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Publication numberUS2254134 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 26, 1941
Filing dateMay 29, 1940
Priority dateMay 29, 1940
Publication numberUS 2254134 A, US 2254134A, US-A-2254134, US2254134 A, US2254134A
InventorsHarold O Berry
Original AssigneeFlorence Stove Co
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Combined shade, light, and timer
US 2254134 A
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Filed May 29,. 1940 INVENTOR Harold 0. Ber I "5 m CM ATT RNEY Patented Aug. 26, 1941 2,254,134

stares COMBINED SHADE, LIGHT, AND THVIER Harold 0. Berry, Gardner, Mass, assignor to Florence Stove Company, Gardner, Mass, a corporation of Massachusetts Application May 29, 1940, Serial No. 337,895

2 Claims. (Cl. 240-2) This invention relates generally to stoves and timer l6, which in the form shown comprises a is particularly concerned with the provision of a dial I8 and a clock and bell mechanism 20. The combined light and timer mechanism and. means dial, as shown, is on the top of the shade, sup- NT FICE for mounting the same in an appropriate posiported on a shaft extending upwardly from the tion. clock and bell mechanism which is out of sight The invention could, however, be used in other inside the shade.

connections where suitable illumination and The timer is of conventional construction, be-

timing means are required. ing arranged to provide through the medium of One of the objects of the invention is to prothe bell a reminder to the user at the end of a vide a single article of manufacture providing a 10 selected period. That is to say, the timer dial, shade suitable for the mounting therein of a light upon being turned to the right to a point indiand a timing element and so constructed as to cating a y selected number of minutes, will set permit ready attachment to the stove or other in operation the clock mechanism 20, which will unit with which it may be found convenient for run for the selected time and at the end thereof will cause the bell to ring, thus indicating the Another object of the invention is to provide d o a pr d e ed D d.

a, combined, hade, light and timer unit mounted It Will be observed that a pointer 22 extends on adjustable means which may be readily atpw y from the shade top S a '6 P e taeh d to tov r th nit, an indicator for use with the timer dial. The

A further obje t of t invention i t provide pointer 22 has been struck up from the material a light shade arranged to reflect the light downof the shade top, leaving a Small Op 24 Wardly to a stove top, while at the same time OHgh the shade top S e. In Order that providing means whereby the timer dial will be this openin 4 may not e Obstructed, e 01001; sufiiciently illuminated to permit accurate operand bellmechahism is Cut y, as at 5. he ation in the absence of other room illumination. 25 purpose of s c st o is o pe m t a Small Another object of the invention is to provide a finger f light to Shine through Opening 24 non-transparent shade in which may be conwhereby the dial ay be illuminated at the cealed a light bulb and socket and timer mech- Pointer IOCatiOII- Thus, e u h t e Shade i may be opaque, enough light will'pass through These and other objects of the invention will pening 24 to permit the p or to See t e become apparent as the description proceeds with h h 0n dial is 50 t t e timer ay be the aid of the accompanying drawing, in which mtelllgently Operated- Fig. 1 is a front elevation of the device mounted The Shade and associated parts are supported on a Stove back by two vertical rods 28 and 30, which at their Fig. 2 is a plan view of Fig. 1. upper ends are bolted to the rear of the shade Fig 3 is a side elevation by bolts 32 and 34. The lower ends of the rods The device comprises a shade 2 closed at the are adiustabll secured by Clamp which may top Sides and ends, and open t the tt The be bolted as at 38 to the back of the stove or hade may be of metal molded material glas other unit the device iS used. The or any other Suitable substanca In the 40 clamp comprises a sufliciently strong strip of fen-ed form the shade is f metal so that the metal bent to the form shown in the several various parts within will be concealed and the figures and a clamping Strip 42 Which y be light will not shine in the eyes of the user, but pressed tightly against rods 28 and 30 y e instead will be reflected downwardly to the stove w small bolts surface 0 It is obvious that the vertical height of the.

Attached to the rear inner Wall near one end unit may be adjusted as desired o t ow the light is a lamp supporting brack t 4 carrying on t downwardly in the most effective manner and th end an electric light Socket 5 of the usual to malntain the timer within convenient reach.

construction, which socket in turn has a lamp 8 From the Construction just described, it Will be mounted therein. The lamp is turned on and 50 pp that there s been ed a readily on by the usual pull chain [0, and power is supadjustable shade which effectively conceals both plied ther t by th l tri d [2, whi h may the electrical equipment and the clock and bell conveniently be passed through a hole l4 at the mechanism of the timer, at the same time keepin rear of the shade, them both in alocation where they may be most At the other end of the shade is mounted a effectively used. Furthermore, Special illuminetion is provided for the timer dial, which is particularly helpful where the shade is of metal or other opaque material.

I claim:

1. An article of manufacture comprising a shade, an electric light mounted therein and substantially concealed from View, a timer comprising a rotatable dial and operative mechanism mounted on said shade having the timer dial located on the outside of said shade and unconnected therewith and the operative mechanism mounted within and concealed from view by said shade, a pointer adjacent said dial, said pointer formed by material cut and bent up- Wardly from said shade, the opening left by said bent up pointer providing a small aperture through said shade whereby light may shine on said dial.

2. An article of manufacture comprising a shade closed at its sides and top and open at the bottom, a socket for receiving an electric light mounted therein and. substantially concealed from view, a timer of the type comprising a rotatable dial and clock means for causing limited rotation thereof, said timer affixed to the top of the shade with the dial outside and visible and the clock means inside and invisible, a small aperture through said shade whereby light may shine directly on a small portion of said dial, a small pointer attached to said shade adjacent both said dial and said aperture, said pointer and aperture providing means for easily discerning the amount of rotation of said dial.


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