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Publication numberUS2263463 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 18, 1941
Filing dateFeb 9, 1940
Priority dateFeb 9, 1940
Publication numberUS 2263463 A, US 2263463A, US-A-2263463, US2263463 A, US2263463A
InventorsJohnston William Gordon
Original AssigneeJohnston William Gordon
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Luminating device
US 2263463 A
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Nov. 18, 1941. w. G, JOHNSTON 2,263,463

` LUMI-NATING DEVICE VVDLLIAM GoRDoN Jomvs'mN Patented Nov. 18, 1941 2,263,463 LUMINATING DEVICE William Gordon Johnston. Port Arthur, Ontario,

. Canada Appneeuen February a, 1940, serieuze. 318,141

(ci. 24o-6.45)

3 Claims.

My invention relates to make-up accessories and more specifically to a lighting arrangement adapted for use in combination with a reflecting mirror for the user'i'n such a manner that the same may be incorporated as an integral part of a purse or other'carrier of the same nature.

The main object of my invention is to provide lighting means in combination with a mirror and a purse whereby a steady light may be directed to the users face by the mere handling of the mirror itself without the necessity of occupyingboth hands for that purpose.

Another object of my invention is to provide lighting means for make-up and other purposes having a limited area of lighting as well as quick and easy means of controlling the light in order to render the article especially adapted for use in blackouts, when control of both time and amount of light is of utmost importance.

Another object is to provide an article as above stated in which, although forming part of a purse or other container, the light may be directed at any angle either for use in connection with the inside of the purse, for shielded make-up purpose, or which may be directed to any point outside of the purse for other purposes such as, for example, for locating a key or key hole.

A further object is to provide` an article asl use or for an extended period of time.

A still further object is to provide a device or accessory as above specified which is compact, simple in construction, and economical to produce and setup.

Other objects as well as advantages of the lnvention will appear in the following description of the preferred embodiment thereof illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which drawing:

Figure 1 is a plan view of the light component as installed in the combined light and mirror support.

Figure 2 is an edge view thereof.

Figure 3 is e. view of the ught and mirror and may be operated from the outside of the light by depressing its switch button 1.

An electric lamp 8, preferably of the lens type so as to concentrate the rays of light, is mounted in the extension 5 by means of a suitable screw socket (not shown), and a reflector 9 is positioned around the socket in extension 5 in order to reflect stray rays. It is obvious that the lamp may be operated by the mere pressing of button 1, but at the same time, free use of both hands may be had in this case. Means are therefore provided to hold button I in depressed position when it is desired to retain the light on'without constant pressure from the fingers. This is accomplished by providing a small rod Ill which rests alongside the battery case 4 having a curved end Ii in order to steady the light component at the extended end of the device, and a curved portion I2 forming an arc over the button but at a certain distance therefrom as shown.

A small tubular member I3 which may be as shown or of a more elongated form and of lsuch diameter that it can not pass over the button 1 lwithout depressing the same, is mounted on the rod. It is evident that by pressing member I3 directly above button 1 that the same will be held in the pressed position thereby keeping the connection between the battery and the lamp. Curved end I2 of the rod is provided with an enlarged portion I4 in order to prevent the mem-` ber I3 from sliding off the rod completely.

Rod Il) is held to the battery case or barrel of the light by means of a number of springing clips I5, there being two in the present case, so spaced as to be lying towards either end thereof. These are suitably fastened in a rigid manner. to rod I0. These clips which are incomplete rings are so located with respect to the wire or rod I0,

' that the broken portion thereof lies at about 90 from the rod.

The whole construction so far described is held in a loop I6 formed by overlapping and securing the terminus of one end portion of a bendable member such as a leather band Il which of course may be of any material which is broad enough to cover. the greater part of the battery case. This loop is of a size that will snugly hold the lamp component and especially fit tightly around the clips l5. longitudinal axis with reference to the loop in the band and the wire l0 at the clips is adapted to remain stationary with respect to the loop.

