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Publication numberUS2279288 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 7, 1942
Filing dateJun 12, 1940
Priority dateJun 12, 1940
Publication numberUS 2279288 A, US 2279288A, US-A-2279288, US2279288 A, US2279288A
InventorsEinar M Orbeck
Original AssigneeVeeder Root Inc
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Recording apparatus
US 2279288 A
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Patented Apr. 7,1942

j m'icoannvo ArrAnArus Einar M. Orbeck, West Hartford, Com, assignor,

by meme assignments,

Connecticut v to veeder-Boot Inoor porated, Hartford, Coma,

a corporation of Application June 12, 1940, Serial No. 840,018

1 Claim.

This invention is particularly applicable to apparatus including a meter through which gasoline or other fluid is forced, by a pump or other suitable means, to and through a flexible dlspensing hose. Said meter is operatively conthe volume of fluid dispensed. In gasoline dis pensing apparatus such indication is conveniently in gallons and fractlonsof a gallon, but

in gas apparatus is preferably in cubic feet.

The invention may be embodied in apparatus of the general character described in Letters Patent of the United States 2,086,363 granted .July e, 1937, to c. L. McMulle That apparatus prints what is known in the trade as a ticket" but which is in fact an opaque packet of several connected sheets with carbon transfer papers interposed between them, with a serial sales number and with a number of gallons registered at the start and with a number of gallons registered at the finish of a dispensing operation. That patented apparatus is adapted for dispensing but one -kind or quality of gasoline. The object and effect of the present invention is to make a proper record of the dispensation or several, for instance, three, kinds of gasoline by selective placement of such an opaque ticket with respect to the printing mechanism which is manually operated by turning a crank handle after the ticket is properly positioned.

The form of my invention chosen for illustration includes the combination with manually operative printing mechanism; of means for supporting, in position to be printed by said mechanism, a removable record sheet branch a packet of sheets as above contemplated; means for illuminating a plurality of spots in spaced relation on the record supporting means; the removable opaque record sheet or packet having Window openings therethrough in spaced relation; whereby said sheet may be positioned on the supporting means with a selected opening therethrough registering with a selected illuminated spot, to predetermine the posltionof an imprint to be made by said mechanism, on a selected region of said sheet; so a record of different transactions may be thus recorded, and the nature of each transaction manifested by the position of the respective imprint on said sheet. In that form of my invention, each of the illuminated spots is formed by a translucent element which is illuminated by projection of light to it from a source remote from it, and such spots are spaced transversely with respect to the path of introduction of the removable record nected with registering mechanism indicating sheet to the recording apparatus, and the openings through the opaque record sheet are spaced both longitudinally and transversely with respect to that path, and the openings through the'sheet have respectively different indicia, for instance,-

-a printed word indicating the kind or quality of gasoline to be dispensed when that opening is selected for registration with a selected illuminated spot.

In the form of my invention chosen for illustration all of said spots are illuminated from a 7 single source of light, viz., an electric light bulb I located at one side of the'support for the record sheet; the light being'projected from said bulb horizontally through a passageway in the support and reflected vertically at each of the spots by respective mirrors. Moreover, the number of gallons above contemplated is registered on a series of wheels connected by tens transfer gear ing, and each having at its circumference the numbers 1 to "9 inclusive and TO" in a circular series; said wheels being presented at respective openings in the front of a casing err-.- closing the printing mechanism and upholding the support'aforesaid. In that form of my invention I find: it convenient to utilize light from .the' same source that illuminates the spots afore-' sald,'to also illuminate the numbers of registering mechanism exposed at the openings in the casing, and by reflecting light downwardly from said support.

My invention includes the various novel features of construction, arrangement and method of operation hereinafter more definitely specified.

In said drawings: Fig. I is a perspective view of the casing which encloses the printing mechanism and upholds the support and electric lamp.

Fig. II is a perspective view of a placket record sheet having three openings therethrough for selective registration of the sheet respectively with the three spots shown in Fig. I.

Fig. m is a plan view of the record sheet support shown in Fig. I.

Fig. IV is a vertical sectional view of the support shown in'Fig. III taken on the line IV-IV in the direction of the arrows on said line.

Fig. V is a vertical sectional view of said support taken on the line V-V inl 'ig. III.

Fig. VI is a plan view of a modified form of record sheet support adapted for illuminating the three spots thereon as in Fig. III, and also adapted for projecting light from the same source downwardly to illuminate the registerin mechanism.

'2 representing tenths of ,a gallon.

' above them, when said record sheet is Fig. VII is a vertical sectional view taken on the line VII-VII in Fig. VI in the direction of the arrows on said line.

Fig. VIII isa vertical sectional view taken on the line VIII--VIII in Fig. VI in the direction of the arrows onsaid line.

Fig. IX is an elevation of the rear face of a typical opaque record sheet, shown turned up in Fig. II; which is the position in which it is thrust into the apparatus shown in Fig. I.

