fully appear and are inherently possessed ing member ID slightly greater than the width thereby, or cross section of the spout opening, and the The invention further resides in the construccurvature of the shearing edge Hla of the blade tion, combination and arrangements of parts having a greater radius than the radius of the illustrated in the accompanying drawing, and 2 arcuate edge or front portion of the spout and while I have shown therein a preferred embodiformed with a flatter arc. Thus, as the blade ment, it is to be understood that the same is It] is quickly and forcibly moved or shot across susceptible of modification and change, and comthe upper edge of the discharge spout which prehends other details, arrangements of parts, forms the stationary shearing member, it first features and constructions without departing shears the dispensed liquid adjacent the oppofrom the spirit of the invention. site sides of the passage and next at the extreme In the drawing: forward edge of the arcuatelip, thereby con- Fig. 1 is a side View partly in side elevation centrating or collecting the final flow or globule and partly in vertical cross section of an emof the dispensed liquid at the extreme forward bodiment of my invention attached to the neck 5 edge of this lip, and as the shearing edge l0a of a container. of the blade extends beyond the lip, the rapid Fig. 2 is a front view in vertical cross section movement of the propelled blade cleanly shears of said embodiment, and the liquid and hurls or propels it away from the Fig. 3 is a top plan view thereof. spout.

Referring more particularly to the disclosure In order to rapidly propel or shoot the blade in the drawing, the novel closure and shearing or shearing element it] across the spout or stadevice I is shown as mounted upon a container tionary shearing member in tight shearing re- 2 and removably secured thereto as by threads lation therewith, the rear end I2 of the blade 3 on the interior of the device and complemenis bent upwardly to form a trigger portion and tary threads (not shown) on the exterior of the is provided with a slot 68 for receiving a lug or upneck of the bottle. 1 ward projection M on lever l5 pivotally mounted The top 4 of the device is flat and is provided upon a pin l6 spanning a bifur t d bracket with raised portion 5 substantially midway beor extension I! of the closure. This lever I4 is tween its sides, the front Bof the raised portion provided with spaced extensions [8 and 19 probeing spaced slightly from the front of the de 59 viding a slot for the reception of one end 20 01' a coil spring 2! mounted upon the pin IS, with the other end 22 of the spring bearing against the web 23 of the bracket or extension H. To this bracket is To insure that the liquid flows as freely as detachably secured a handle 24.

possible through the discharge spout, the closure is provided with an opening or vent 25. Since it is extremely important that the vent be opened and maintained open during pouring, I provide a pointed or tapered projection 26 formed or provided on lever l5 and aligned With the vent 25 so as to enter the latter when the trigger is released. This projection insures against clogging of the vent of any obstruction or film of the liquid which would tend to collect therein and clog the opening.

In the operation of the device, downward pressure applied to the trigger portion M of the blade ll] retracts the resilient blade against the compression of the spring 2| through the lever 15. This spring being quite heavy and tending at all times to move the blade into its closed or shearing position, it will be evident that removal of the pressure from the trigger will permit the heavy spring to propel or shoot the blade or slidable shearing member onto and across the spout, shearing and hurling the last vestige of the liquid away from the spout.

By the present arrangement of the blade, guideway lugs and position of the upper surface of the spout, the resilient outer end of the blade or slidable shearingv member will be flexed by the lugs and maintained in close contact with the upper surface of the spout and stationary shearing edge, so as to insure a clean cut-off or shearing of the dispensed liquid, and by extending the end of the blade or shearing member l0 beyond the outer edge of the spout, the last trace of the discharged liquid will be forcibly projected or hurled away from the spout. For the purpose of cleaning the blade and the top portion of the projection 5 on which the blade slides, the blade is made readily removable from the lever l5 by lifting the rear end of the blade so that it is free of the lug l4 and permits removal of the blade by withdrawing it rearwardly. It is apparent that it may be difficult to remove sticky or other substances from beneath the blade were the blade not removable. In order to prevent accidental separation of the blade from the lever it is made sufficiently flexible so that it will ride with the lever in the arc of travel of the lever, as shown in dotted lines in Figure 1.

Having disclosed my invention, I claim:

A combined shearing device and closure adapted for mounting on a container to dispense the liquid contents thereof, a dispensing spout having an arcuate stationary drip shearing edge, a resilient, slidably mounted drip cutting blade adapted to slide directly across said edge to open and close said spout and shear the liquid therefrom, the rear portion of the blade extending rearwardly of the device and being raised to provide an operating trigger, a slot in said blade, and a spring pressed lever having a portion projecting through said slot, said blade being sufficiently flexible to follow the arc of travel of the lever as and for the purpose set forth.


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