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Publication numberUS2267094 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 23, 1941
Filing dateApr 5, 1941
Priority dateApr 5, 1941
Publication numberUS 2267094 A, US 2267094A, US-A-2267094, US2267094 A, US2267094A
InventorsIris Halsey
Original AssigneeIris Halsey
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US 2267094 A
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Dec. 23, 1941. HALSEY 5 9 DOLL Filed April 5, 1941 INVENTOR v ATTORNEY Patented Dee. 23, 1941 UNITED sTArE PATEN T "OFFICE non.

me my, New York, N. Y. Ap ueenoii Apr-115, 1941, Serial No. 386,963 1 8 Claims. (cl. 46-151) My invention. relates to dolls whichare used by children as toys, and more particularly means to increase the usefulness of such dolls which are beyond the normal uses therefoh For a length of time almost exceeding the memory of man, many children, especially young children, have had a fear or dread of the darkness; and this is most frequently evidenced when the child is put to bed at night. This condition has caused children and parents -alike much annoyance and distress and such nervous excitement and exhaustion'as to be inimicel to the good health of the child. The fear is'dispelled in most cases if the child is permitted to have even a small amount of light or canidentify some familiar object or objects with which it is closely associated in the day time. quently, it is impractical and inadvisable to provide some general incandescent illumination in the bedroom which is extinguished after the child has fallen asleep, and that does nottake- Freto doll clothing a more or 'less permanent clothes, etc., treated for the above purposes,

care of the situation if the child awakes while it is still dark. Hen ce'it' may be" said accurately that no generally acceptable solution has heretofore been provided.

It is one object of my invention to provide a doll with clothing, made. of cloth fabrics and thelike, which is capable of being used as a my. etc., in a normal manner, and which in darkness is phosphorescent.

It is another object of my invention to proparts being broken away to facilitate the illustration;

Fig. 2 is a rear view of the same'doll with theaddition of wings" in simulation of a fairy orangel; and

Fig. 3 is-a front view of another doll having portions thereof and of its clothing treated for the above purposes;

It will be understood that the illustrations of the drawing are by way of example only as many embodiments-of this invention can be made.

Referring to Fig. 1 of the drawing, the doll ll is provided with'a dress consisting of a. bodice or waist l2 and a skirt l3. Beneath the skirt is one or more garments such as a petticoat In this case the waist is of a closely wov en*v material; as satin,'and the outerand under skirts 1 are made of 'anopen-weave or net material.

The materials in this dress are pale pink in color,

- and the entire dress, aswell as the underskirt, is

vide clothing for a doll with luminous material thereon of such a character that the same will continue to glow for many hours after exposure to light such as sunlight or incandescent light. It is another object; of my inventionto provide clothing for a doll which has the normal ap-- pearance of doll clothing and may be so used by' the child, including washing and ironing the dress, etc., but which nevertheless is luminous or phosphorescent. i

coated with the luminous material as hereinafter described.

For this purpose any of the luminousmaterials may be used such as zinc or cadmium sulphide, or those made'from. the alkaline earth metals. It is desirable that the color of the cloth Thus, the doll, which is the childs most used.

and loved toy and isfrequently regarded and treated by it as though alive, will now have a new, permanent, attractiveness and usefulness. It will hold the attention of the child after the lights in the room are extinguished or inth e event of waking'during the night, but the luminosity will not be such general illumination.

It is a further object of my inventionto provide clothing for a doll which has the normal as to provide undesired 5,0

color of the cloth by daylight and a"'different Another object of my invention is to impart W be chosen so as not to be inharmonious with or to render conspicuous the particular color of 40 luminous material applied thereto.

For example, with the pink material of the dress on the doll in Fig.'1,=the luminous material is calcium sulphide. 'When phosphorescent the dress will appear tobe delicate violet or mauve in color.

If desired, the bottom edges ii of the dress and underskirts anci the edges it of the sleeves may-be coated with a luminousmaterial of a contrasting color, such as zinc sulphide, which produces a yellow color when phosphorescent; Also the flower "and the hair ornament l8 may be similarly treated. r

Before describing the method of applying the luminous material, etc., reference will be made to Figs. 2 and 3. As was stated above, the doll of Fig. 2 is thesame doll-as described in connection with FieYLfbut in -F'lg. 2 the doll is shown as provided with a pair of wings U which may be permanently or removably fastened to the dolls dress at l2. In this case the wings are shown as cut from transparent paper, and the wing is outlined by a coating 28 of the luminous material. If desired the wings may be further ornamented as indicated at 24 by a coating of luminous material of the same or a contrasting color. Obviously, the wings could be made of other material, and could be coated entirely with the luminous material as suggested for the dress.

