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Publication numberUS2278011 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 31, 1942
Filing dateJul 24, 1939
Priority dateJul 24, 1939
Publication numberUS 2278011 A, US 2278011A, US-A-2278011, US2278011 A, US2278011A
InventorsMurdock Forrest Lee
Original AssigneeMurdock Forrest Lee
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Paper pack holder
US 2278011 A
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F. L. MuRDocK PAPER PACK HOLDER March 3l, 1942*.

Filed July 24, 1939 INVENTOR, /C/eff ee Mara/05k.

ATTORN E Y6 Fatented Mar. 3l, 1942 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2 Claims.

This invention relates to improvements in a paper pack holder particularly suited for use as a visor in an automobile. l

It has become common practice to dispense interleaved paper, such as paper towels, paper naps kins, and the like, from'a rectangular paper pack positioned within a holder. These paper packs of interleaved sheets are usually drawn from the pack container through a suitable exit slot formed therethrough, and the last sheet extracted pulls out with it `the edge portion of the next sheet thereto, and so on until the last sheet is withdrawn. This type of paper pack and holder is now on generai'sale and is used as a convenient towel or paper napkin in automobiles, however, they are awkward and inconvenient to handle in the limited space of an automobile, and it is an object of this invention to provide a convenient and useful holder for said paper packs.

Another object of this invention is the pro vision of a paper pack holder having a cabinet mounted for oscillatory adjustment on a bracket carried by a support.

A further object of the invention is the provision of a paper pack holder having adjustable,

flexible sheets therein adapted to be extended downwardly from said holder to serve as a curtain.

Other objects are simplicity and economy of construction, ease and convenience of operation, and adaptability to various uses.

Reference will now be had to the drawing wherein:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a paper pack holder mounted for use as a visor in an automobile and embodying this invention.

Fig. 2 is a perspective view similar to that shown in Fig. 1 with the cabinet moved to the dispensing position.

Fig. 3 is a cross sectional view. taken on line III-III of Fig. 1.

Fig. 4 is aperspective view of a modified form of the invention, wherein the cabinet is removably attached to the oscillatable base member.

Fig. 5 is an enlarged cross sectional view taken on line V-V of Fig. 4; and,

Fig. 6 is a detailed perspective view of the supporting bracket and associated parts.

Throughout the several views, like reference characters designate similar parts and the numeral I0 is a bracket adapted to be secured to a support, such as the body of an automobile, by means of screws l2. A substantially L-shaped rod I4 is frictionally mounted in an opening I6 formed through bracket l 0 and is secured against accidental rotation thereby by tension spring I8. The outer end portion 20 of the rod is slightly undulated. as clearly shown in Fig. 6.

A cabinet 22 of nat, rectangular shape has a slot 24 formed through side wall 26 from which successive sheets of an interleaved pack of paper 28 are dispensed. A followup plate 30 mounted on spring members 32, is constantly urged inwardly against the paper pack to secure the sheets S thereof in proper relative relation until the last sheet is removed therefrom.

As a sheet of paper is removed from the cabinet, it automatically positions one edge 34 outside the follow-up plate so that it is in convenient position to be grasped by the operator. As stated above, the particular interleaving of the various sheets of the pack makes it possible to remove the successive sheets in the manner just described.

'I'his cabinet is provided adjacent one of its corners with a socket 36 into which the undulated portion 20 of rod I4 is adapted to be forced to position in said socket, to support the cabinet in any predetermined set position. The friction set up between the rod and the socket is such that by an external force, the position of the cabinet may be selectively set to any position on the rod where it will remain until it is again forced to another position.

It will be noted that this paper pack holder is shown ask used in combination with an automobile having a windshield, and that it is adapted to be adjusted to shield the front seat occupants eyes from the glare of the sun and to expose the open side of the cabinet so that a napkin may be removed therefrom.

Under certain conditions, it may be found convenient to partially removeY the sheet of paper from the cabinet so that it will extend downwardly below the cabinet with its one edge still being engaged by the follow-up plate 30. This can be done regardless .of the position of the cabinet relative to the wind-shield. When the cabinet is in the position shown in Fig. 1, the paper sheet may be dropped down to partially intercept the objectionable light rays without interfering with the position of the cabinet (note the dotted lines in Fig. 1).

Referring now to Figs.l 4 and 5, it will be noted that the paper pack 40 is removably attached to a base member 42 by means of spring holder clips 44 which engage the cabinet as shown and is provided with hooks 46, which frictionally engage the socket portion 48 of base member 42.v

With this form of construction, it is convenient to replace the old cabinet with a new filled cabinet, and especially when the paper pack comes in a paper cabinet or container which is suitable for the purpose.

The operation and general construction of this modiiied form is substantially the same as that of the preferred form.

It will be noted by referring to Fig. 1, that the cabinet or container may be so positioned with relation to the top of the automobile that the automobile top serves to cover the open side of the cabinet. With the support shown, it is apparent that the cabinet may be positioned adjacent the front side window of the automobile, and that when so positioned, the sheet of paper may be positioned to extend below the cabinet to shut out the direct rays of the sun.

Specific reference has been made to a paper pack wherein the successive sheets are interleaved for convenience of dispensing, however, it is not the desire to be limited to this particular type of pack since there are many types now on the market wherein the sheets are simply folded and placed one on top of .the other. These types of packs, as well as any others wherein the sheets are successively removable, might be used with this holder.

While in all the illustrations the device has been shown as a sun visor for an automobile, it is very evident that it may be otherwise positioned in the automobile as a convenient dispenser of towels or napkins, also, it may be used in connection with other conveyances or compartments.

It is very evident that the towels or napkins used may be made of any suitable pliable sheet material such as paper, cloth, etc., which will best serve the purpose for which it is intended, since to function properly, it is only necessary that it be pliable in order that it may be properly folded and interleaved. f

Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new and desired to be secured by Letters Patent is:

1. The combination with an automobile having a windshield and a side window of a rectilinear paper pack holder mounted adjacent said windshield for relative adjustment thereto; a paper pack of sheets of pliable material resiliently secured therein and adapted to be successively partially removed therefrom to selectively serve as a curtain below said holder in front of said windshield or said side window when the holder is positioned above said windshield.

2. The combination with an automobile having a windshield and a side window; an undulated rod having an end portion mounted in an upwardly disposed socket secured to the automobile above said windshield, whereby said rod may be selectively positioned adjacent said windshield and side window; resilient means operable to preclude free movement of said rod; a rectangular open faced cabinet having a socket at one of its corners to receive said undulated rod whereby the cabinet is adjustable thereon; and a sheet of pliable material adjustably carried by said cabinet with a portion thereof extending below said cabinet and between the driver and said windshield when the cabinet is in a substantially horizontal position above said windshield.


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