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Publication numberUS2283582 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 19, 1942
Filing dateJan 5, 1940
Priority dateJan 5, 1940
Publication numberUS 2283582 A, US 2283582A, US-A-2283582, US2283582 A, US2283582A
InventorsScherer Odin L
Original AssigneeCornelis De Lange
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Wall panel
US 2283582 A
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May 19, 1942- o. SCHERER WALL PANEL Filed Jan. 5, 1940 h- \ulf Inventor JA itorneys Patented May 19,1942

WALL PANEL Odin L. Scherer, Newfane, N. Y., assignor of onehalf to Cornelis De Lange,Lockport, N. Y.

Application January 5, 1940, Serial No. 312,586

1 Claim.

My invention relates to improvements in wall panels for use more particularly in interior wall and ceiling treatment.

Among the objects of my invention are to provide an interior decorative wall panel combining the advantages of ply, or laminated, construction such as obviating warping, rendering a wall sound-proof, maximum insulation against heat and cold, rigidity and strength, and in which plys are arranged to provide for both flush interlocking edge joints between contiguous panels and hidden nailing to a base structure.

Another object is to provide a'wall panel having the advantages above set forth and which is inexpensive to manufacture and easy to secure in place.

Other and subordinate objects are also comprehended by my invention, all of which, together with the precise nature of my improvements, will be readily understood, when the following description and claim are read with reference to the drawing accompanying and forming part of this specification.

In said drawing: I

Figure 1 is a view in perspective of the panel showing the front of the same,

Figure 2 is a similar view showing the rear of the panel,

Figure 3 is a view inedge elevation, and

Figure 4 is a viewin top edge plan showing two of the samepanels joined.

Referring to the drawing by numerals, the panel I is of rectangular elongated form and 4- ply construction, the plies Il, I5, I6, I! being secured together permanently by any suitable means such as cement. The plies I4, I5, I6, H

are all of the same size and rectangular shape and are opposed with edges parallel, the rear pliesl5, I6, I'I being diagonally offset, or staggered, relative to the front ply 'I4 toward one corner of the latter with the second and fourth plies I5 and I1 offset in greater degree than the third ply I6 and aligned relatively to each other. This relation of said plies provides for the plies I5, I] forming right angled single ply tongues 5 and a groove 8 extending along one side and end of the panel I, and for the front and third plies forming a groove I extending along the joints, likewise the sides, as will be clear.

The plies are preferably formed of various types of material, such as wallboard, plasterboard, wood, or boxboard, and may be formed with all plies of the same material to utilize the combined advantages of plies of any one material when secured together, or, each ply may be of different material so as to utilize the different advantages of each material in combination.

In the preferred form of the invention the plies are all of the same thickness or gauge.

The foregoing will, it is believed, sufilce to impart a, clear understanding of my invention without further explanation.

Manifestly the invention, as described, is susceptible of modification without departing from the inventive concept, and right is herein reserved to such modification as fall within the scope of the subjoined claim.

What I claim is:

A wall panel of the class described comprisin a plurality of rectangular-shaped members having their side faces connected together to provide a laminated structure, all the members being of the same width and length, said panel being composed of four members with two of the members in alignment with respect to each other and the other two members being out of alignment relative to the aligned members and

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International ClassificationE04C2/12, E04C2/10
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