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Publication numberUS2263843 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 25, 1941
Filing dateSep 3, 1937
Priority dateSep 3, 1937
Publication numberUS 2263843 A, US 2263843A, US-A-2263843, US2263843 A, US2263843A
InventorsGaylord Gross Clarence
Original AssigneeBinks Mfg Co
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Container connecting means for spraying devices
US 2263843 A
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Nov. 25, 1941. c. G. .eRoss CONTAINER CONNECTING MEANS FOR SPRAYING DEVICES Filed Sept. 3, 1937 M fizz emfm Clare/z ce 6. Gross Patented Nov. 25, 1941 UNITED. STATES PATENT err-ice CONTAJNEECONNECTING MEANS FOR sen-Ame DEVICES: Clarence-Gaylord Gross, Princeville, Ill'., assignor.

to Bink's. Manufacturingv Company Chicago,,

111;, a, corporationofl Delaware Application September 3, 1937, Serial:No.,162.,288;


The present: invention relates to spraying appliances, and moreparticularly to such types as are-commonly usedfor the touch-up spraying of material, such as paint; where only a small quantity is required, and in which the spraying device ismo'unted upon the cover which is detachably attached to the paint can or the like,

' whereby the can of paint; or the like, is carried bythe sprayingdev-ice, theresulting assemblage being readily manipulated} as a single-unit by a hand grasping the usual handle of the spraying device.-

It long hasbeen customary to mount the spray device on the cover ofa specially designed con tainer, into which container the paint was poured from the can in which-the paint was supplied, and to providemeans for releasably clamping the cover and spray device assembly to the container. In practice, this has the-objection that a :separate and complete appliance is required'for "each different color of paint for which the user "may find a, frequent need, thereby involving an undesirably high investment as well as alarge amountnf storage room for an adequateassortment of such appliances.

The present invention overcomes or avoids the objections mentioned by providing a single assemblage of a hand-held spray device with a cover adaptedto serve as-the closurefor a paint can of a certain general type, and with easily manipulated means for clamping such cover to the paint can, so that this single assemblage canbe used interchangeably for spraying the paint fromamy one of many cans of this type in which paints of different colors or' other characteristics are supplied by the paint manufacturer.

Among the objects of the invention is to provide a. novelmeansfor detachably connecting a spray device having a depending inlet, to a contamer. or can, such as a paint can, in which. the material to be sprayedis supplied, the can being of the type having an annular top in which is provided a pouring opening or mouth within the inner edge of such annular top; such novel means comprising a cover which is connected to or fast with the depending inlet pipe, as at a point above the lower end of the pipe so that the lower portion of the pipe may extend into the can, and is adapted to seat with a sealing contact upon the inner edge of the annular top, together with a plurality of latching members which are carried by the cover and extend into the can downwardly through the opening or mouth in the top of 'the'can for latching engagement with and disengagement from the annnular top mentioned.

In the; illustrative. embodiment: each latching member comprises a shaftlrotatably carried by thecoverand havingaatits lower enduaccam pro.- vided withan inclineduppersurface, anda fin.- ger piece at the upper end of the shaft, as above the cover, whereby when the. shaft.- isrotated or turned about. the axis .oftheshaft by'digitally or manually turning the finger. piece, the cam is turned about such axis.:to:1bring the camfrom a position beneath-the opening in the can top to a position beneaththeannulartopwhere the. cam bears upwardly, as with a wedgingaction, against the underside of theannul'ar top of the can, to clamp the cover downupon. the: inner edge of the annular top. The top of. the cammay have oppositely inclined. surfaces whereby either inclined surfaced partsma'v be wedged against the under part ofithe annular top. of the can from either direction oftur'ning of the latching member. The annular topof the canmaynbe provided with, an annular grooved. or downwardly extending portion, -V'.-shaped or U-shaped in cross-section, and beingconcentric withthe inner-edge of the annular top, the latching; cams bearing upward against suchgrooved, or downwardlyextending portion. The finger piece and thecam ofeachlatching member preferably extend laterally from the shaft and Laredi'sposed in vertical alinement so that the finger piece, which is above. the. cover; will serve to indicate the position of the cam relative to theannular-top partlof the can,

Other objects, advantages, capabilities, features, and the like, are comprehended by the invention aswill later appear and as are inherently possessed by the invention.

