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Publication numberUS2255019 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 2, 1941
Filing dateFeb 5, 1938
Priority dateJul 6, 1935
Publication numberUS 2255019 A, US 2255019A, US-A-2255019, US2255019 A, US2255019A
InventorsEllis Robert M, Wolters Carl F
Original AssigneeRemington Rand Inc
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Method of making index strips
US 2255019 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Sept. z, 1941 c. F. WOLTERS ETA;

METHOD OF MAKIN G INDEX STRIPS original Filed July 6, 1935 Patented Sept. 2, 1941 METHOD 'or MAKINemnEX strains Carl F. Wolters, Bualo, N. and Robert M.

Ellis, Boundbrook, N. J., assignors to Remington Rand Inc., Buffalo, N, y

,original application my 6. 19.3.5. senti No. 30,104, now Patent No. 2,201,950, dated Mayl,

1940. Divided and this application February, 1938, Serial No. 188,878

5 Claims. .,(Cl. 15412) This invention relates to improvements in index strips and particularly to the method of making flexible index strips of narrow width and substantial length adapted for mounting in groups in adjacent relation on a support sheet in such a way as to provide for the ready removal of indi; vidual strips fromy the sheet.

The present application is a division of an application which has issued es Patent No. 2,201,950. May 21, 1940.

The index sheet structure of this invention is wnstrilsted by using a suitably coated or waxed bashing .sheet having the wax omitted at spaced intervals and then applying a laminated sheet formed by first treating wood veneer, fiber or other suitable sheet .material with glue and aD- plying a paper facing on one or both faces, one of the .fases of the sheet being provided with a suitable glue coating to attach the laminated Sheet t0 the waxed backing sheet so that the said glue will .cooperate With the spaced portions from Whih .the wax -is omitted in order t0 Secure the laminated sheet and backing sheet together. the

laminated sheet being subsequently slitted in spaced parallel relation to form a series .of inde.-

pendent index strips connected at spacedV vintervals to .s-aid waxed or coated backing sheet.

The invention comprehends several other improvements lin the method of making Ygroups of assembled index strips that are more particularly pointed out in the following description .andclaims directed .to the preferred forms of the invention.

In the drawing:

Fig. l shows a sheet of assembled separate index strips in perspective from which some of the strips have been removed `and others are shown in partially removed condition to illustrate the details kof construction.

Fig, 2 is a cross section taken on line V2- 2 ,of

Fis. 1.

Fig. 3 is a cross section taken on line 3-3 of Fig. .4 shows a sheet of assembled separate index strips in perspective having a construction similar to that shown in Fig. 1, but in which index strips are applied to both faces of the backing or support sheet.

Fig. 5 is a cross section taken on line 5--5 of Fig. 4.

Fig. 6 is a cross section taken on line 5-6 of Fig. 4. f

`The construction illustrated in Figs. 1 to 3 has a backing or supporting sheet I2 formed of a 55 sheet of suitable material, such as kraft paper,

-cardboard or other similar material, that is provided with a coating of Vsuitable material to which glue is not adhesive; such as Wax, on the surface thereof at'spaced intervals as indicated at |13, the portions between the spaced coated portions indicated at I4 being left uncoated to form a series of parallel strip portions as illustrated in Fig. 1. e

. The sheet for formi-ng index strips is made of a suitable Wood veneer or other sheet material for providing an intermediate layer. This intermediate layer I5' is coated with glue and dried and then provided with a second coating of glue, a paper facing I6 being then applied to one face of the coated intermediate layer. The double glue coating 'is indicated at I5.

While the second coating of glu o n the op- DGsite face'of the intermediate layer' I5 from that to which the paper sheet i6 is attached is still wet,this sheet is applied to backing or supporting sheet I2 against the face thereof that is provided With the spaced stripsY of wax or similar coating material. T-heglue on the' intermediate layer will adhere tothe uneoated portionsA I4 of the sheetbetween the coated strip portions I3 lso as to secure the intermediate layer or sheet I 5 to the backing sheet gatspaced intervals." This sheet isthen slitted so .that the slitting knives will extend Clear through the peper facing item1 in.- termedets layer l5 to provide separated index strips in adjacent Ledge-to-eclge relation secured to the backing ,sheet 1 2 ,at ,spaced intervals as clearly apparent from Figs. 1 to 3. The strips `of coating on thebaking sheet prevent the .glue .from adhering to the paper so 'that it will only adhere at the intervening portions I il between the strips `of coating. This is found to provide a suf.-

cient attachment of the index strips to the backing sheet so that the index strips may be placed ina typewriter and readily Yoperate therein dur.- ing the typing of information on the strips. 'I'he index strips may then be readily removed without {diiiiculty from the backing sheet.

