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Publication numberUS2258377 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 7, 1941
Filing dateJul 11, 1940
Priority dateJul 11, 1940
Publication numberUS 2258377 A, US 2258377A, US-A-2258377, US2258377 A, US2258377A
InventorsCollins John C
Original AssigneeCollins John C
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Chuck and tool holding device
US 2258377 A
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Filed July ll. 1940 myfwm l Il ATTORN EYS Patented Oct. 7, 11941 "UNITED STATEES UFFICE 'A "`.2,25s,377' cHUcKANn Toor. HoLizuNG nEvIcE John (LlCoilins, Ilobart, Ind. .Application July 1-1, 194o,-serie1ivo. 344,9664

comms. (012874-107) u "This invention relates to chucks and'toolholding or clamping devices for use on solid and ho'llow tapered spindles, shafts or heads of lathes, drill presses `and 'like machines, and its `general object is -to provide a device that will clamp and securely holdL chucks, tools or" adapters with respect -to the spindles etc., `against casual removal or displacement, regardless of speedfthus preventing injury to theuserl and breakage of parts brought about by removal or displacement thereof, `yet `the device can be rapplied and removed with respect" to the spindles,` etc. lin an -easy and expeditious manner.

A further object is to "provide a holding device ofthe character set forth, that is simple in-co'nstruction,` inexpensive -to manufacture,` and extremely eiiicient in operation, use and service.

This invention Valso consists `in certain other features of -construction and in the `combination and arrangement of the several parts, tobe here` In describing the invention in detail, reference willlbe had to theaccompanying drawing wherein like characters denote like orfcorrespondingparts throughout the several views;` and inwhich:

"Figure `1 is a fragmentary viewjpartly in section, illustrating one form* lof my4 device in use for holding Va lchuck oria solid-tapered spindle.

Figure 2 is a sectional `view takenla-pproximatelyjon'line 2-2 of Figure'l, looking in `the direction ofthe arrows. 'i

`Figure 3 is a perspective .view4 of theremovable sectional flanged connector member fforuse with the form of Figure 1.

Figure lis a'view partly in section of a slightly modied form.

Figure 5 is a view partly in section oi a further modied form.

Figure 6 is a sectional view taken approximately on line 6-6 of Figure 5, looking in the direction of the arrows.

Figure 7 is a longitudinal sectional viewtaken through a further modied form for use with a hollow spindle of a drill press. l

Figure 8 is a sectional View taken approximately on line 8-8 of Figure 7, looking in the direction of the arrows.

Referring to the drawing in detail, and particularly to the form of Figures` 1 to 3, the letter A indicates a Vsolid spindle having a tapered chuck receiving end `and B a chuck of the usual geared adjustable type, the chuck having a tapered bore for receiving the tapered end of the spindle therein, and the chuck is `xed to the spindle by my device, asbest shown in Figure 1.

""Ihe device of the form of Figures 1 to 3 includes an exteriorly threaded collar 'l fixed to the spindle A by a tapered `pin 2 andthe chuck body has ,a recess 3 centrally of its inner `end about thetapered bore, with an lannular Vrib V4 overhanging the recess to provide a `shoulder for receiving"l and holding an annular connector member 5 within the recess, the connector member including separable lhalf 'sections vii and 1., with `each section formed fto kprovide an arcuate tongue jyon `its innerend and a `flange element on'its outer end to provide anannular ilange 9, when the sections are associated with each `other and `,mounted in therecess, as shown in Figure 1, which likewise illustrates that the tongues 8 bear against the` s`hould`er tohold the7member V5 detlachablysecured to the chuck body. In vorder to allow easy application and removal of the connector member 'sections within vtherecess, the confronting edges of the sections are outwardly flared `in curved formation 'from the flange .elements lt o"the ends Vof the tongues, as clearly shown in Figure 33.

VIhfe -ange 9 'provides bearing Ameans for the inwardlydirected flange jI'I) at the inner end of a rsectional ring II vthat is linteriorly threaded tobe threaded" on vthe collar I and exteriorly threaded for vfthreadedly receiving a 'lock n collar I2, lthathasa'beveled inner edge vI3 engaged with a beveled shoulder I4 on the ring 'Il to urge the sections of the `latter together and lin clamping engagementwith the collar I. The sections of the' ring II 'each yconstituteA -a half thereof, as best shown inFigure 2. hole `I"5 iriw'ardly of --the lbeveled shoulder I4 thereof and the lock collar I2 is likewise provided with holes I6 upon diametrically opposite sides, which together with the holes I5 are for the purpose of receiving a Spanner wrench or like tool for threading the ring and collar I2 into and out of use, as will be apparent. By that construction, it will be obvious that casual removal or displacement of the chuck with respect to the spindle A is practically impossible, regardless of the speed of the spindle.

The form of Figure 4 is substantially identical to that of Figure 1, with the exception that the removable connector member 5 is eliminated and the ange I0 of the sectional ring II is mounted between a flange I'I and the chuck body to bear against the flange I1, the latter being formed on an annular projection IB integral with the chuck body about the edge of the bore therein, to provide a permanent connector member, withv the ring II swiveled thereon.