'I'his is accomplished by having the ends of the clips I5 bend outwardly to form small extensions 'I8 which rest into joint I9` of the loop. A mirror The lamp is adapted to turn in its is-mounted as closely as is practical to the lamp component, by glueing the same to the band, or by other suitable means. It is obvious that the back of the mirror is that portion thereof which is fastened to the band. The free end of the band II is in turnfastened to the carrying case or purse, as in the present illustration, by some suitable means. Where the purse does not include a metal frame the end of the band may be properly sewn to the material thereof; Where, however, a metal frame is provided, the band may be fastened to the frame along with and in the same manner as the material forming the major part. of the purse.

Owing to the fact that the drawing clearly illustrates the constructionand the manner in which the invention is incorporated with its carrier, it is deemed unnecessary to extend this description further. It is evident, however, that the device may be used for make-up by merely opening the purse and lifting the mirror with one hand while grasping the lighting medium lengthwise between the fingers so that the thumb will press on button 1 to connect a source of light. In this manner, very little light will be detected outside of the purse except that which will be reflected in the users face.

By referring to the dotted lines it will easily be seen that the lamp component can be turned on its axis so as to direct the light downwardly in the purse, or again the whole component may be raised as shown in dotted lines to a vertical position, or any position for that matter, and from that point the lamp component may be turned around in any direction in order to direct the rays of the light wherever wanted.

Although I have described my invention strictly in accordance with the embodiment shown, it must be understood that slight changes such as may be required to suit different purses or other articles with which it is to be incorporated, or to adapt thev same to the process of manufacture, may be made Without departing from the spirit thereof and scope of my claims.

I claim: t

1. In combination with a carrier, a light consisting of a tubular battery carrying portion and a lamp carrying extension at a right angle thereto, switch means comprising a button at one end of said battery carrying portionfor closing circuit between the battery and the lamp, a rod held longitudinally of said battery carrying portion curved respectively at one end to abut the latter and at its other end to extend over and beyond and spaced from the said button, a slider on said last mentioned end adapted to depress said button when moved on said last mentioned end portion in a direction towards the terminus of such portion, the said last mentioned end portion having an enlarged terminus, clips rigidly mounted resaca consisting of a tubular battery carrying portion, a

lamp carrying extension disposed at right angles with one end of said carrying portion, a lamp connected to said extension and switch means comprising a button at the other end of said baton said rod adapted to encircle said carrying por- Y tery carrying portion for closing the circuit between the battery and the lamp, a reflector in the outer end of said extension surrounding the base of the lamp, a rodv held longitudinally of saidbattery carrying portion curved respectively at one end terminal portion thereof to abut one end of said carrying portion and at its other terminal portion to extend over and beyond, across and spaced from the said button, a slider on said last mentioned end terminal portion adapted to depress the button when the slider is moved on said last mentioned end terminal portion in-a direction towards the terminus of such portion, the said terminus of the said such portion being enlarged to prevent the riding off of the slider, clips rigidly on said rod intermediate the ends of the latter and encircling said carrying portion and permitting of the latter to revolve therein, a exible band having one end terminal portion overlapped-to form a loop to snugly engage said carrying portion and having its other end fastened to the inside of the carrier, said clips being formed with extensions resting in the joint of the loop, and a mirror fastened on said band adjacent said loop.

3. In combination with a purse, a light unit including a tubular battery carrying portion terminating at one end into a right angularly disposed extension, a lamp carried by the extension, a refiector arranged in the outer end of said extension and surrounding the base of the lamp and a switch means including a push button atthe other end of the battery carrying portion for closing the circuit between the battery and the lamp, a flexible band having one end terminal portion fastened to the inside of the purse, said band having its other end terminal portion overlapping and anchored to the remaining portion of the band to form a loop encompassing the said tubular battery carrying portion for revolubly supporting said unit, a mirror secured to one side of the said band, and a push means for said button including a stationary rod disposed longitudinally of said battery carrying portion and a slidable part maintained on said rod providing when shifted in one direction to engage and hold said button in depressed position.


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