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Publication numberUS2265336 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 9, 1941
Filing dateJun 10, 1940
Priority dateJun 10, 1940
Publication numberUS 2265336 A, US 2265336A, US-A-2265336, US2265336 A, US2265336A
InventorsBanck William H
Original AssigneeBanck William H
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Combined cigarette and match dispenser
US 2265336 A
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Dec. 9, 1941. w. H. BANCK 2,265,336


attorney 5.

Z'mventor Patented Dec. 9, 1941 COMBINED CIGARETTE AND MATCH DISPENSER William H. Banck, Washington, D. 0.

Application June 10, 1940, Serial No. 339,787

7 Claims.

My present invention relates to an improved cigarette and match dispenser which, while herein referred to, for convenience of illustration and description, for the purpose of dispensing cigarettes and matches, is also well adapted for dispensing cigars and matches; or for dispensing other slender articles that are required for joint use.

In carrying out my invention I employ a device of this character that is especially designed for individual use by a smoker, and from which a cigarette first may readily be extracted, after which the required match also may be extracted for lighting the previously extracted cigarette.

' A normally closed feed-hopper is employed in which a plentiful supply of cigarettes may be preserved in proper condition, and a normally closed match-container or drawer is also employed in which a supply of matches may also be safely stored, either in package form, or in loose bulk, as desired.

In the physical embodiment of my invention I provide a device that is compactly arranged and simple in construction; which may be manufactured at comparatively low cost of production; and which is simple and convenient in manipulation for the performance of its functions.

The invention consists in certain novel combinations and arrangements of parts involving particularly the loosely coupled cigarette-dispensing means and the match-dispensing drawer, as will hereinafter be more specifically set forth, together with other features in combinations that form the unitary structure of the device. In the accompanying drawing I have illustrated one complete example of the physical embodiment of my invention wherein the parts are combined and arranged according to one mode I have thus far devised for the practical application of the principles of my invention, but it will be understood that various changes and alterations are contemplated and may be made in these exemplifying structures, within the scope of my claims, without departing from the principles of my invention.

Figure 1-is a perspective view showing the combined cigarette and match dispensing device, the cigarette-dispensing trough being shown in opened or dispensing position.

Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view of the device, with the match-dispensing drawer shown by dotted lines in open position.

Figure 3 is a perspective view of the open slide frame that includes the cigarette dispensing trough.

Figure 4 is a perspective view of the matchdispensing drawer, showing its back wall cut away at its upper edge to form stops for coaction with the complementary stops of the slide frame of Figure 3.

In carrying out my invention I preferably employ a box or casing l of sheet metal, which is here shown as of rectangular shape, but it will be understood that the shape and size of the box or casing may be varied to suit different purposes, and other suitable material may be employed in the: construction of the box.

The open top of the box or receptacle I is normally closed by the use of a lid or cover'2, which may be hinged to the box, as at 3, and three sides of the rectangular cover are formed with flanges 4 that overhang the upper edges of the box, while all four of the flanges project upwardly to form an ash-tray.

For convenience of the smoker two, or more, cigarette holders 5 and 6 are mounted in the flanges of the ash-tray, and these holders as shown are of semi-circular shape in cross section to form receptacles for the cigarettes.

At the bottom ofthe box I provide two alined openings 1 and 8 fashioned in spaced opposed walls thereof, and between these parallel walls an inclined partition 9 is mounted, which is fastened to one Wall and projects downwardly toward the opening I of the other Wall. The partition thus forms a storage and feed hopper within the box for cigarettes, and the lower free edge of the partition terminates a suitable distance from the top edge of the opening I to form a mouth elevated above the bottom ll of the box, and of a size to pass a single cigarette downwardly from the hopper. In Figure 2 the size and proportions of the device, including this dispensing mouth, are exaggerated for convenience of illustration.

As a container for matches, either in loose bulk, or in a package, I employ a rectangular slide drawer I2 having the usual open top, and this drawer, as indicated by dotted lines in Figure 2 may be pulled outwardly a limited distance through the wall-opening 8 of the box. The drawer is fashioned with a front plate l3, the ends of which, as indicated in Figure 1, project beyond the complementary end walls of the box a sufficient distance to permit grasping by the thumb and finger of one hand so that thedrawer may be pulled out, as indicated by dotted lines in Figure 2, in order that a match may be extracted from the open drawer. The front plate 13 covers the opening 8 in the box wall when the drawer is closed.

As best seen in Figure 4, the upper edge of the back wall I4 of the match drawer, which wall is the inner wall when the drawer is closed, is cut away as at l5, leaving two spaced shoulders as l6, I6, that form stops near the side walls of the drawer, which aid in limiting the longitudinal movement of opening the .drawer beyond a desired distance.

In combination with the slide drawer I employ an alined relatively movable slide frame that is reciprocable, in the function of dispens ing a cigarette, through the opening I, and, as indicated in Figure 2, the drawer nests in this open slide frame when the drawer is closed, and is guided and stabilized by the frame in the movement of the drawer with'relation to'the frame, and vice versa.

