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Publication numberUS2261475 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 4, 1941
Filing dateAug 26, 1939
Priority dateAug 26, 1939
Publication numberUS 2261475 A, US 2261475A, US-A-2261475, US2261475 A, US2261475A
InventorsKautenberg William E
Original AssigneeKautenberg William E
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US 2261475 A
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Nova 4, 1941. w. E. KAUTEN4BERG SQUEEGEE Filed Aug. 26, 1959 INVENTOR: We


Patented Nov. 4, 1941 UNITED STATES PATENT QFFHQE YISQUEEGEE Wi iam-E. Kautenberg, Freeport, n1 I Application August 26, 1939, SerialNo. 292,063

'4 Claims. (01. 15-245) This invention relates in general to a hand operated squeegee adapted for use on windows, floors, walls and the like.

An important object of the invention is in the provision of a hand operated device in which both the cleaning element and the handle are freelyadjustable for cleaningsurfaces not readily accessible to fixed cleaners.

A further object of .the invention is in the provision of a cleaning element of rubber or other suitable material which is freely adjustable in the holder for bringing a plurality of edges into cleaning position.

A still further object of the invention is in the provision of a flexible cleaning element having projecting ribs in connection with a holder in which the changes'engage the ribs for assisting the flexing movement of the cleaner in either direction.

Still another object of the invention is in the provision of improved holding and adjustable clamping means for a surface cleaner or squeegee of this type.

Other and further objects of the invention will appear hereinafter, the preferred construction being illustrated in-the accompanying drawing in which Fig. l is a perspective view of a squeegee con-.

structed in accordance with this invention;

Fig. 2 is a View of the under side of the holder as shown in Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a sectional view;

Fig. 4 is an end view illustrating a modified form of holder and Fig. 5 is a sectional view showing a construction which includes a filler or cushion at one side of the service member.

Surface cleaning devices of this type are usually provided with a metal holder fixed to the cleaning element and the holder itself being rigidly attached to the handle so that the cleaning element is not replaceable and the handle is not adjustable for cleaning surfaces that are not easily accessible. The present invention overcomes these objections by providing a cleaning element which is both invertible and reversible, so that four diiferent cleaning edges may be brought into operating position, the cleaning element may be easily replaced and the handle which is adjustable both clamps the holder in place and the cleaning element in its adjusted position in the holder.

Referring now more particularly to the drawing, a cleaning element 8 is formed of rubber or other suitable flexible material, of uniform cross section throughout its length'and having rounded ribs 9 and I0 projecting oppositely from the side faces and extending longitudinally at equal distances from the'angular edges or corners H and I2;

To receive the cleaning element there is a channel shaped metal holder H with flexible or yielding sides adapted to extend over one edge of the cleaning" member and having a longitudinally extending grooved rib i l in each side adapted to receive the opposite ribs of the cleaning member adjacent the inserted edge and having an edge i5 projecting beyond the rib I4 sufficiently to engage below or to form an abutment for the other set of opposite ribs of the cleaning member which are not seated in the holder.

The edges 15 either straight, or slightly curved edges It as shown inFig; 4 preferably terminate just short or free from the outer projections of the cleaning member so that they will not obstruct the free insertion, removal and positioning of the cleaning member in the holder, but when thecleaningedge of the member 8 is flexed in either direction the edges I5 or iii of the holder provide an abutment or backing for engaging the outer free ribs forming a separate and contact edge for the cleaning member throughout the full length thereof. The cleaning member. normally extends at both ends beyond the holder to protect the end of the holder from becoming battered and to prevent the holder from coming in contact with articles which are being cleaned.

The cleaning member fits snugly but slidably within the holder and when the handle is not clamped thereto the cleaning member may be adjusted lengthwise within the holder or it may be easily slipped out of engagement with the holder and any one of the edges 'II or H! placed in the cleaning position. The ribs 9 and ID are located so that when the ribs 9 are engaged in the grooved ribs 14 of the holder the other ribs l0 are adapted to abut the extending edges 15 of the holder, and vice versa.

