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Publication numberUS2258925 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 14, 1941
Filing dateMay 16, 1941
Publication numberUS 2258925 A, US 2258925A, US-A-2258925, US2258925 A, US2258925A
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Combination knitting needle and rule
US 2258925 A
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Oct. 14, 1941. J. M. BURG COMBINATION KNITTING NEEDLE AND RULE Filed May 16, 1941 m n e v m (72 a): JL 3203 M A Home Patented Oct. 14, 1941 2,258,925 COMBINATION xm'r'rmc NEEDLE AND RULE Jean M. Burg, Philadelphia, Pa.

Application May 16, 1941, Serial No. 393,849

1 Claim. (01- 66-117) This invention appertains to new and useful improvements in combination implements and more particularly to a combination knitting needle and rule.

The principal object of the present invention is to provide a rulein'conjunction with a knitting needle without in any way interfering with the usual use of the needle in the art of knitting.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent to the reader of the following specification.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 represents a side elevational view of the implement.

Figure 2 is a longitudinal sectional view through the structure shown in Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a cross sectional view.

Figure 4 is a fragmentary perspective view of the pointed end of the rule.

Referring to the drawing wherein like numerals designate like parts, it can be seen that the knitting "needle proper consists of an elongated semi-cylindrical body 5 having a rounded rib 8 of smaller'cross sectional dimension extending longitudinally thereof, and having its pointed end portion 1 reduced. The other end of the needle body 5 is formed with a knob 8.

The rule element of the present combination consists of "an elongated element 5 of arcuate cross section adapted to fit over the rib 6 from the knob 8 to the pointed end portion 1 and to have its outer surface flush with the outer 'surfaceoftheneedlebodyi. Oneendofthis elongated element 9 has a hollow pointed structure In for receiving the point 'I of the needle body 5, this being of such construction as to have its outer surfaces flush with the needle body 5. v

The other end, that is, the end of the element '9 adjacent the knob 8 has openings therethrough for receiving rivets H which extend through the needle body 5 and serve to secure the rule element 9 to the body 5.

As can be seen in Figure 1, the outer side of the rule element 9 has graduations l2 extending from one end to the other. Thus the knitting needle can be used as a rule in measuring work as work progresses.

While the foregoing specification sets forth the invention in specific terms, it is to be understood that numerous changes in the shape, size and materials may .be resorted to without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as claimed hereinafter.

Having described the invention, what is claimed as new is: r

In combination with a knitting needle, a rule and means for securing the rule to the knitting needle, said knitting needle consisting of a body having a side portion thereof reduced longitudinally, said rule being in the form of an elongated element disposed in the reduced portion, said body having a reduced pointed end,-said elongated element having a tapered hollow point structure for receiving the point of the needle.


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U.S. Classification66/117, D15/78, 33/485, D03/28, 24/706
Cooperative ClassificationD04B17/04