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Publication numberUS2279189 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 7, 1942
Filing dateAug 11, 1941
Publication numberUS 2279189 A, US 2279189A, US-A-2279189, US2279189 A, US2279189A
InventorsCharles H. Uhlir
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US 2279189 A
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April 7, 1942. c. H. UHLIR REMINDER APPLIANCE Filed Aug. 11, 1941 FIG.

Patented Apr. 7, 1942 t f T overlies"- REMINDER: APPLIANCE 1 Charles H. Uhlir, Cleveland, om Application August 11,1941, Serial,No,4ll6,3,58.

' 5 Claims. (01. 116-130) The purpose of this invention has been .to devise a novel type of reminder appliance or device, suitably for use in any place where supplies are required to be procured from time to time, but susceptible of employment so far as general principles of operation are concerned, as a means for reminding or calling up matters of any sort that in the future have to be taken care of.

In its. preferred embodiment only, my invention may take the form of a reminder appliance useful in .the home, for instance, to, enable a housewife to quickly provide an indication upon the appliance, by which to check and remind her to procure certain supplies for-the home, as for instance, provisions for the table, drugs, or anything of this sort.

It has been proposed heretofore to avail of reminder devices, as for instance, the type utilizing a baseboard having indicia of difierent kinds of supplies thereon, with openings opposite the indicia into which pegs may be inserted inthe said openings to indicate particular supplies'that may be required to be secured. My invention is 7 especially useful for a like purpose, but a particular object in view has been to provide an appliance of a more simple and cheap nature or construction than the type above mentioned for the purposes in view.

A special object of my invention has been to design an appliance of the class described made entirely of paper.

Another object of the invention has been to utilize an. appliance of the class described made of paper that may be readily printed by an ordinary printing shop with customary paper printingfacilities, and which may be utilized as a calendar or provide an ornamental or interesting picture, either each alone, .or in conjunction with one another- In the carrying out of my invention, I utilize an appliance made from a sheet of paper which is cut in a peculiar way to provide indicator tabs printed with indications of supplies or things to be the subject matter of future attention. The said sheet is formed with means for engaging the tabs in such a way that normally they do not indicate, but are permitted to be quickly adjusted I to a position to afiord the desired indication.

An embodiment of my invention, in just one preferred form in which it may be used as a regular annular calendar, is illustrated in the drawing, in which Figure 1 is a plan view of my reminder appliance incorporating a calendar as a part thereof, certain of the tabs in the view being adjusted as when they. are performing their indicating func-. tion, and other of the tabs being positioned as when'they are not so indicating.

Figure 2 is a plan view of the blank of material from which my reminder applianceis-made, the manner in which the tabs are out being fully illustrated along'wit'h the special reminder indicia carried by each tab. Figure 3 isa cross sectional view taken. about on the line 3--3 of Figure 1 showing one of the reminder tabs in position toperform' its reminder function, and the other not in such position.

Describing my invention specifically, and referring to. the drawing; I note that my reminder a-p;

pliance comprises especially a bodyl consisting of asheet of paper or'cardboa'rd material, or any equivalent material, because clothmight. readjected in use as to wear and tear.

The body or sheet'wli is made in, its original blankform as per :its. construction, seen best in Figure 2, wherein it will-be noted that'side flaps or extensions 2 extend along the body, nearly the entire length thereof, but terminating short'of' the upper and lower. ends preferably, though not necessarily. Thefiaps or-extensions 2 are provided with adhesive'substance '3, thereon, near. vthe extremities, and in the completion of the.

appliance, they are folded overon to the main part: of the, body i, as seen in. Figure 1,. and the. adhesive portions 3 are adhesively. connected with. said main portions of thebody so 'as' to hold the;

flaps} fiat; upon the body.

- The side portionsof the, body-or sheet I more adjacent to the-flaps or extension portions.- 2. are.

prepared the formation of the appliance by providing. a seriesrof horizontal; slits 4, at'relatively close intervals, one below the other, from a point near the upper portion of the body I to the point near the lower portion of the body.

The formation of these slits 4 provides a series of adjacent or contiguous tabs 5, each of which tabs constitutes a reminder tab being supplied with printed indicia thereon, indicating an article to be supplied, designated 6, or constituting an indication or memorandum of something to be performed in the future.

