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Publication numberUS2269196 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 6, 1942
Filing dateMar 29, 1940
Priority dateMar 29, 1940
Publication numberUS 2269196 A, US 2269196A, US-A-2269196, US2269196 A, US2269196A
InventorsLouis Fried
Original AssigneeLouis Fried
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Combined match and toothpick holder
US 2269196 A
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Y Jan. 6, 1942. L. FRIED 2,269,196

CQMBINED MATCH AND TOOTHPICK HOLDER 7 Filed March 29, 1940 Patented Jan. 6, 1942 COMBINED -MATGH AND. TOOTHPICK HOLDER Louis Fried, Brooklyn, N. Y. ApplicationiMarch 29, 1940, Serial No.326,702

a 1 Claim. (c1. zot.-'-2;9)'

The present invention relates to a combined match and. toothpick holder and more particularly to a stapled paper packet containing a sup- I ply of. matches and a supply of tooth-picks, the wrapper for the packet being similar in its construction'to the well, known and widely used type of folding wrapper for packaging matches alone.

The principal object of the invention is to provide a. paperpacket of this character which will enable one to readily carry a supply of, matches and toothpicks, the two articles being maintained separate from each other in such a mannor that contamination of the; toothpicks by the phosphorous orother active potential igniting ingredient of the matches'is prevented.

Another object of the invention is to provide a packet of this character in which provision is made for dispensing the toothpicks. or at least for enabling them to be projected with ease and facility partially from-the packet or holder to a position wherein they are readily accessible. In carrying out this object the. invention contemplates the provision of a packetof the type set forth above which is provided with a cover having av pocket or recess therein in which the toothpicks are adapted to, be housed, thepocket being formed, with a. display opening therein through which the toothpicks are visible and which at the same: time serves as an access opening through which the toothpicks may-be manually engaged and projected from the packet.

.A still further object of the invention is to provide a match and toothpick holder having a cover provided with a pocket for the retention of toothpicks, the cover being formed from. a single blank of material, thus resulting in economy of.

adapted by a simple operation of the thumb to be moved to an open or extended position wherein the toothpicks are accessible to the thumb for manipulation and projection from the packet for subsequent selection and use.

the invention, it is anout.

The provision of a packet of this character which,v although designed to enclose and package both matches and toothpicks, is substantially as compact as the usual packet containing matches alone; one which-is attractive in its appearance; one which' is constructed of, ordinary packetforming materials and which consequently is inexpensive to manufacture; one which is rugged and durable; and one which is Well adapted to perform its required services, arefurther desiderata that have been borne inmind in the pro..- duction and-development of the present invention.

ure 1 showing a modified form of the holder.

Figure 6 is a side. elevational view of the holder shown in Figure 5,, and

Figure'l is a sectional view taken substantially along the line 1-1 of Figure 6. V

In all of the above described'views, like characters are employed to designate like parts through- Referring now to Figures 1 to 4 inclusive .whereinthe preferred embodiment of the invention is shown, the holder or packet involves in its general organization a cover which is formed from a single strip of material, as forexample paper, cardboard, or sheet metal, andincludes a back, portion ll], a generally rounded top portion l2, a coverflap fa narrowbottom portion I6, and a front "retaining portion or wall IS. The

. retaining wall l8 extends upwardly a short disphorous, ground glass and gum, is applied to the wall l8 for the purpose of providing a striking surface for matches contained in the holder. A

In theaccompanying drawing forming a part staple or other fastening device 22 extends through the back portion l0 and front wall l8 and serves to retain therebetween a match assembly or unit 24 of conventional construction.

The match assembly or unit 24 is preferably in the form of a cardboard blank from which the individual matches 26 are struck, a series of perforations (not shown) being provided in the blank to facilitate tearing off of the individual matches when they are desired for use. The match assembly 24 as shown is purely illustrative and conventional and no claim is made herein to any novelty associated therewith, the novelty of described.

Referring now to Figures 3 and 4, r th e,cover flap M of the packet cover member is formed of the features of the invention Which are retained in common. In this form of the invention, the opening 36 is provided with a cover or closure fiap 40 which is formed integral with the inner or forward edge of the opening and which serves normally to entirely conceal the toothpicks 33 in the pocket 36.

In utilizing this form of the invention, the cover flap 4!! may readily be pushed aside or opened by manipulation thereof with the thumb and subsequently the thumb may be utilized to .project the toothpicks from the pocket, and to. withdraw the same in the manner previously dethis application residing rather in the toothpick two layers or sections of the blank material including an outer section 30 and an inner section 32, the sections being folded upon each other and glued, pasted or otherwise secured or bonded in face-to-face relationship along the shaded areas shown in Figure 4 to provide a recess or pocket 33 adapted to contain and frictionally hold therein a supply of individual toothpicks 34" which are arranged in parallelism longitudinally of the packet in side-by-side relationship.

The extreme inner end of the pocket 33 adjacent the rounded top portion l2 of the packet is open and the outer or forward ends of the toothpicks 34 terminate substantially flush with or slightly inside of the forward edge of the pocket and in this manner the toothpick ends are concealed and protected fromcontamination by the phosphorous-treated heads of the matches 26 or by the hands of the user in extracting and manipulating the matches.

An opening 36 formed in the section 32 of the cover flap l4 provides a window or access opening in the pocket 33 through which the toothpicks are visible and through which they may be engaged by the thumb of the user and slidably moved against the frictional resistance offered by the sections 30 and 32 and projected from the pocket in the manner shown in dotted lines in Figure 2 where the ends thereof are readily accessible for withdrawal of the toothpicks individually from the packet. After the required number of toothpicks have been withdrawn, the remaining toothpicks may be retracted into the pocket by a reverse movement of the thumb where they are concealed prior to closing of the cover flap M. The opening 36 is perferably rectangular but obviously the same may be round or of any desired contour.

Referring now to Figures 5, 6 and 7, wherein a slightly modified form of packet is shown, reference characters similar to those utilized in the preceding figures have been employed to designate the conventional features of the packet and scribed in connection with the form of the invention shown in Figures 1 to- 4 inclusive.

It is to be noted that the section 32 of the cover flap l4,,in addition to providing the pocket 36 for the toothpicks 33, also serves as a spacing 1 sheet or member by means of which the toothpicks are maintained separate and independent from the match assembly 24. g

The invention is not to be limited to the exact arrangement of parts shown in the accompanying drawing or described in this specification as various changes in the details of construction of less length than the flap portion and designed:

to receive therebehind an edge of the folded flap portion to maintain the holder closed, said folded flap portion consisting of an outer layer of the material and an inner layer thereof, said layers being arranged in contiguous face-to-face relationship and being secured together coextensivelyj along the opposite longitudinal edges thereof and providing a relatively deep pocket having one open edge afforded by the inner layer of the material adjacent the juncture between the back portion and the flap portion, a plurality of toothpicks disposed in said pocket and substantially concealed therein, there being a thumb opening in said inner layer substantialy centrally thereof providing for visibility of only the medial regions of the toothpicks and for manipulation thereof to slide the picks and project them from said open edge, and a closure'fiap normally closing said thumb opening and integrally and hingedly attached to the forward edge of the opening whereby the picks may be manipulated by a forward movement of the thumb when the closure flap is but partially open.


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