A metal handle socket I1 is formed with a head l8 having end notches i9 adapted to engage the holder at one side and to seat the rib l4 thereof in the notches, the edges 20 at the under side of the socket are turned inwardly for strengthening it, and the socket portion has an interengaging tongue and the groove connection 2! for holding the edges of the socket member together, thereby forming a stronger reinforced head for attachment to a handle.

A clamping plate 22 is disposed at the opposite side of the handle which has a grooved rib 23 adapted to engage the opposite rib [4 of the holder and a bent tongue 24 extending into the inner side of the handle member. A thumb screw 25 is inserted through the clamping plate and threaded into a boss or opening 26 in the wall of the socket member with the edges of the holder l3 disposed between the head [8 and the clamping plate 22 so that as the thumb screw is tightened not only is the handle member positioned in engagement with the holder, but also the opposite edges of the holder, being compressed, confine the cleaning member in any place therein in which it has been set or adjusted. l

Thus the handle, the holder and the cleaning member are all easily and quickly adjusted in place, the handle may be reversed with respect to the holder thus inverting the cleaning member, and the cleaning member may be reversed and inverted in the holder when the thumb screw is loosened, the latter without removing the holder from the handle member.

Instead of providing simply one cleaning member in the holder, a cushion 26 may be inserted in one or both sides thereof, the cushion being formed of metal or rubber and preferably having grooved ribs 21 and 28 corresponding to the ribs 9 and ill of the cleaning member and also corresponding to the ribs of the holder. In either of these forms the cleaning member and the cushioning member are engaged by the edges of the holder when they are flexed in either direction thus increasing the resilience and prolonging the wearing life and wearing qualities of the device as a squeegee and surface cleaner.

I claim:

1. In a squeegee, a channel shaped holder having a hollow rib in each of its opposite sides, a cleaning element comprising a wiping strip with longitudinal rectangular edges having a pair of opposite ribs on each side for seating it reversibly and invertibly in the ribs of the holder, the outer edges of the holder sides being normally free from but contacting either one of the outer ribs of the cleaning element depending upon which direction it is flexed, and a handle member having a clamping plate and fastening means for adjustably engaging the sides of the holder, the plate and the member having means for engaging over the adjacent inner edges and the ribs at the opposite sides of the holder for adjusting the handle member longitudinally of the holder, the cleaning element and its opposite outer edges being free from the holder and said engaging means.

2. In a squeegee, a resilient cleaning element having two opposite longitudinal ribs at each side spaced equally from the edges thereof, a holder for the cleaning element comprising a channel member with opposite flexible sides and a hollow longitudinal rib in each side for slidably engaging the opposite ribs adjacent one edge of the cleaning element and permitting the reversal and inversion of the cleaning element therein, the edges of the holder projecting beyond the ribs so engaged to contact said cleanin element short of but to form an abutment for the free, opposite outer ribs of the cleaning element not seated in the longitudinal groove of the holder when the cleaning element is flexed.

3. In a squeegee, a resilient cleaning element with opposite pairs of longitudinal ribs at both sides thereof equally spaced from the opposite cleaning edges of the element, and a channel shaped holder with a hollow rib in each of the sides for extending over one edge and engaging the opposite ribs of the element adjacent either edge thereof, the edges of the holder beyond its ribs extending in the space between the ribs of the cleaning element at each side thereof and free from engagement with the outer ribs but forming an abutment for engaging one of the outer ribs when the element is flexed in the corresponding direction in the holder.

4. In a squeegee, a resilient cleaning element having pairs of ribs at each side thereof extending longitudinally and spaced an equa1 distance from the cleaning edges, a cushioning member having corresponding grooves and ribs-disposed against the cleaning element at the side thereof, and a channel shaped holder having flexible sides to compress the element and the cushion therefor and having longitudinal hollow ribs in the sides to engage the opposite ribs from one edge of the cleaning element and cushion, the edges of the holder extending between the ribs of the element being adapted to engage the outer ribs of the element and cushion when the element is flexed.


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U.S. Classification15/245
International ClassificationA47L1/06, A47L1/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47L1/06
European ClassificationA47L1/06