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Publication numberUS2256204 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 16, 1941
Filing dateDec 5, 1939
Priority dateDec 5, 1939
Publication numberUS 2256204 A, US 2256204A, US-A-2256204, US2256204 A, US2256204A
InventorsCharles M Jameson
Original AssigneeCharles M Jameson
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Tissue dispenser for automobiles
US 2256204 A
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Sept. i6, 1941. c. M. JAMESON TISSUE DISPENSER FOR AUTOMOBILES Filed Deo. 5, y19:59

f 'l v IN, VENTOR BY Czar/ 2J gp/cao. M4


Patented Sept. 16, 1941 UNITED STATES NPATENT OFFICE? 2,256,204 v I TISSUE DISPENSER Foa AU'roMoEILEs Charles M. Jameson, Detroit, Mich.

Application December 5, 1939, Serial No. 307,662

(Cl. 20G-19.5)

44 Claims.

The present invention relates to a tissue dispenser for automobiles and resides particularly in a novel means for mounting a carton of disposable tissues in an accessible place within the interior of an automobile body.

Cardboard cartons containing interfolded sheets of tissue paper adapted to be withdrawn through an opening in the carton one at a time are on the market and in common use. tissues are very useful inL an automobile, not only as substitutes for handkerchieis, but also for wiping oi the windshield, steering wheel, lamp lenses, etc. However, hitherto no one has succeeded in devising a convenient and accessible mounting for such tissue cartons in an automobile with the result that their use in automobiles is relatively uncommon. l

It is the object of the present invention to provide a novel mounting for a tissue carton of the type mentioned, characterized by its ready accessibility to the driver and other occupants o! the car, its simplicity. low cost, and the fact that it is adapted for use on practically all types of automobiles.

Other objects and advantagesof the invention will become apparent in the vfollowing detailed description, the accompanying drawing and the appended claims.

In the drawing:

Figure l is a perspective view looking upwardly and forwardly toward the instrument panel and glove compartment of an automobile, showing the improved tissue carton mounting of the present invention; l

Fig. 2 is a diagrammatic longitudinal section through the cowl, dashboard and instrument panel of an automobile;

Fig. 3 is a perspective view, showing the carton supporting frame and the means forsecuring it to the glove compartment of an automobileg. and

Fig. 4 is an enlarged view, similar to Fig. 2, showing parts in section. z

The present invention is adapted for use in connection with various types. of tissue. dispensing cartons, but for purposesof illustration, the form shown in the drawing and described herein is designed for use with a well-known tissue dispensing carton, the construction of which vis These the carton in the manner indicated in Fig. 4, in which the thickness and the spacing of the sheets is greatly exaggerated for purposes of clarity. The sheets' of tissue are so arrangedthat the edge I5-oi one sheet is always protruding through the opening I4 in position to Vbe grasped for withdrawal of the sheet. When the first sheet of tissue is withdrawn, withdrawal thereof pulls the edge Il of the next sheet through thev opening I4 for ready accessibility, and so on entirely through the stack of sheets.

In accordance with the present invention, the tissue carton-is held against the bottom wall of the usual glove compartment of anautomobile. As is common practicein automobile construction, the instrument panel 2| is provided withy an opening having a pivoted door 22 for closing the same, through which opening access is had to a glove compartment, indicated generally at 23. The glove compartments in different automobiles vary in proportions and dimensions, but in general are provided with a bottom wall 24, top wall 25, side walls 26 and end wall 21, forming a completely enclosed compartment access-A ible only through the pivoted door 22. Conventional glove compartments are supported by the instrument panel and project rearwardly therev from in spaced relation to the cowely 28 and dashboard 29 of the automobile, as best shown in Fig. 2.

In accordance with the present invention, the disposable tissue carton is held against the bottom wall 24 of a glove compartment by an elongated elastic strap 30, which surrounds the top `and side walls of the glove compartment and is secured at its ends toda tissue carton supporting frame, indicated generally at 32 and shown best in Fig. 3. This frame is preferably made of wire and comprises a pair of longitudinal membersl 33 connected at their ends by a pair of transverse members 34. The ends of thelongitudinal members 33 are bent upwardly at 35 in order to locate the transverse end members 34 above the plane of the intermediate portions oi the longitudinal members 33. The transverse end members have .end portions 36 bent inwardly to embrace the side walls of the tissue carton. The end members 34 are likewise bent at their midportions into shown best in Fig. 4. Referring to that vngure,

a U-shaped loop 3B, shown best in Fig. 3.

