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Publication numberUS2274352 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 24, 1942
Filing dateMay 24, 1939
Priority dateMay 24, 1939
Publication numberUS 2274352 A, US 2274352A, US-A-2274352, US2274352 A, US2274352A
InventorsWood Floyd J
Original AssigneeWood Floyd J
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US 2274352 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

F. J. WOOD Feb. 24, 1942.

FILTER Filed May 24, 1939 r 2 515 mT Es A INVENTOR. Y Earp. J: H7000 Zfc% ATTORNEYS.

Patented Feb. 24, 1942 This invention relatesto filters and more particularly to filters adapted to be placed in a liquid line to remove foreign. particles from liquid flowing therethrough.

One of the objectsof the invention is to provide a filter which is simple and inexpensive to construct and assemble and which is emcienft and reliable in operation. 7 a

Another object of the invention is to provide a filter having an interchangeable filtering element which can be changed quickly and easily and which is secured incplace without the necessity of any complicated fastenings. According to one important feature the filter element includes a spring which acts as a support for the filtering material and also to hold the filter element in position in the casing.

Still another object of the inyention-is-to'provide a filter element which is resilient lengthwise so as to seal itself in a filter casing.

Otherobjects, advantages and novel features of the invention will be apparent from the following description of the embodiment shown in the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure l is a central section of a filter embodying the invention;

Figure-2 is an elevation of a filtering element with parts broken away;

Figure 3 is a side view of the spring;

Figure 4 is a top view of the spring; and

Figure 5 is a partial section similar to Figure 1 illustrating a modified construction.

The filter of Figure 1 comprises a lower casing half III which may be a die casting or the like and which is formed at its lower end with tapered openings i2 and i4. .The opening 12 is arranged axially of the casing and is formed with a tubular projection I6 extending upwardly into the casing. The casing is completed by upper half l8 formed to seat around the upper edge of the cas-' ing half Ill with a sealing gasket therebetween. A boss 22 is cast axially into the upper end of the casing half l8-and is formed with a bore thereto for a purpose to appear hereinafter.

The casing halves are secured together by means of a bolt 24 secured at one end into an elbow 26 screw-threaded into the opening l2. A crown nut 23 is screwed on the upper end of the bolt 24 and presses the casing half [8 tightly against the washer 20'.

The casing contains a filtering element shown as comprising a tube or bag of cloth material or the like so having openingsdn its ends around A which the material'is gathered by grommets or eyelets 32 having an internal diameter substanless than the internal diameter of the. casing and tially the same as the diameter of the bosses I and 22. Suitable washers of felt,;or the like 34 are secured to theouter surfaces of the eyelets 32 and are adapted to be pressed sealingly against the ends of the casing. The filtering bag is supported by a coil spring 36 of a diameter of a free length greaterrthan the length of the casing. .At it ends the-spring 36 converges and terminates in closed rings 33 of substantially the same internal diameter as the eyelets 32.

The bag is of a length greater than the free length of the spring and strings 40 aresecured in place by the eyelets 32 and may be wound around the bag to draw it into the convolutions of the spring as best seen in Figures 1 and 5;" 4

When the filtering element is placed in the casing and the casing top I! is drawn down, the

spring will becompressed lengthwise and will press the washers 34 against. the ends of the casing around the bosses l6 and 22. These bosses engage the rings 38 and serve to hold the spring in alignment in the casing. Due to compression of the spring, when the filter element is placed in the casing, no additional fastening or sealing means is necessary.

In use fluid to be filtered may enter one of the openings l2 or H and fiow out through the other after passing through the filtering element. Preferably the fiuid enters the opening l2 and flows through the boss It so that all material removed from the fluid will be retained inside the filtering element and the interior of the casing will be kept clean. When a filtering element becomes dirty it may be replaced merely by unscrewing the nut 28, removing the old element, slipping a new element over the bolt 24 with one of the'eyelets 32 and rings 38 around the boss I6 and replacing the casing half l8 and the nut.

