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Publication numberUS2259318 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 14, 1941
Filing dateApr 24, 1937
Priority dateApr 24, 1937
Publication numberUS 2259318 A, US 2259318A, US-A-2259318, US2259318 A, US2259318A
InventorsMouromtseff Ilia E
Original AssigneeWestinghouse Electric & Mfg Co
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Ultra high frequency for therapeutic purposes
US 2259318 A
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Oct. 14, 1941.


A GLCBll-eu 14,

ULTRA, HIGH FREQUENCY FOR THERA- PEUTIC PURPOSES Ilia E. Mouromtsefi, Montclair, N. J., assignor to Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company, East Pittsburgh, Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania Application April 24, 1937, Serial No. 138,804

4 Claims.

My invention relates to high frequency devices* and especially to apparatus and method for treating the human bodywith ultra. high frequency.

An object of my invention is to provide a treatment of the human body in which theresis no utilize a radiating antenna and a reflector for treating the human body with high frequency.

Other objects'and advantages of my invention will be apparent from the following description and drawing, in which: a

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a patient be-.

ing treated by means of a' preferred form of my apparatus;

Fig. 2 is an end view of a modified form of apparatus of that of Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a still further modification of my invention; and

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of a type of apparatus for treating small parts of the body.

High frequency has been utilized in the treatment of the human body, and especially for producing an artificial fever therein. The method heretofore used has been to locate the patient or parts of his body between the plates of a condenser, which is part of an oscillating circuit. This type of treatment also includes the danger that there may be sparking between the patients body and the condenser, and also that the attendant will receive a certain amount of the ation together with the patient.

My invention, on the other hand, contemplates radiusing high frequency in a form that will elimi- I nate any sparking between the patient and the electric circuit. It eliminates the possibility of burning or blistering a patient and removes him from the immediate environment of the oscil-.

lating equipment, which, with some patients, causes undue excitement. My invention also permits ofthe positioning of the high voltage and bulky equipment in remote places. In its specific form, I contemplate utilizing a radiating antenna and directing the. energy by means of back reflectors towards the patient.

In Fig. 1, I have illustrated the patient III reclining on a rest II, which may be in the form of a table or couch, preferably containing no metal. Above the rest I I is a radiating antenna I2 extending parallel to the rest II, and preferably having a length of the order of the patients length. Suitable connections I3 and I4 extend to the high voltage oscillating circuit I not shown), which preferably produce standing waves on the radiating antenna I2. A reflector I5 is located above the radiating antenna I2 to direct the radiant energy towards the patients body.

The distance between the antenna and the reflector is approximately to A of a wave length. The reflector I5 is preferably in the form of a parabolic mirror. The height of the patient above the floor is also preferably of the order of to A of a wave length. The high frequency oscillations are fed into the radiating antenna I2,. and the radiations therefrom with the aid of the reflector I5 will be directed downward upon the patient in what might be called a radio bath orradio shower.

In Fig. 2, I have disclosed a similar arrangement of rest II, patient I0, and radiating antenna I2. I have, however, enclosed the patient within a metal shield or screen I6 to prevent the escape of any radiation therefrom. I have also utilized a reflecting wire I! that is located above the radiating antenna a distance of to A of a wave length. This reflecting wire is similar in action to the reflecting mirror I 5, and could be used in place of the mirror IS in Fig. 1. The

high frequency energy will be directed downwardupon the patient.

In case it is desired to treat the patient while in the verticalposition, I provide a radiating an tenna comprising the two members I8 and I9 connected by conductors 20 and 2| to the high frequency apparatus. A large parabolic reflector 22 surrounds this antenna to direct the energy towards the patient III, who stands at the focal line of a cylindrical parabolic reflector 23. The two parts I8 and I9 of the radiating antenna are; of course, preferably on a line with the patients body.

In Fig. 4, I have illustrated apparatus for the treatment 'of small parts of the human body, such as the knee 24. This apparatus comprises a radiating antenna of two longitudinal parts25 and 26 located within the reflector 21. This reflector is preferably in the form of a parabolic mirror, and will direct beams directly at the desired portion of the human body. A back reflector could also be used if desired.

It will be noted that in the above treatments, the patient cannot come into direct contact with the generating apparatus usually carrying the high frequency charges and sometimes low frequency and direct current charges. The amount of energy dissipated in the human body can be easily regulated by changing the distance between the radiating antenna and the human body, or between the radiating antenna and the reflector, or in providing an adjustment of the height of the rest II. The variation of the useful energy can also be effected by changing the antenna coupling to the generating circuit. The human body does not influence the adjustment of the oscillating circuit, as is the case with the condenser type previously referred to. The energy dissipated in the body can also be increased by having the patient hold'in his hands pieces of metal tubing extending parallel to the antenna, and also by attaching metal surfaces to his feet. The disclosure is applicable to very short waves such as those of ahigh frequency of the order of 60 megacycles and higher.

While I have shown and described certain preferred modifications, it is apparent that many modifications may be made, including the form, arrangement and elements of my invention, without departing from the spirit thereof.

I claim as my invention:

1. Apparatus for treating a patient with high frequency which comprises a non-metallic rest for the patient, a radiating antenna above said rest, a reflector above said radiating antenna, and a metal screen enclosing said rest, antenna and reflector.

2. Apparatus for treating a patient with high frequency which comprises a non-metallic rest for the patient, a radiating antenna above said rest parallel to said rest, a reflector above said radiating antenna, and a metal screen enclosing said rest, antenna and reflector.

3. Apparatus for treating a patient with high frequency which comprises a non-metallic rest for' the'patient, a radiating antenna the order of the patient's length and located above said rest, a reflector above said radiating antenna. and a metal screen enclosing said rest, antenna and reflector.

4. Therapeutic apparatus comprising an antenna disposed to transmit radiations to a patient and a reflector spaced a distance of the order of A to of the wave length of' said radiation from said antenna and disposed'to reflect the radiation emitted from said antenna to said patient.


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