The form of construction of the frame is such y that the tissue carton may seat upon longitudinal members 33 Vand be embraced at its ends by the transverse end members 34. It will be noted that the'longitudinal members 33 engage and support rality of sheets of tissue paper are folded within the carton on opposite sides of the opening I4 through which the tissues are withdrawn. The frame 32 is secured to the elastic strap 30 in any suitable manner such 'as by tying knots 40 in the ends of the strap and fitting the strap within the U-shaped loop I8. The knots prevent withdrawal of the strap through the loop. although removal of the strap for repair or replacement may be readily elfected by slipping the knots inwardlythrough the open portion of the loop.

By reason of the use of an elastic strap I for the purpose of holding the tissue carton against the under-side of the'slove compartment, it is possible to mount the device on a glove compartment of any size or proportions. Moreoverg'the elastic strap makes it possible to replace empty cartons without diiliculty since the longitudinal frame members 33 may simply be graspedand the frame as a whole pulled downwardly a sufflcient amount to permit withdrawal of the empty carton and replacement thereof by a filled carton.

.Theielastic strap will then pull the new carton back into position against the bottom of the l partments are spaced as a whole below the cowl and forwardly of thedashboard, that the carton may be secured in place by a simple tension member which embraces the compartment. In addition, the particular supporting and securing means shown is notV only adapted without change to fit glove compartments of any ordinary size and shape, but is exceedingly inexpensive and it makes possible easy replacement of the cartons.

It is to be understood that the present invention is not limited to the precise construction and arrangement shown, but that the various `de tails of the construction may be varied without departing from the spirit of the invention or the scope of the appended claims.

What is claimed is: o

l. In an automobile having a cowl, an instru. ment panel extending downwardly ladjacent the rear edge of the cowl, and a glove compartment having bottom, side, and top walls projecting forwardly from the instrument panel below and in spaced relation to the cowl', the combination of a carton having anvopening in one side thereof and containing tissue adapted to be withdrawn through said opening, and means for holding said carton with its opposite side Vagainst the bottom of said compartmentLsaid last-named means including a relatively rigid supporting member engaging said one'side of said carton without ob- V structing said opening and having its extremis ties adjacent the opposite ends of said carton,

and an elastic member extending around the side and top walls 'of said compartment, and conl nected at its ends to the said extremities of said member, said supporting member being so constructed that a carton may be withdrawn and replaced when the supporting member is pulled downwardly against the force exerted by said leastic member without disconnecting said mem- 2. In combination, a relatively rigid member adapted to receive and support a tissue dispens-l ing carton having an opening in one side for the withdrawal of tissue therefrom, said member be# ing adapted to engage said one side of said cartoni without obstructing said opening and to support the carton with said side lowermost and-'an elongated elastic element connected at its'ends to said memberadjacent opposite ends of said carton and adapted to encircle the glove compartment of a motor vehicle for the purpose of resiliently holding said member and a cartonsupported thereon against the under side of said compartment, said member being so constructed that a carton may be withdrawn and replaced when the member is pulled downwardly against the force exerted by said elastic element without disconnecting said member and element.

3. In combination, a tissue dispensing carton having an openingin one side thereof through which tissue may be withdrawn, a frame forsupporting said carton including a pair of end members connected by a longitudinally extending member'adapted to engage saidl one side of the carton without obstructing said opening, said end members being formed of wire and having cen-y trally located U-shaped loops formed therein adjacent the ends of the carton whereby the ends of the carton overlie the open sides of said loops, and an elongated elastic element having its ends extending through said loops and having enlargements on said ends to prevent withdrawal of the same from said loops, the intermediate portion of said-elastic element being adapted to surround a supporting member and hold said frame and a carton carried thereby in suspension below said supporting member with the carton resiliently v ieeld against the bottom of said supporting mem- 4.,In combination, a relatively rigid member adapted to receive and support atissue dispensing carton having an opening in one side for the withdrawal of tissue therefrom, said member I having means to engage said one side ofthe carton on opposite sides of the opening therein and having portions adapted to engage carton Aat the side and end walls which are contiguous to said one side, and an elongated resilient member connected at itsy ends to said relatively rigid member adjacent the opposite end walls of said carton and adapted to encircle the glove compartment of a motor vehicle and hold the member and carton supported thereby with the opposite side of said carton held resilientlyl against the bottom of the compartment and the side having the opening facing downwardly, said relatively rigid member being so constructed that a carton mayy

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