The tabs 5, as constructed by the slits 4, are wholly separated at their outer ends from the sheetor body I, whereas, at their inner ends, they are integral portions of the sheet, and thus at these inner ends are flexibly or hingedly connected with the sheet body.

The foregoing arrangement and construction permits the outer ends of the tab to be lifted, and when the appliance is in complete form, the flaps or extensions 2 overlie the outer free ends of the tabs, but permit said ends to be disengaged or lifted up so as to be adjusted in a position extending over the flap 2, which is the indicating position of thetabs in the preferred use of the invention.

In order that the user of my appliance may quickly visually observe the condition of ad-, justment of the tabs 5, I contemplate coloring the or any other color, as-designated at 1. 7

' free ends of the tabs with color blocks in blaclgg' calendar A may be applied to the front lowerportion of the body or sheet I, and the frame, H

designated B, may be usedas a panel-to enclose a picture pasted, or otherwise printed upon the body I, if ornamentality of the appliance is de'- sired, as .well as special. utility. in regardtothe employment of the calendar. Of course, either the picture or calendar may .be dispensed with within the purview of my invention, and other matter might'be. substituted for these items 'so far as employment of the invention is concerned.

'The-operatio'nrof my, appliance is understand-i able from the foregoing, but maybe briefly noted tobe as follows: r 1,

The person usingthe appliance whenever de-' siring to be reminded of the procurement of a' supply, or any other item,'for which the appliance is to "be e'mployed,iwill raise a tab or 'tabs' 5, which carry'the reminder indicia 6 appropriate to be used. Byqraising the tab which may be done 'quickly" by inserting the. finger-nail undemeath'the'upper edge of the tab 5 through one of the "slits 4, the 'outerend of the tab .with

over and engagingly overlie a portion of the tabs,

one end of each tab being free from the sheet to enable it to be adjusted by movement toward and from the sheet body and the other end of the tab being integral with the body or sheet by reason of the formation of the slits, the free ends ofthe tabs being thus engageable or disengage- .20

able with the extension.

3. As a new article of manufacture, a'reminder appliance comprising a sheet of -material having a flap at its side edge folded over onto the body thereof, and said sheet cut to forminte'gral"re-'- minder tabs having reminder indicia'thereon carried by the sheet of material, and havingpor its indicia lz'may be adjusted so as to overlie the flap '2 and thiswill bring sharply toithe attention of the user theparticularmatterofiwhich'the person desires to be reminded; I

When the reminder function of the tabiso adjusted'has been performed, the' iuser simply reinserts the outer end of the tab beneath the flap 2,=which freely"overliesrthesame, and the reminderfunction of the tabis'thus' ended. f

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desireto secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is:

l.- A reminder: applianceof the class dicia thereon and thebo'dy being formed with an integral "extension folded over upon the body to 'engagingly' overlie a portion of the reminder described, comprising a body in the form of a sheet of ma-' tions engageable beneath and adjustable to tions above the said flap. V 4. As a. new article of manufacture, a reminder appliance comprising a single sheet of material provided with a series of contiguous tabs formed by separating slits in the material, the said tabs at one end being integral with the sheet of material and at, the other end being separable therefrom, and said sheet of material being provided with integral parts adapted to overlie the separable ends of the tabs and beneath and above which said ends may be adjusted.

5. As a new article of manufacture, a reminder appliance comprising a single sheet of material provided at an edge thereof with a series of slits forming the slitted portion of said sheet into'a series ofcontiguous tabs,'reminder indicia' carried by said tabs, corresponding ends of the tabs being integral with the sheet and the opposite ends' beingfreelymovable so that eachtab may be moved to an adjusted reminder position' independently of the other tab, the sheet being formed adjacent the edge portion thereof provided with said slits, and tabs, with" an extension that is' folded over onto the top ofthe sheet and adapted to overlie the free or' movable'er'ids of the tabs, 'saidextension having adhesive materialapplied thereto at'its opposite ends 'soas to adhesively' connect it to the body of 't'he' sheet'at points beyond the area of -the sheet at which the slitted tabsrare formed.


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