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Publication numberUS2270455 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 20, 1942
Filing dateSep 29, 1939
Priority dateSep 29, 1939
Publication numberUS 2270455 A, US 2270455A, US-A-2270455, US2270455 A, US2270455A
InventorsMalvin Lichter
Original AssigneeMalvin Lichter
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Mailing circular
US 2270455 A
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M. LIGHTER MAILING CIRCULAR Filed Sept. 29, 1959 Jan. 20, 1942.

1N VENT OR. chler ATTORNEYS ZAL Patented Jan. 20, 1942 UNITED STATS A orrlcr.-v .y

2 Claims.

This invention relates to mailing circulars and to novel constructions therefor to provide for a return postcard.

Heretofore when combination circulars and return cards have been mailed together with return postcards it has been necessary, Where itV was desired to make the postcard originally an integral part of the circular (to be torn therefrom and mailed), to make the entire circular of a paper or cardboard of suflicient strength, thickness and rigidity so that the postcard When torn therefrom might be mailable. Where it was not desirable to go to this unnecessary expense of using cardboard for the entire circular then the circular has been printed on ordinary thin, inexpensive and relatively non-rigid stock and the postcard, printed on postcard type stock of suilicient strength and rigidity to go through the mails, and the two were either folded and mailed together or attached to each other for mailing. When the postcard was thus attached to the circular it has been necessary to make the attachment a readily severable one so that the addressee of the circular might detach the postcard with ease and return it.

My invention comprises forming such a mailing circular including a separable return postcard from relatively thin, non-rigid paper by folding over part of the thin paper and adhesively securing it to itself to form a relatively rigid multiple layer card integral with the thin paper circular.

The objects of my invention therefore are to provide a mailing circular of ordinary thin, flexible, non-rigid stock with a rigid postcard area integrally formed therefrom whereby the circular and return postcard may be mailed as a single unit.

Further objects and uses of my invention will in part be apparent, and in part pointed out in the following description and drawing, in which:

Figure l is a plan View of a sheet for forming a foldable circular of the type of my invention.

Figure 2 is a cross section taken on the line 2 2 of Figure l, and

Figure 3 corresponds to Figure 2 showing a slightly modified form.

Referring now to Figures l and 2, the circular l0 comprises sections I I, II separated from each other by fold lines I2, I2 and a postcard section I3. The postcard section I3 as is more clearly seen in Figure 2 is formed integrally from the material of which the entire circular I0 is made, the said postcard I3 consisting of a layer I4 which is an integral continuation of the material of which the postcard is made and an additional layer I5 turned on the fold line I6 and adhesively bound to the layer I4. .The double thickness therefore provides a postcard section integrally united with the circular as a whole, separated therefrom by a fold line and having sufficient rigidity and stiffness to be mailable.

As seen in Figure the postcard section may, instead of `consisting of two layers, comprise three or more layers, as for instance, I'I, I8 and I9 formed integrally from the blank of the circular I0 and folded up to form a plurality of layers. In order to facilitate the detachment of the postcard II from the balance of the circular a weakening line 20, Figure 1, comprising preferably perforations 2|, Figures 2 and 3, or any other suitable weakening means may be provided adjacent th'e edge of the postcard and in the blank of the circular.

It is obvious, of course, that the edge 22 of the postcard may itself, by reason of the difference in strength, stiffness or rigidity between the postf card section I3 and the adjacent section II of the circular provide a tearing line sufficient to dispense with the necessity for a weakening line 20.

The additional layer I5 of Figure 2 or the additional layers I8 and I9 of Figure 3 or any other additional layers which may -be used to forml the postcard need not necessarily be formed integrally from the material of the circular itself but may consist of separate sheets laid down upon the underlying layer I4 or I'I and be adhesivelyY bound thereto.

It should be understood that While it is preferable to stiifen an end section, it is possible, following the principles herein set forth, to stiffen intermediate sections for substantially the same purposes, making them readily detachable in substantially the same manner.

The use of my invention obviates the necessity for printing circulars on unnecessarily heavy stock where a postcard is to be integrally attached thereto and makes unnecessary the insertion or addition of a separate postcard to be folded in with or attached to the circular.

It might also be noted that the adhesive material which is used to bind the layers of the postcard together may likewise serve to impart the necessary stiffness and rigidity.

It should also be noted that this circular need not necessarily be enclosed in an envelope for distribution or mailing to the intended recipient, but that the section 25 may be supplied with an adhesive flap or other suitable means for closing the circular for mailing or delivery purposes.

Likewise, while the stiffened section is preferably to be used as a postcard, it may be utilized in any other suitable manner, as for a ticket,

coupon, or any other suitable member.

Many other objects and uses of my invention will, of course, be obvious. I prefer, however, not to be limited by the specific disclosure herewith, but only by the appended claims.

I claim:

1. In combination a mailing circular and return postcard therefor, said return postcard being an integral extension of said mailing circular; predetermining means facilitating the detachment of said return postcard from said circular; said return postcard comprising one lamination MALVIN LIGHTER.

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