Referring to the drawing:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a spray device, a paintcan or. like; containerof general structure, and the novel-means ofthis invention for detach'ably. connecting. the; spray device to the container;

Fig. 2 is a part bottom plan and part horizontal sectional view of the same;

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary top plan view and part horizontal sectional view taken in a plane represented by line 33 in Fig. 4 of the drawing;

Fig. 4 is a sectional view taken in a vertical plane represented by line 44 in Fig. 2 of the drawing; and

Fig. 5 is a view in perspective of a detail, that is, of the locking or latching cam and the shaft to which it is connected.

Referring more in detail to the drawing. the embodiment chosen to illustrate the invention is rial to be sprayed and the compressed air to the nozzle 5. v V

To a depending portion of the body I is coupled a material delivery or inlet duct or pipe 9 upon which is carried a cover plate). The lower end of the duct 9 may be bent, if desired, and isadapt ed to extend down into the container l I.

The upper portion of the duct or pipe 9 is of a greater diameter than the lower portion so as to provide a shoulder l2 against which the plate I 7 is held by means of a nut I3 screwed upon the threaded part I4 of the duct 9. The plate ID has a depending annular flange H at its periphery and within this flangeis located an annular gasket or sealing ring l6 so positioned as to seat with a sealing contact upon the inner beaded edge I! of an annular top or top portion l8 of the container or can II. This annular top I8 is shown as having an intermediate annu r grooved portion, of generally V-shape or U- ape in cross section, comprising downwardly ext nding inner and outer portions I9 and 20, a bottom or trough portion 2i, and an upper spun over portion 22 on the upper end 23 of the can ll.

The plate It] carries locking orv latching means for clamping the cover to ,the edge I! ,in'a convenient manner, this locking or latching means constituting a part of the presentinvention. It comprises vertically disposed shafts 2 1 rotatably carriedin the cover 10 and having secured to the lower endof each shaft a hub por-' tion 25 of a laterally extending projection or cam 26. This cam may be of sector shape as shown and is preferably provided on its upper surface with oppositely inclined surfaces 21 so that when the cam is turned about the vertical axis of the shaft 24, either of the surfaces 1, depending upon the direction of rotation, will engage with and press upwardly against the part 2! of the downwardly extending portionsl9 and 12 of the annular top I 8. ,To the, upper end of each shaft 24 is secured, as by a cross pin 28, the hub portion 29 of a finger piece 30, this finger piece being more or less in the shape of a wing and extending laterally or radially from the upper end of the shaft 24. The lower surface of the hub 29 may serve as an abutting bearing surface upon the top surface of the cover 10.

- As is clearly shown in Figures 2, and. 3, the finger piece 30 is located vertically above the cam 26, as in the vertical plane of the medial line of the sector shaped cam and including the axis of the shaft, so that the position of the finger piece above the cover ID will indicate the exact position of the cam within the container and with respect to the top l8. An air vent 3| may be provided in the cover II].

In use the cover of a container ll, containing a supply of material .to be sprayed, is first removed and the spray device lowered to introduce the duct Ill into the container. The cover I0 is seated upon the bead I1 and the finger pieces 30 are digitally or manually turned so as to turn the lower part of the top I8 whereby the cam will'press' upwardly against such top and draw down on the cover l0 so as to clamp it into close sealing contact with the edge ll. The device is readily detached from the container by simply turning the finger pieces 30 and the shafts 24 together with cams 26 which are turned away from thelower portion of the top 18 and thus unlock the device from the container. The device with the plate IQ and the duct 9 are then raised from the container. 7 WhileI have herein described and upon the drawing shown an illustrative embodiment of the invention, it is to be understood that the invention is not limited thereto, but comprehends other constructions, arrangements of parts, details, features, and the like, without departing from the spirit of the invention, 7

Having thus disclosed the invention, I claim:

A container closure clamping device for clamping a cover tothe open top of a container of the type having an inwardly extending top of annular form within the inner edge of which is provided the opening for the container; comprising, in combination therewith, locking mem-- bers each of which has a shaft rotatably mounted in the cover and extends downwardly through said opening in said top, a laterally extending cam rigid with the lower end of said shaft and having an; inclined top surface portion so as to effect an upward wedging action against the underside of said annular top when said shaft is turned to move the cam under said annular top, and a finger piece rigid with the upper end of said shaft, said annular top having a downwardly extending portion intermediately of the inner and outer edges of said annular top and disposedconcentrically tosaid edges forming an annular groove on the outer face of said top and an annular rib on the inner face, said cover having a downturned flangeand a gasket on its inner face adjacent the flange, the cover When in closed position having its flange and gasket in registry respectively with said groove and inner edge of the top and the cams in clamping contact with the annular rib.


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