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Publication numberUS228002 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 25, 1880
Publication numberUS 228002 A, US 228002A, US-A-228002, US228002 A, US228002A
InventorsIsaac Swope
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Isaac swope
US 228002 A
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Na. 228,002. Patented May 25,18 0

H mn r 12.-




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 228,002, dated May 25, 1880.

Application filed February '28, 1880.


This improvement relates to the class of bottie-wrappers consisting of thick paper or strawboard or analogous wrappers fitted to surround bottles for packing. These have heretofore been held upon the bottle by sticking the edges together, or by a metal fastener, or by surrounding hoops or bands or ties separate from or secured to the wrapper. 7

According to my invention the envelope or wrapper consists of an open-ended tube having its meeting-edges detachably united by portions of the tube.

The construction may be such as to allow the wrapper to be placed upon the bottle before the attachment is made; or it may be such that it is more convenient to secure the edges fast, so as to make the wrapper into cylindrical form to be slipped end wise onto the bottle.

In the drawings, Figure 1 shows a wrapper in cylindrical form ready for slipping onto a bottle. Fig. 2 is a view of a similar wrapper on the point of attachment. Figs. 3 and 4 are side views of theattaching device, slightly modified in form.

A is the wrapper, which may be considered to be of straw-board or felt, though I do not confine myself to the materials, but may use sheets of any suitable material.

The wrapper is shown with corrugations a a, as described in Letters Patent No. 217,559,

dated July 15,1879; but I do not confine my present improvement to this or any'particular style of Wrapper.

At one of the edges of the wrapper A is a tongue or lip, B, made to engage in a slit or slot or other orifice, O, in the other edge. The tongue B has a hook, b, at one end, which extends past the end of the slot 0 when the tongue is inserted, and a longitudinal slot, 1), so as to prevent the withdrawal of the tongue without first giving it an end movement in the slot.

In Fig. 2 the tongue B is shown in position for insertion into the slot.

In Fig. 3 the tongue is of diamond form, having, like the tongue shown in Fig. 1, a hook, I), to prevent the direct Withdrawal from the slot, but it is devoid of the slot 1;.

In Fig. 4 the tongue B has two books, 11, one at each end, so that a simple end movement of the tongue in the slot will not allow its escape therefrom; but it is necessary for the extraction of the tongue that one book should be withdrawn first and then the other freed from the slot by an end movement.

The position of the tongue or lip in the slot or slit is indicated in dotted lines in all the figures except Fig. 2.

What I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is- I A bottleenvelope consisting of a tube having open ends, and having edges detachably united by a hook-shaped tongue, B, on one edge engaging a slot in the other edge, substantially as set forth.




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