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Publication numberUS2284031 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 26, 1942
Filing dateMar 7, 1940
Priority dateMar 7, 1940
Publication numberUS 2284031 A, US 2284031A, US-A-2284031, US2284031 A, US2284031A
InventorsRoy W Arnold, Scheinman Sol
Original AssigneeAmerican Binder Company
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Display device for photo prints or the like
US 2284031 A
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May 26, 1942. R. w. ARNOLD ETAL DISPLAY DEVICE FOR PHOTO PRINTS OR THE LIKE Filed March 7, 1940 Patented May 26, 1942 DISPLAY DEVICE FOR PHOTO PRINTS LIKE OR THE Roy W. Arnold and Sol Scheinman, White Plains, N. Y., assignors to American Binder Company, New York, N. Y., a corporation of New York Application'March 7, 1940, Serial No. 322.640

2 Claims.

This invention relates generally to a display device in which photo prints, pictures or any material in sheet or flat form may be flied and effectively displayed. More particularly the invention relates to a device of the character de-- scribed in which the photo prints or other material may be filed without the use of paste or special equipment of any kind in a manner that affords effective display, identifying information, protection and ready accessibility and removability for the purpose of rearranging the matter or interchanging it or for other purposes.

The invention in the particular application disclosed herein has been described in connection with an album for photoprints. It will be understood, however, that it is not restricted to albums or other devices in book form and that as to certain phases thereof it may have application to the mounting and displaying individually, or in various groupings, of articles in sheet form as well as articles not in sheet form, provided they are sufliciently flat.

Among the objects of our invention is the provision in a device of the character described of a practical and inexpensive construction for the effective display of articles of the character mentioned in which they may be conveniently filed and labelled and in which they will be adequately protected and will be readily accessible for display, for removal or for rearrangement.

These objects and such other objects as will hereinafter appear or be pointed out are attained in the illustrative embodiment of our invention shown in the drawing in which:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of an album having our invention embodied therein;

Figure 2 is a view in plan of a blank for a backing for photo prints or the like;

Figure 3 is an end view of a backing formed from the blank of Figure 2;

Figure 4 is a view in perspective of a transparent pocket adapted to receive the backing of Figure 3 and illustrating the insertion of such a backing into the pocket with photo prints or'the like in place thereon;

Figure 5 is a sectional view substantially on the line 5 of Figure-i and looking in the direction of the arrow through a portion of the pocket shown in that figure, the showing being more or less diagrammatic;

. Figln'e 6 is a view similar to Figure 5 looking in the direction of the arrow, but showing a backing with photo prints in place thereon inserted into the pocket;

Figure '1 is a sectional view substantially on the line 1-1 of Figure 4 looking in the direction of the arrows, portions being broken away and the showing being more or less diagrammatic; and

Figure 8 is a view similar to Figure 7, but showing a backing with photo prints in place thereon inserted into said pocket.

Proceeding now to a detailed description of the illustrative embodiment of the invention disclosed herein it will be observed that in the drawing is shown at A a book, which may be of the type customarily known as an album or scrap book and may be of the loose-leaf type, as shown, and which comprises leaves B which are adapted forthe mounting thereon of photo prints, post cards or the like. Mounted on a leaf B of the book of Figure 1 are shown a plurality of transparent pockets 9. The mounting of each pocket is such that it is movable relatively to the page B and may consist of a tab D of flexible material whereby the pocket will be hingedly connected to the page. The pockets 9 are shown arranged in a row and overlapping each other. Because of their flexible connection with the pages, either side of any one of the pockets may be exposed to view by suitably manipulating the pockets so as to expose the front or the rear surface of the desired pocket.