In Figure 3 it will be seen that the 'open'slide frame comprises an'upper plate I! and a lower plate 18, the latter as shown in Figure 2 being in .contact with and slidable on the box-bottom H,

whilethe'innerendand two sides of this frame are open as seen in Figure 3. The outer end of the frame terminates in a cigarette-dispensing 1 trough 19 having a front plate 20, which, like the front plate l3 of the drawer, projects at its opposite ends beyondthe complementary walls of the .box sothat these ends may be grasped between;

the" thumb and finger for opening the cigarette dispensing frame; In Figure 3 it will be seen that the lateral edges Iofthe top plate ILof the open slide frame are cut away to form oppositely projecting lateral lugs 22 which form stops for co-action with the shoulders onstops l6 of the match drawer. V v

The top plate I! and the bottom plateiB are of such depth from their inner free edges to the trough l9 that plate I! forms a cover for ,the i o 1 m atch drawer to confine the matches therein, and a the bottom plate l8 forms a substantial support for the sliding movement of the drawer to prevent wabbling of the drawer in a vertical plane.

In Figure 3, the lateral edges of the upper plateg- 5;

J! are curved outwardly-asat 23 and these curved portions of the plate merge with the inner wall ofthe trough lainorder that the ends of the cigarette may project beyond the ends of the trough thus enabling the smoker to grasp the op-, posite ends of the cigarette more readily between his thumb and finger. I

; In Figure 2 it will be seen that the trough I9 is disposed directly below the mouth of the feed hopper II) in position to receive a single cigarette, and it will be apparent that as the slide frame with its trough is pulled outwardly of the opening l/the upper plate I! moving across the mouth of the feed-hopper closes the mouth; against passage of a succeeding cigarette.

v .As the slide frame is pushed inwardly from I I .dispensing position, the plate or clos'u'refl'lj uncovers and'opens th'e mouth of the hopper thereby "permitting gravity-feed of another single ciga- .stops 12, and of course the two-pairs of stops I6 .and 22 remain within the box at all times.-

.. .Bythesimple. act ofpulling out. the trough to,

lowing claims.

frame, and drawer to. permit limited;- movement thereof.

position of Figure l, a cigarette may be extracted from the trough, after which pressure is applied to the front plate 20 to. again enclose the frame and trough within the box. Then the same performance may be executed with the match drawer for the extraction of a match therefrom. Should the match drawer inadvertently be left open, the opening of the cigarette trough will automatically close the match drawer, and the same action will take place in the event the cigarette trough is left open when the match drawer is opened.

As indicated in Figure 4 the front or exposed face of the front plate l3 of the drawer l2 may be provided with an abrasive or match-lighting coating in order that the match may be scratched thereon for lighting. The exterior of the device may be decorated or ornamented, or fashioned to simulate attractive objects, and the shape and form of the device may be changed, together with dimensions in parts, in order to adapt them for usewith different slender articles of this type, withoutdeparting from the principles of "the fol- Havingthus fully described my inventioii, what I claim as new and desire to'seoure by Letters .Patentisz-e l '1. In'a combined cigarette and match dispenser including a box having opposite, jalined, wallopenings, the combination of an open slide frame reciprocable through oneopening and having a dispensing trough, a dispensing slide-drawer reciprocable through the other opening and adapted to telescope in said frame, and a loose jc'ou- 2. In a combined cigarette and match dispenserincluding a box having alined openings inopposite walls, thecombination of.a slide. frame including an upper plate and a lower plate anda dispensing trough at the outer end of said frame,

said frame being reciprocable in one opening, 'a

drawer reciprocable in the other opening and slidable between said plates, and a loose couplingconnection between the frame and drawer to permit limited relative movement thereof. a 3; In a combined cigarette and'match dispenser, the combination of a slide frame including a dispensing trough, an upper plate and a lowerplate, a'drawer slidable between said plates,

and a loose coupling-connection between the relative 4. In a combined cigaretteand matchjdis- .penser, ,thecombinationof a; slide frame having an upper plate, a lower platerand a dispensing trough at its outer end, of a dispensing drawer slidable between said'plates, said upper plate having cut-away lateral edges forming spaced stops,

- and said drawer. having a cut-away back-wall 'forming'spaced stops for ,co-action with the first mentioned stops to limit relativev movement of the frame anddrawer; .i f f '5. In a cigarette and match dispenser, the combination with a box having alined openings in opposed end walls, andan inclined partition forming an interior feed-hopper, of an open slide- .frame having a dispensing trough alined withthe opposed walls, and an inclined partition forming an interior feed-hopper, of an open slide frame comprising an upper plate, a lower plate, a dispensing trough having cut-away ends merging with said plate and a front plate, a drawer slidable in the frame and having a front plate, said upper plate having cut-away lateral edges forming spaced stops, and said drawer having a cutaway back wall forming spaced stops for 00- action with the plate-stops to limit relative longitudinal movement of the frame and drawer.

7. In a cigarette and match dispenser, the combination with a box having alined openings in opposed walls, a match drawer slidable in one

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