Fig. X is an elevation of the record face of said sheet; the lower edge shown in Fig. X being the forward edgein Fig. II. I I

Fig. XI is an edge view of a packet of record sheets, with carbon transfer papers betweenthem, to simultaneously make several separable records from a single printing impression on the packet. Of course, even one such carbon paper renders the entire area of the packet opaque,

except where the window openings are made through it.

asrasas 1 II are illuminated by light projected from the electric lamp 8' through the passageway I", and

reflected upwardly by the inclined mirror surfaces 8', III and II' shown in Fig. IV. I find it convenient to project the light inv said passageway through clear translucent plastic pieces 6 8 and 0 the inclined ends of which afford the reflecting surfaces aforesaid. respectively be-,

. neath the branches 8, 6 and 0'. for instance,

that material may be Lucite. I also prefer to put clear translucent plastic pieces 6 and 6' in the respective branches t", i and 6, and to provide each spot 0, I0 and II with a clear or colored translucent plastic piece respectively I, I0 and II'. As shown in Fig. IV; saidpieces 8', I0 and II' afford projections extending up-- wardly at each of the spots 0, II and II so that I the operator may locate those spots not only by sight but touch. The filler piece i in 6 may be opaque.

As shown in Figs. II and IX; the opaque record sheet I has'window openings I 'I' and I spaced laterally therein so that they may be re- I spectively registered with the spots 9, I0 and II, in accordance with the extent to which the record sheet is thrust into the slot I; to predetermine the position upon the record sheet in which the imprint made by operation of the crank handle 4 shall be received.

.The opaque record sheet 1 shown in Figs. IX

and X, has the three openings. I I and I re-- spectively designated by the Indicia letters A, 13

ion. Those five wheels are connected by tens transfer gearing and driven by the sha'fti connected with the meter of liquid dispensing 'mechanism so that the quantity of liquid passing through the meter is manifested by the numbers.

and C. Registration of the window opening I I with the spot 9 positions the record sheet I so the numeral type faces corresponding with the indicating numerals at the front of the casing are, simultaneously therewith, presented in a horizontal plane within said casing at the top of the wheels to make a printing impression when t the crank I is manipulated by the operator, to permit a spring pressed platen to descend upon the type wheels. Said casing I also encloses another series of type wheels connected by tens transfer gearing which advance one digit following each printing impression effected by manipulation of the crank handle I; so that each printed impression includes an individual serial number. v

.The block 6 which is rigidly secured to the casing I, constitutes means for supporting, in pomtion to be printed by said mechanism, a removable record sheet or such a packet of sheets as above contemplated.- Said block 8 has upwardly extending guide flanges 6 at opposite sides thereof, so spaced as to guide therecord sheet 1 straight through the slot I" in the casing I, and between the type wheels and the platen pushed that the imprinted impression ismade in the space I shownat the bottom of the record sheet in Fig. X. and includes the numerical imprint indicating the number oi A: gallons delivered." Registration of the window opening I of the record sheet I with the spot I0 positions the record sheet so that the imprinted impression is made in the space 'I, shown in Fig. X identified-with B: gallons delivered." Registration 01' the window opening 'I of the record sheet I with I the spot II positions the record sheet so that the imprinted impression is made in the space 1, shown in Fig. X identified with C: gallons delivered.

In the opaque packet shown in Fig. XI; there are three similar record sheets I and three carbon transfer paper sheets 1* all fastened together at the end I which is the forward end of the record sheet shown in Fig. II in its movement into the casing I. However, it is to be understood the recordsheet may be otherwise constructed or arranged.

In the form of my invention shown in Figs. VI, VII and VIII; the block i has in addition to the cylindrical horizontal passageway for light "to luminate the spots 9, Ill and II, another cylin drical horizontal passageway I 2 parallel with said passageway 6 and includingfour inclined reflecting surfaces II, which may be conveniently formed by four clear translucent plastic pieces I2 which reflect the light from the same source 8 downwardly through the inclined slot IF, and the translucent piece I2 therein, upon the exposed indicating numbers at the five openings l in front of the casing I so that they may be readily seen by the operator and customer. The filler piece I 2* in I 2 may be opaque.

In the form of my invention shown in Fig. XII: the block 8 has the source of light 8' mounted within it, instead of remote therefrom as above described, and the spots 9, I0 and II are Illuminated by respective translucent elements I3 each having at its lower end a conical reflecting surface ll. The light from said source 8 is also directed downwardly through the opening I5 upon said exposed indicating numbers in the front of the casing l.

However, as above indicated, even if the source of light 8 fails or is omitted; the operator may locate the record sheet I in selected position with respect to the spots 9, l0 and II, by touch to effect registration of any selected window. opening in the record sheet with the projecting element at the selected spot.

Therefore, I do not desire to limit myself to the specific construction, arrangement or method of operation herein set forth as it is obviousthat indicating means, including a protuberance pro-.

jecting upwardly from the support, for receiving an opaque record element having preformed openings therethrough adapted to be registered with said spot indicating means; and illuminating means for said Lucite platen spot indicating means; whereby record positioning on saidplaten may be effected tactually and manually.


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