In Figures 2 and 3=is shown an arrangement for receiving photo prints or the like in the, form of a backing on which they may be conveniently mounted prior to insertion into the pocket 9 and in connection with said backing means are provided for conveniently labeling each .print. In the said figures l0 denotes a blank of sheet material shown as of rectangular form with a' tab H projecting upwardly therefrom at the left hand side of the upper edge and a tab l2 projecting therefrom at the right hand side of the upper edge. These tabs are intended to be folded along the line of the upper edge l3 of the blank, the line of bending or folding for each tab being indicated respectively at I4 and I5.

As appears from the end view of the backing shown in Figure 3 the tab l l is folded so as to overlie one side of the blank while the tab i2 is folded so as to overlie the other side of the blank The use of the backing of Figures 2 and 3 in connection with the pocket 9 will be understood from an. inspection of Figures 4 to 8 inclusive. As appears from these figures the pocket 9 comprises a front wall l6 and a rear wall ll of any suitable or preferred transparent sheet material such as Cellophane, for example, and these sheets are shown united at their edge portions by a binding strip It of any suitable or preferred material so as to form an envelope open at one side. Through this open side may be inserted the backing I. with photo prints mounted thereon. It will be observed that a photo print P -l is shown on one side of the backing I. with the tab ll overlying it and prior to insertionof the backing into the pocket 9 the tab ll may bemarked with a title or other identifying data relating to this photo print. The photo print P! is similarly mounted on the other side of the backing III with the tab I! overlying it and this tab may also be appropriately marked.

With a blank of the type shown in Figure 2 and an arrangement of pockets as shown in Fi ure 1 it will be observed that a tab i2 is disposed at the bottom of each photograph on one side of each pocket 9 while a tab Ii of the backing will appear at the top of each photograph on the other side of each pocket 9.

It will be understood of course that our invention is not necessarily restricted to the arrangement of the device shown in Figure 2 although we have found that this arrangement is very The great. convenience afforded by a photo print mounting arrangement constructed according to our invention will now be appreciated. It is merely necessary to place the photo print or prints on one or both sides of the mount it, fold the tabs properly, apply the proper desig nation on each tab and slide the resulting as sembly into one of the pockets 9 of the album. Once in the pocket they are eifectively protected against wear and tear and are at all times readily visible, and they may be quickly and conveniently removed for inspection wheneverv desired, No paste or special tools are required, and rearrangement is just as quickly and conveniently effected as the original filing;

The device is also adapted for the storing 0f negatives, and these may be slipped between a print P-l and the backing ll, whereby they are readily identified and located when needed.

Many uses to which our invention may be-put other than the flling of photo prints will readily suggest themselves. We may mention to give a few examples, pictures, such as picture post cards, record cards and salemen's samples.

While we have herein disclosed one illustrative embodiment of our invention it will be understood that' the same may be embodied in many other forms without departing from the spirit thereof as will be obvious to those skilled in the art and that the disclosure herein is by way of illustration and is not to be interpreted in a limiting sense and that we do not limit ourselves other than as called for by the appended claims.

Having thus described our invention and illustrated its use, what we claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. For use in mounting photographs or the like, a pocket open at one end and having-at least one transparent face, a backing adapted for insertion into said pocket, a tab projecting from an edge of said backing and folded over one side of the same, whereby a photograph or the like may be placed on said backing with the tab overlying the said photograph, and when the assembly thus produced is slipped into the pocket the tab will be prevented from unfolding and will be pressed against the photograph so as to hold it in place on the backing, said tab being adapted for the reception of indicia descriptive of the photograph.

2. For use in mounting photographs or the like, a pocket open at one end and having the faces thereof of transparent material, a backing adapted for insertion into said pocket, a pair of tabs out of registration with each other proiecting from an edge of said backing and folded against opposite sides of said backing, whereby a photograph may be placed on each side of said backing with one of said tabs overlying it and whereby when the resulting assembly is inserted into said pocket through the open end thereof said tabs will be prevented from unfolding and will be pressed against said photographs so as to holdthem in place on said backing, and said tabs being adapted for the reception thereon of matter descriptive of said photographs.


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