The removal of the index strips from the backing sheet is obtained by ybending the marginal portions of ,the backing sheet ,and the index strips r'below a strip te be removed backwardly relative thereto which causes the ends of the index strips to detach from the backing sheet. Ihe strips can then be very readily strippedoif of the backing sheet.

Figs. 4 to 6 illustrate a form of construction similar to that shown in Figs. 1 to 3 in which the index strips and the backing sheet are constructed in exactly the same manner. The backing sheet is indicated at I'I, the coating strips being indicated at I8 leaving the intervening strip portions I9 that remain free of coating material. In the form of construction as shown in Figs. 4 to 6 both sides of the sheet are provided with the coating strips I8 leaving the uncoated sections I9 on both sides. Two 1ami. nated sheets for forming index strips are then applied to opposite faces of backing or supporting sheet I1 which are indicated lby numerals 20 and 2l.

, parallel relation to form a plurality of narrow elongated index strips arranged in edge to edge relation and mutually supported by said secondmentioned sheet in detachable adhesive attachment to said uncoated areas.

These two sheets 20 and ZI are formed in the same manner as the sheet shown in Fig. 1, the

ing sheet being separate fromv one anotherV and held in assembled sheet-forming relation through the means of the glue on the back face thereof being secured to the uncoated strip portions I9 of backing sheet I1.

Index strips of this character have several advantages over previously used sheets of index strips in that the index strips are separate one from the other, and can be individually separated from the backing sheet independent of the other index strips thereon, so that after a series of lines of information are placed upon the different index strips on one backing sheet any one of the strips, that may be desired for independent use, may be removed from the sheet in an obvious manner. In connection with Figs. 1 and 4 the index strips in this type of construction may be readily removed by bending the sheet just below the strip that is to be removed and as a result the narrow lines of glue connecting the strips transversely to the backing sheet will be broken and will permit the end of the strip to be exed upwardly to strip the index strip off of the backing sheet. This is illustrated by one of the strips being shown in partially removed position in Fig. 1. It is then only necessary to continue the removal of the strip by pulling it away from the backing sheet.

The invention claimed is:

1. The method of making a sheet of index strips consisting in providing an intermediate layer with a coating of glue on each face, securing a sheet of paper to one face of said intermediate layer by means of said glue, coating a backing sheet with a material non-adhesive to glue in areas occupying the major portion of said sheet and leaving substantially small uncoated portions of said sheet between said areas, applying said intermediate layer to said coated backing sheet so that the glued surface thereof opposite to that having the paper sheet applied thereto is attached by means of the glue to the uncoated areas of said backing sheet, and slitting said paper layer and intermediate layer to i provide a plurality of separate narrow elongated index strips detachably connected to said backing sheet.

2. The method of making a sheet of separate laminated index strips which consists in coating both faces of an intermediate sheet with an adhesive, independently coating a face of another sheet with material non-adhesive to said adhesive over the larger area of said sheet but 3. The method of making a sheet of separate laminated index strips which consists in secur- `ing a paper sheet to an intermediate sheet to form an integral laminated structure, providing a backing sheet on the face of said intermediate sheet opposite to said paper sheet, adhesively securing said intermediate sheet to said backing sheet in a plurality of substantially small spaced areas of a size and spaced at a distance whereby said intermediate and backing sheets are detachably connected together, and iinally cutting said integral laminated structure formed of said intermediate and paper sheets into elongated narrow index strips for subsequent independent detachment from said backing sheet.

. 4. The method of making a sheet of separate laminated index strips, which consists in securing a paper sheet to an intermediate sheet to form an integral laminated structure, providing a backing sheet for the face of said intermediate sheet opposite .to said paper sheet, coating the adjacent face of one of said last-mentioned sheets with adhesive and the adjacent face of the other of Vsaidsheets with a non-adhesive material over substantially the `entire surface leaving only substantially small and relatively vwidely spaced portions uncoated for adhesively securing said last-named sheets in detachable relation, and cutting said integral laminated structure formed of said paper and intermediate sheets into elongated narrow strips for subsequent independent detachment rom said backing sheet.

5. The method of making a sheet of separate laminated index strips which consists in securing a paper sheet to an intermediate sheet to form an integral laminated structure, providing a backing sheet, coating said backing sheet with an adhesive repellant material in relatively wide strips wit-h the strips in parallel relation and adjacent strips having the adjacent edges relatively close together to leave only narrow spaced parallel strip portions of said backing sheet uncoated, securing said laminated structure by adhesive to said backing sheet at the uncoated portions thereof, and iinally cutting said integral laminated structure into separate elongated narrow index strips along spaced parallel lines extending transversely relative to the direction of the spaced parallel uncoated strip portions of, said backing sheet whereby said indexstrips may be independently and selectively detached from said backing sheet. Y


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