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Publication numberUS2261157 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 4, 1941
Filing dateJan 26, 1940
Priority dateJan 26, 1940
Publication numberUS 2261157 A, US 2261157A, US-A-2261157, US2261157 A, US2261157A
InventorsHolbrook Rollin W
Original AssigneeHolbrook Rollin W
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Traveler's kit
US 2261157 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Nov. 4, 1941. R. w. HOLBROQK 2,261,157

TRAVELER'S KIT Filed Jan. 26, 1940 Ir 11B. w/AMMULAL'LUMEIU'I I

wmlllllu This invention relates to improvements in kits such as used by travelers. It is exemplified by a shaving kit which consists of a case, two parts of which are held together by a Zipper so that they may be readily detachable. Within the case various travel or toilet appurtenances are com pactiy arranged.

Kits of the type mentioned have had adjoining sections secured together along three edges by a quickly detachable fastener known as a "Zipper." The metal teeth of the Zipper" are secured to fabric strips or ribbons which usually project beyond the plane of the surface along which the various travel appurtenancesare secured. Furthermore these appurtenances are held in their compactly arranged positions by elastic bands in the form of loops having their ends anchored along the surface. Inorder to remove any one of these appurtenances ior use it has been necessary to tilt it in order that it may be moved up over the projecting marginal wall formed by the Zipper" strip and the Zipper teeth. This not only stretches the elastic bands unduly and causes them eventually to lose their elasticity but it also causes the appurtenances or articles to be scraped along the metallic "zipper" teeth and. thus be scratched or otherwise injured. It is an object 01' this invention to provide a travel kit which eliminates these objections.

Other objects oi the invention will appear as the following description of the invention prodeeds.

The invention will be described with reference to the accompanying drawing, in which:

Fig, l is a view in the nature of a perspective view showing the travel kit open and in such position that the travel appurtenances may be readily removed.

Fig. 2 is a view in the nature of a perspective view showing the travel kit closed, indicating the downwardly recessed top which may be closed by a hinged cover held in place by a snap fastener.

Fig. 3-13 9. vertical section through the travel kit with the toilet appurtenances secured in position.

Fig. 4 is a sectional view showing a part of the illustrative structure on an enlarged scale.

The drawing shows a kit consisting of a boxlike base section l8 and ahinged section II. These two sections are normally tightly secured. together by a "Zipper fastener having upper and lower rows of "Zipper teeth 14 and I. re'- spectively. The "Zipper extends around three as; was, Serial aa'si'a'zri ton. 154),.

1 sides of the kit as shown, and is caused to close and open the kit by means of the operation of the closing device it. The upper and lower rows of Zipper teeth it and I6 may be secured to fabric bands, the edges of which opposite the Zipper teeth are secured to the kit sections.

The hinged section it is so constructed that an upwardly opening recess'or' pocket is presented when the kit is closed. Around the edges oi this pocket there are upwardly. extending flanges 22, 2t, 26 and 28. The upper edge of the Zipper" strip 28, having the Zippe'r" teeth is ,thereon, is stitched or otherwise secured to the ,upper edges of the flanges, and these parts are so arranged and proportioned that the foremost edges of the fZipper" teeth, when the kit is open, as indicated in Fig. l, are below the plane of thesurface 30 along which the travel appur tenances 32-, inclusive, are secured.

out of their respective retaining bands. 46-54,

inclusive, by moving them along lines parallel to the plane of the surface 30. They ch) not come in contact with the metallic Zipper" teeth, and

they need not be tilted so that the elastic loops or hands 4644, inclusive, are undulystretched during the removal and replacement of these articles. a

, When the kit is closed the travel appurtenances. are held in the positions indicatedin Fig. 3,

the elastic loops 48, Ell-and retaining their elasticity because they have not been unduly stretched during the use of the kit. The loops will, therefore, continue to effectively hold the 30 .of the hinged section. Beneath the travel toilet articles tightly against the surface appurtenances as they are-indicated in Fig. 3,

there is a supplementary support 60 whichmay be hinged at 62 along one edge of the base section III. Its opposite edge rests, upon a ledge 64 secured to the side 86 of :the base section and the horizontal anddownwardly extending parts of this support may be hinged at 68 to. pc rmit the movement of the support to open position 43 after the hinged section is moved to the open poof the kit to hold a large number of articles in compact relationship and to so maintain them that they may be readily available for use. They all may also be removed from theirfdownward Thus. 20 these articles or appurtenancesmay be slipped held against that surface by such elastic bands as those described. This increases the capacity I positions without stretching the elastic loops and without injuring the surface or the articles by contact with. the sharp edges of the Zipper teeth. a

It is also within the purview of the invention that the pocket or recess formed by the hinged section It may be used as a receptacle for miscellaneous small articles by the provision of a hinged cover 10, hinged at I2 and having at the opposite side a downwardly extending loop I8 secured to a wall of the hinged section I! by a snap fastener I3.

. While the invention has been described with reference to the particular embodiment shown in the drawing, it is to be appreciated that it is not limited to all the details thereof. It is rather of such a. scope that these details may be used singly or in combination with'difi'erent arrangements of other elements.

The invention has been described in accordance with the requirements of the Federal statutes,

particularly section 4888 R. s., and in further compliance with the requirement of that statute the invention is particularly pointed out in the following claims. v

What is claimed is:

1. In a. kit, a base section, a hinged section,

separate articles detachably secured against an interior flat surface of one of said sections by loops anchored along said surface, slidable fastener strips secured along the section sides at the meeting edges oi the sections and presenting fastener teeth, the fastener strip on the article carrying section being set back from the plane of said surface in a direction opposite from the articles engaging said surfaces. the teeth of the set back strip being disposed exterioriy of the path of removal of said articles from said surface.

2. A case or container comprising, in combination component container parts separately attached along'meeting edge portions by a slidabie fastener, said fastener including complementary teeth along the meeting edge portions ofsaid parts, said case including a portion presenting an article supporting surface, meansrreleasably retaining articles against said surface in such a 'manner that they have translatory motion over and parallel'to said surface and past at least a part of one of said toothed edge portions to temporarily release the articles for use, the fastener teeth on the container part including the article carrying surface being secured to a strip set back from the plane of said surface in a direction opposite from the articles engaging the surface, the teeth of the set back strip being disposed exteriorly oi the path of said translatory motion of the articles. Y


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