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Publication numberUS2269026 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 6, 1942
Filing dateAug 19, 1937
Priority dateAug 27, 1936
Publication numberUS 2269026 A, US 2269026A, US-A-2269026, US2269026 A, US2269026A
InventorsKlinghoffer Stefan
Original AssigneeKlinghoffer Stefan
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Storage vessel for the radioactive treatment of creams and the like products
US 2269026 A
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Jan. 6, 1942. T s. KLINGHOFFER 2,269,025 STORAGE VESSEL FOR THE RADIOACTIVE TREATMENT OF CREAMS AND THE LIKE PRODUCTS Filed Aug. 19, 1937 in z enian- Patented Jan. 6, 1942 STORAGE VESSEL FOR THE RADIOACTIVE TREATMENT OF CREAMS AND THE LIKE PRODUCTS Stefan Klinghoffer, Paris, France Application August 19, 1937, Serial No. 159,908 In France August 27, 1936 1 Claim.

This invention relates to a process enabling to maintain the radioactivity of products such as creams, pastes, pomades, ointments, natural or artificial clays, etc. This invention also concerns devices for applying the forementioned process.

It is well known that at present for beauty treatments or for medical treatments are used Various products such as creams, pomades or others charged with radioactive emanations by processes suited to the use of each product considered. However, it has been observed that, whatever be the process used for rendering the forementioned products radioactive by means of emanations, the degree of radioactivity of such products decrease as they grow old, disappearing altogether within a more or less short space of time. The result is that the treatment given with such products is entirely a matter of chance.

The object of the invention is to remedy this disadvantage, the process, to which it relates, being essentially characterized by the fact that it consists in sinking into the product, in which a constant degree of radioactivity is to be maintained, a device containing a predetermined quantity of material able to generate radioactive emanations, such quantity being measured so as to maintain the previously radioactivated product in radioactive equilibrium.

Further advantages and characteristics of the invention will be shown by the accompanying drawing in which the single figure is a sectional elevation of a pot allowing the application of the process according to the invention.

As already stated above, the process according to the invention consists in maintaining in a product such as a cream, pomade, ointment, etc., rendered radioactive by any suitable means a constant degree of radioactivity in order that the treatment given by means of such product may have the same efiiciency however long a. time may have elapsed between the time of its preparation and that of its use.

The process according to the invention is applied in the recipients intended to contain the products whose degree of radioactivity is to be maintained constant and for example, in pots or tubes.

In the event of the recipient intended to contain the products being made in the form of a pot I closed by a lid 2 fixed by screwing as shown at 3, there is arranged inside the pot a removable part forming a double wall. This part 4 'which may be provided with an axial boss 6 thus limits inside the pot a space 5 intended to be filled with material able to generate emanations.

Likewise, lid 2 is provided on the inside with a partition I limiting a space 8 also intended to contain the material capable of generating emanations.

The total volume of spaces 5 and 8 is determined in such a way that the quantity of material capable of generating emanations, which it contains, will maintain at a predetermined value the degree of radioactivity of the product contained in pot I.

In preference the material capable of generating emanations is constituted by a salt of radium or of thorium, such salt being preferably wrapped in a material which is chemically inert but will allow the emanations to pass through, paraffin, for example.

The process according to the invention may be also applied for maintaining a constant degree of radioactivity in bath salts. In this case the material capable of generating emanations is incorporated to the bath salts during the fabrication of said salts.

It is obvious that the invention is in nowise limited to the embodiments which have been more especially described by way of example, but that it extends to all possible modifications coming, fairly, within the scope of the appended claim.

I claim:

A pot for the treatment of different substances such as creams, pastes, pomades, ointments, natural or artificial clay, bath salts and the like, said pot being provided'with a lid, said pot and said lid being provided on substantially its entire inner surface with an inner removable double wall, said inner wall comprising a projection closed at the top thereof, said projection being arranged substantially in the middle of said not and extending over at least half the inner height of said pot, said inner wall limiting a space within which is housed a material capable of generating radioactive emanations.


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