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Publication numberUS2269649 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 13, 1942
Filing dateApr 18, 1941
Priority dateApr 18, 1941
Publication numberUS 2269649 A, US 2269649A, US-A-2269649, US2269649 A, US2269649A
InventorsComlcy James H
Original AssigneeComlcy James H
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Paper clip
US 2269649 A
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Jan. 13, 1942. J, EY 2,269,649

PAPER CLIP Filed April 18, 1941 Inventor (/AMEJ h. (on/1L FY,

Patented Jan. 13, 1942 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE PAPER. CLIP James H. Comlcy, East Orange, N. J.

Application April 18, 1941, Serial No. 389,247

1 Claim.

This invention relates to improvements in single length wire type paper clips, and has for the primary object the provision of a construction of clip which will have a maximum amount of gripping action by the elongated loop-shaped jaws thereof with the ends of th'e wire material so arranged that the possibility of said ends digging in and tearing paper as the clip is applied and removed will be eliminated.

With these and other objects in view as will become more apparent as the description proceeds, the invention consists in certain novel features of construction, combination and arrangement of parts to be hereinafter more fully described and claimed.

For a complete understanding, of my invention, reference is to be had to the following description and accompanying drawing, in which Figure 1 is a perspective view illustrating a paper clip constructed in accordance with my invention.

Figure 2 is a side elevation illustrating the paper clip.

Figure 3 is an edge elevation illustrating the clip.

Figure 4 is an end view illustrating the application of a clip to papers.

Referring in detail to the drawing, the numeral 5 indicates a paper clip constructed from a single length of material preferably in the form of a wire having the desired resiliency thereto and which may be smooth or roughened. The clip 5 is composed of an outer elongated loop shaped jaw 6 having the rounded paper engaging end I terminating in a free end portion 8 and an inner elongated loop shaped jaw portion 9 having a rounded paper engaging end l0 spaced a limited distance from the rounded end 1 to coact therewith in passing smoothly over several superimposed papers without danger of mutilating or damaging the papers, permitting said papers to come between the jaw portions with the latter bearing thereon with a maximum amount of gripping action.

The inner elongated loop shaped jaw 9 has a free end portion H laterally ofiset and lying in close proximity to the curved portion l2 which joins the inner and outer loop shaped jaw portions. The end portion II has a compound curvature thereto, as shown at A, so that the free end will lie in close proximity to one of the side portions of the inner jaw portion.

The free end 8 of the outer jaw portion terminates beyond the free end portion of the inner jaw and beyond the curved connecting portion I2 utilized in joining the inner and outer jaw portions.

This construction of clip will permit the jaw portions to be placed over stacked papers with ease and with a maximum amount of gripping action thereon and with the ends of the jaw portions so arranged that there will be no possi bility of said ends digging into the papers and damaging the latter. As the pressure on the inner and outer jaw portions is increased by the increased number of sheets of paper engaged by the clip, the free ends of the clip will be urged further away from the sheets of paper.

While I have shown and described the preferred embodiment of my invention, it is to be understood that minor changes in construction, combination and arrangement of parts may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as claimed.

Having thus described the invention, what I claim is:

A paper clip comprising a single length of resilient wire bent upon itself and embodying a pair of inner and outer loops disposed in a common plane, th'e sides of the loops being parallel and the sides of each loop being spaced from those of the other, said loops having corresponding rounded ends one spaced outwardly of the other and the inner loop having a straight terminal end portion laterally offset out of said common plane.


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U.S. Classification24/547
International ClassificationB42F1/08, B42F1/00
Cooperative ClassificationB42F1/08
European ClassificationB42F1/08