The form o-f Figures 5 and 6 includes a sectional internal threaded ring I9 having an internal annular ange at its inner end for disposal between the flange II vand the chuck body to bear against the latter ange when the ring I9 is threaded on the collar I. The lock collar is eliminated in this form, as the sections of the ring I3 are Welded or otherwise fixed together as at 2|, after the sections of the ring I9 are applied t0 the projection I8 of the connector member, so

that the ring I9 will be permanently attached to 4.

the chuck body and swiveled on the projection." The ring I9 is shown as being slotted asfat' 22n upon diametrically opposite sides for receiving a wrench or knock-oir tool, or it may be provided with spanner wrench receiving,holesandgthe disposed holes 33 and the portion 30 of the ring 26 is provided with like holes 34 which together with the holes 33 are for the purpose of receiving a spanner Wrench or the like, as will be apparent.

It is thought from the foregoing description that the advantages and novel features of the invention will be readily apparent.

It is to be understood that changes may be made in the construction and in the combination"- and arrangement of the several parts, provided that such changes fall within the scope of the appended claims.

A -What I claim is:

" '1. A device for holding a chuck against casual removal or.displacement on a tapered spindle, comprising Va collar secured to the spindle, a sectional' ring vto be threaded on the collar, said annular portions of the ring I9 are preferably serrated to provide gripping means. r lThe form of Figures '7 'and 8 is' designedfor hollovv spindles of va drill pressor 4the like, `and the spindle which indicated by theletter-C is. provided with; a tapered. bore D having mounted therein a -tool adapter E which is like- Wise .provided with a tapered bore for receiving the shankF of a drillbit, reamer, milling tool orthe like, the shank having an annular groove 2,3 therein, for a purpose which will be presently described. y.

Thespindle collar 24 of the form ofA Figures 7 and 8 is secured to the spindle C by screw bolts 25 and the collar '24 is exteriorly `threaded for receiving a sectional. ring 26 that is provided with a relatively thin skirt portion interiorly threaded to be mounted upon the collar 24A and exteriorly threaded for receiving a lock collar 2'Il having a beveled end 28 engageable with a beveled shoulder'29 formedv on a relatively thick portion 3U of the ring 2li]r for holding the sections ofthe latter together'and `Within the threads of the collar 24|.v

The ,thick portion 30 has an Viriturned flange 3| on'its' outer end, and a groove in its innerface atjt'he junctureof the flange therewith foire-'-A ceiving a sectional Washer like connector Amember 32 `provided with av central opening having a reduced edg'eftting Within the groove V23'for holding the shank F'vvithin the bore of the adapter'E against any possibility of casual removal o1y dis-v placement When my device is'l applied ytothe spin-v dleandA the shank, as will be apparent. VWhilehI have illustrated the shank F as beingmounted Within the bore of the adapter E, itp'will' beob-`- vioustnat itcp "be mounted @neatly within 'the bores- D of the spindleC, it depending ofcourse upon the sizeof the toolto be 'used.iv

t I'he Vlock collar 2'! is formed with diametrically;

chuck'having a bore therein for receiving the spindleand a recess about the outer end of the bore,'a rib overlying the recess and providing a shoulder, ;a 'sectional connectormember removably mountedinthe recess andincluding tongues bearing1 against the shoulder for holding said connectorjmemberwithin the recess, a ilange on thlonmc'omemberi a.. flange Q11 the Ting :t0 bearfagainst' the first flange 'When-V the Vring ,is threadedon-the collar, and a lock collar threaded on the ring for holding-thersections 'thereof about the-'connector -memberand against the spindle Collarif Y.;- q

A device for holding a chuck against casual removal or displacement on a tapered spindle, comprising a collar secured to the spindle, ja' sectional ringto berthreaded on the. collar,Y said chuckhavingaiborej therein for receivingvthe spindle anda recess about the outer end ofvthel borekaribgroverlying the recessandjproviding a shoulder; a sectionalrconnector member 'removably mounted in the recess and including tongues bearing jagainst Vthe s houlderrfor holdingrsaid connector member Within the recess, a flange o n thefconnector member, a ange onthe ring to bear against the first flange when-the ring -ls threaded von the collar,4 arlock collar threaded o n the ring? for.. theldinefth; SeQtiQns thereof: about Y the. -G0nnet0r member and againstfhe ,Spindler Collant@ sectrls @tithe eneeeiormember-,each Constitutinea half thereQfendhai/ing outwardly flared confronting f acesvtq facilitate .application Y and remv'elfqf, .thaconeetQ-mlember within theY recess ,h `sa'id ring andvhlock? collar .having tool! re` ceiving means .therein to facilita-te threadingtle same into and out of use, said ringhaving a .bev-v eled shoulderr andA a Vbeveled edgegntheflock 1 collar tofbleerlaeaihsf 'Said sfiguldrlf t a .4

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