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Publication numberUS2269027 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 6, 1942
Filing dateJan 13, 1939
Priority dateJan 15, 1938
Publication numberUS 2269027 A, US 2269027A, US-A-2269027, US2269027 A, US2269027A
InventorsKlinghoffer Stefan
Original AssigneeKlinghoffer Stefan
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Device which enables dressings or plasters to be kept at a constant degree of radioactivity
US 2269027 A
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DEVICE WHICH ENABLE Patented Jan. 6, 1942 PLASTERS TO BE KEPT AT A CO'NSTANT DEGREE F RADIOACTIVITY I 7 Stefan Klinghofier, Paris, France Application January 13, 1939, Serial No. 250,747 In France January 15, 1938 1 Claim.

The present invention relates to a device which enables dressings or plasters mainly comprising products rendered radioactive to be kept at a constant degree of radioactivity.

It is known that for the treatment of certain skin diseases or wounds, various medicinal products and, in particular ointments which have been rendered radioactive by the incorporation of radioactive emanations, are used, in the shape of plasters or of dressings.

The degree of radioactivity of such ointments is different according to the use for which they are intended. Furthermore, said oinments are only really efficient if, during the entire time when they are in contact with the part of the body to be treated, they retain an absolutely constant degree of radioactivity equal to the degree provided for at the time when they were prepared, which is moreover the case for the doses of each medicine.

The invention has for its object a device which enables the degree of radioactivity of the products used to be kept at an absolutely constant value, this being effected not only before the product is used by the user, but also during the use of said product.

The device according to the invention is characterized by the fact that it is formed by a protecting plate made of a material which is impervious to radioactive emanations, said plate being so constructed as to have an indented central part in which is lodged the medicinal product which is secured, with the interposition of a radioactivity stabilizer and of a sheet of material which is impervious to radioactive emanations, to a cloth which is impregnated with an adhesiv and which serves to hold the medicinal product, on the one hand inside the hollow part of the protecting plate, and on the other hand on the part of the body to be treated, after said protecting plate has been removed.

Other advantages and features of the invention will become apparent from the ensuing description taken with reference to the accompanying drawing in which:

Fig. 1 is a sectional elevation of the device,

Fig. 2 is a plan view corresponding to that of Fig. 1.

In the example chosen, the device is formed by a protecting plate I which is formed, for example, by a metal blank stamped in such a manner as to offer an indented central part 2. The metal chosen must be impervious to radioactive emanations. It is obvious that the metal plate I may b replaced by any other material which is likewise impervious to radioactive emanations.

Themedicinal product, radioactive ointment or the like, is arranged in the shape of a layer 3 on one of the faces of a radioactivity stabilizer 4, the other face of said stabilizer being cemented on a sheet 5 of material which is impervious to radioactive emanations as, for example, on a sheet of tin which is itself cemented on a cloth 6 impregnated with an appropriate adhesive.

The stabilizer 4 is formed in any appropriate manner. Preferably, however, it is constructed in the shape of a sheet of paper impregnated with a material that is capable of producing emanations, the quantity of radioactive material provided in the stabilizer 4 being accurately measured so that the quantity of emanation it produces is substituted atom by atom for the quantity of emanation which is contained in the.

medicinal product, which disintegrates. The replacement of the emanation which disintegrates in the product by the emanation which is produced by the stabilizer is effected gradually as the disintegration takes place so that the degree of radioactivity of the ointment 3 is kept constant, and equal to that it possessed when it was prepared.

The cloth 6 which is impregnated with adhesive material serves, on the one hand to hold all of the elements it carries inside the hollow 2, and on the other hand to keep the ointment applied on the part of the body to be treated after the protecting plate I has been removed. In order to facilitat the unsticking of the cloth 6, one of the comers of the protecting plate I may be turned over as shown at 1.

The device desoribedi not only enables the degree of radioactivity of the medicinal product to be maintained, but also forms a practicalv and antiseptic method of packing dressings or plasters which are completely shielded from dust;

It would be possible to replace the ointment by any other dressing or plaster containing a medicinal product which is naturally radioactive or has been made artificially radioactive. Similarly, the radioactivity stabilizer could be made in any other manner.

It is obvious that the invention is nowise limited to the embodiments which have been more especially described by way of example, but that it extends to all possible modifications coming, fairly, within the scope of the appended claims.

I claim:

A storage device adapted to keep dressings or plasters previously rendered radioactive at a substantially constant degree of radioactivity, said device comprising in combination a protecting plate impervious to radioactive emanations and formed with a central indented portion, a cloth backing member impregnated with adhesive material to which said protecting plate is affixed, a radioactive stabilizer consisting of a. sheet of paper provided with a radioactive material generating radioactive emanations and located between said backing member and the indented portion of said protecting plate, said sheet of paper being attached, by that one, of its faces, nearest said backing member, to a substantially

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International ClassificationG21F5/015, A61M36/14
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