Figure 5 illustrates a modified casing construction in which the casing includes a lower half 42 formed with lugs 44 at its upper periphery threaded to receive fastening bolts 46. The upper casing half 48 has a closed upper end formed with a central boss 50 of a diameter to fit into the eyelet 32 and ring 38 and has peripheral lugs 52 through which the'screws 46 may pass. j

It will be apparent that other types offastening means might be employed and that numerous other changes might be made without departing from the scope of the invention. It is, therefore,

not intended that the form shown on the drawing shall be taken as a definition of the limits purpose to the appended claims.

'mate' .e endilfitmed 02,

1. a C WS-"m8 of the invention, reierence being had {or What is claimed is: 1, 1. A filter comprising a teriai in said casing having an openingzin'one end to fit over said boss, and a coil sprinz' in'said.

casmg :ior'med with, an axial tubular boss at' one end andjhaving an}; p ing spa dir m said boss, said host and openingp'roviding inlet and outiet'ope'nin'gs for}. fiuid to be filtered, a'fiexible bag'otffiitering mar this I ,1: the tube-within the cloth tube or smailer-diam- Tm bag compressed againstthe ends of 'tne'cwn rzting around said-boss and pressing the bag into sealing engagement withtheend or the casing around theboss.

2. A filter comprisinga casing formed with an axial tubular boss at one end and having an and having an annular portion at one end fit! openingspaced lromfsaid-boss, said boss and":

ditoghe'filtered, a flexible bag of filtering inlsaidjcasjingihaving an eyelet in one closely around said boss, and d, ag jcompressed against the in off a diameter to fit closel aro arid pressing said eyelet aga asing' around the boss.

. a'casing formed .with.

'anone-end and havinganf id boss, said boss an and'outlet openings f op nin 1 a flexible bag of filtering bpeningproviding inlet and outlet openings for A filter compriaing a casing having a iemovablehead; bosses protruding within the casing fa t-;1the ;.center otthe head and in the center lol'fthe "opposite xend ot the casing, a passage th oilsh onel'pg said bosses; a filter cloth tube. 1,-1ong'er;than:ithefl.easing having its ends'drawn tog'etheri;witheyelets.and a cord attached, a

spring longer'than-the casing and shorter than eterthanthe' inside otthe casing, said spring having its ends converging and terminating in eclosedring'slot the sameginside diameter as the .eyeletsat the :end'a'oithecioth tube and concentric wan "and perpendicular to the axis of Y the "spring, resilient washers around the bosses, said eyelets and closed rings fittings over the bosses respectively, and means fastening the removable headfto-ma'ke ititight against the body or the casing and compress the spring to hold the eyelets against theresilient washers. j i

*5. A filter comprising a two part casing formed- J with fiat endshaving central internally projecting bosses, one ot said-bosses being termed with flan opening ,therethrough communicating with {the interiorotthe'casing, a tube of filtering ma- ,teriaif-in -saidcasing having eyelets inits ends fittingnver said bosses, a coil spring in said tube 7 e ds: cflh ij' 'as ps an e mina at one end,

materialfln-"said casing having eyelets in its ends of a diaiiieter' to fit closely arou'nd'said boss, a coil spring-in said'b'ag compressed against-i the ends oi. the casing and having its ends converging and terminating in closed rings of substantially the "same diameter as the eyelets, one of said eyelets and-rings fitting over the boss, and means at the other end of the casing entering the other. eyelet. and-ring to center thespring and .b s inthe c si termi ating; at its ends in closed rings fitting an bosses and pressing the eyelets against the casing, and means for fastening msof the-casing together to compress the springbetween the oasingends, and said ,means'fincluding' a bolt extending through both of said bosses, nut secured to the bolt and eng'agingone end of the casing topress'the casing'parts together, said casing being formed with an opening spaced from the-bosses, said opening and the opening through said one of the bosses providing inlet and outlet openings for fiuid to be filtered. I

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International ClassificationB01D29/13, B01D29/21
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