In Fig. 3 the doll 26 is provided with a dress 21 in which the blouse and skirt portions are made of the samematerial. In this case the skirt is provided with a border or ruiile 28, which may or may not be of a different material, and the sleeves of the blouse are made of or trimmed with a band of lace 29. The dress may be provided with one or more ornaments 3|. The head of the doll is provided with hair, as lndicatedat 32, and

. intended to covered by the appended claims.

the doll'is provided with a head veil 33 whichis secured to the hair by means of the ornament In this figure of the drawing there'is illustrated what may be called the contour method of decoration torender the doll luminous in the dark, namely, the wide border 28 of the skirt, the lace 29 of the sleeves, the dress ornament 3|, and the veil 33 with its ornament 34 may be provided with'a coating of luminous material. In addition, I prefer to apply a coating 35 to the hair surrounding the face of the doll so as to define and illumine the face.- Again, the colors of the cloths, hair, etc.,. and the luminous coatings therefor are selected so as to blend with each other for both day time and night time use of the doll. 7

By the methods of preparing and applying the luminous coatings, the cloths are rendered Iclaim:

1. A doll having head and body portions, and clothing thereon made of cloth, substantially an abutments whereby a progressive movement of entire garment thereof being impregnated with it). thiln, flexible coating of a phosphorescent maeria r 2. A doll having head and body portions, and clothing thereon made of cloth, substantially an entire garment thereof being impregnated with a thin coating of a phosphorescent material, portions of the clothin being provided with a coating of another phosphorescent material of a contrastingicolor.

slightly stiff, as though starched in laundering the same, but also pliable so as to be wrinkle and crease resisting, and this condition is not lost when the dress, etc., is laundered, including ironing.

stroyed or appreciably lessened.

The luminous material preferably is used in a finely powdered form and -is mixed with and.

suspended in a suitable clear, water-white, cellulosic binder, such as GVZ16 binder, distributed by Pfaltz & Bauer, New York city. The liquid Likewise, the phosphorescent or. luminous quality of the coating isjnot thus de- 3.. A doll having head and body portions, and clothing thereon comprising an outer dress and a skirt therebeneath, both the dress and the skirt being made of cloth provided with a thin coating of phosphorescent material.

4. A .doll having head and body portions, and clothing thereon comprising an outer dress having a skirt portion, and an underskirt therebeneath, both made of cloth, the underskirt being provided with a thin coating of phosphorescent material, and the outer skirt portion being made .of a material through which the glow of the phosphorescent material can be seen readily.

5. A doll having head and body portions, and

clothingthereon made of cloth, substantially an and this may be increased to six parts of binder.

The thinner the mixture, the greater the number of coatings to obtain the same coverage as with the thicker coating. However, in the case of doll clothing the coating is as thin as practicable. One or several coatings may be applied, depending upon the effect desired, and being careful to maintain the mixture continuously agitated during the application thereof to the garments, etc. Also in the case of multiple coatings, it is important that each coating be .al-

lowed to dry thoroughly before the next coating is applied; and for best results the atmosphere should be maintained dry and dust-free, If desired, but it is not essential, a coating of clear lacquer may be applied as the final coating.

In laundering the doll clothing, the same should be washed with mild soaps, after which entire garment. thereof being impregnated with athin coating of a phosphorescent material, and a wing-like element secured to the rear of the dress and also provided with a coating of a phosphorescent material.

6. A doll having head and body portions,'and a dress thereon, the dress comprising a waist having a sleeve portion, and a skirt having a border at the hem-line thereof, the border and sleeve portions of the dress having thereon a thin coating of phosphorescent material, and

that portion of the hair ofthe head adjacent the the doll, the veil also. having thereon a thin coating of phosphorescent material.

8. A doll having head and body portions, and

a dress thereon, the dress comprising a waist having sleeve portions and a skirt, portions of the dress having thereon a thin coating of phosphorescent material, and means on the head of the doll also having a coating of phosphorescent IRIS HALSEY.

CERTIFICATE .OF CORRECTION. Patent no. 2,267,09h. December 2;, 19m.


It is hereby certified that error appears in the printed specification of the above numbered patent requiring correction as follows; Page 2, sec- 0nd column, line 18, claim 1, strike out "abutments whereby a progressive movement of and that the said Letters Patent should be read with this correction therein that the same may conform to the record of the case in the Patent Office Signed and sealed this .Oth day of March, A. D. 1914.2.

. Henry Van Arsdale,

(Seal) Acting Commissioner of Patents.

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