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Publication numberUS2287581 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 23, 1942
Filing dateApr 7, 1941
Priority dateApr 7, 1941
Publication numberUS 2287581 A, US 2287581A, US-A-2287581, US2287581 A, US2287581A
InventorsDavid O Walker
Original AssigneeDavid O Walker
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Tissue dispensing device
US 2287581 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

June 23, E942. A D. o. WALKER 2751 TISSUE DIsPENsING DEVICE.

Filed April 7, i4 .2 sheets-snee; 2


Patented June 23, 1942 UNITED s'rirrizs4 PATENT OFFICE Application April 1, 1941, Serial No. 387,337

101mm. (cl. 248-1) This invention relates to a device for dispens` ing facial tissues or sheets of tissue used for vari.- ous toilet purposes, and the primary object of the invention is to provide means whereby a dispensing carton' containing facial tissues may-be readily mounted within an automobile in a posil tion to have the tissues conveniently withdrawn from the carton when desired by occupants of the automobile.'

In carrying out-the present invention, I provide the ordinary dispensing carton, which contains the sheets of tissue, with means whereby said carton may be conveniently mounted upon the glove compartment or sun visor commonly found in automobiles. .The mounting means insures retention of the dispensing carton rmly in place and in an inverted position beneath the glove compartment or sun visor. although removal of y the carton when empty may be readily effected so that a new filled carton may be substituted lcompartment with the dispenser of Figure 1 mounted in position upon said glove compartV ment.

Figure 3 is a verticalsection on line 3-I of Figure 2.

`Figure 4 is an elevational view showing the y tissue dispenser applied to a sun visor' of an automobile.

Figure 5 is a bottom plan view of the construction shown in Figure 4.

Figure 6 is a top plan view thereof.

Figure '7 is an end elevation looking toward the left of Figure 5.

Figure 8 is a view simlar'to Figure 5 showing a modified form of the invention adapted for use in connection with a sun visor.

Figure 9 is a fragmentary transverse section showing a preferred manner of forming the dispensing slot for the carton forming part of the dispenser shown in Figure 1; and

a modified form of construction for providing the dispensing slot of the carton.

Referring in detail to the drawings. facial tissues or sheets of tissue adapted for various toilet uses are ordinarily packed in a cardboard carton E whose top wall is scored so that it may be readily opened to provide a central longitudinal slot 6 through whichv the tissues may be drawn, one at a time, for use. Ordinarily, tissues are packed in the carton so that when one tissue is withdrawn, an edge of the succeeding tissue pro- ,trudes as at 'I to be conveniently grasped in withdrawing the same. The scoring of the top wall of carton 5 may be such that opposed portions 8 of the top wall may be folded inwardly vas in Figure 9 or outwardly' as at Ba in Figure l0 to provide the slot 6 and to reinforce the top wall of the carton at opposite sides of such slot.

The present invention aims to provide means for effectively mounting the carton in an inverted position against the under side of and upon a glove compartment 9 or a sun visor Il) such as commonly found in automobiles. This means preferably consists of an endless elastic band il threaded through slots l2 in th'e end walls of carton 5 near the normal bottom wall of said carton and extending through .the'carton in contact with such normal bottom wall. the portion Figure 10 is a view similar to Figure 9 'showing 55 ofrthe band II- outside the carton being of such size as to readily encircle the glove compartment 9 or, sun visor I0 so as t'o pass around the ends and top of the same and thereby snugly position the carton 5 in an inverted position against the under side of said glove compartment or said sun visor as shown respectively in Figures 3 and 4. When thus mounted, the dispensing carton is disposed in a convenient position to have the tissues withdrawn therefrom by the occupants of the automobilewhen required for use.

In order to effectively assist the band Il in holding the carton in place against the bottom of the glove compartment or sunvisor and against forward or rearward displacement with respect to said glove compartment or sunvisor, the normal bottom of the carton which is disposed uppermost when mounted in accordance with the present invention, is provided with a pair of longitudinally disposed slightly sticky adhesive pads I3 normally covered and protected by removable covering or protecting strips, one of which is shown partially removed in Figure 1 at I 4. Theseprotecting strips are applied by the manufacturer and remain in place when the carton is sold and until it is ready for use or mounting in the automobile.

slightly stretched it will snugly pass around the glove compartment 9 or the sun visor I0 so as to extend around the ends and across the top of said glove compartment or said sun visor and will dispose the dispensing carton in an inverted position snugly against the under side of said glove compartment or said sun visor.

When applied to the glove compartment 9, the carton will be disposed so that the adhesive pads I3 will engage the bottom oi' the glove compartment and effectively assist the band II in preventing shifting of the carton rearwardly or for- I When it is desired to apply the dispenser to the sun visor III, it is preferable to apply a band to the sun visor so that the adhesive pads I3 will contact this band instead of directly contacting the sunA visor itself. Such band may consist of a length of Ysuitable fabric or other material I8 adapted to extend across the under side of the sun visor, then upwardly around the longitudinal edges thereof and across the top of the same, one end of the band having an adhesive tab I9 adapted to be adhered to the other end of the band when over-lapped onto the 'latter. In ythis way, the band is snugly applied transversely of the sun visor so as to encircle the latter snugly intermediate the ends of the same in position to have the adhesive pads I3 of the carton 5 contact the under side thereof. In mounting the present tissue dispenser either upon the glove compartment or upon the'sunA visor, it will be disposed in a convenient position for having vthe tissues withdrawn from the caradapted lfor use upon a sun visor alone.

ton when required for use by the occupants of the automobile. The manufacturer may provide the cartons li in attractive colors 'and devoid v of excessive advertising so that the dispenser will not have an objectionable appearance when mounted in the automobile.

While the, embodiment ot Figure-1 is adapted for use upon a glove compartment or sun visor, a form oi' the invention may be particularly In such case, the carton 5a disposed against the under side of the sun visor Ita, as in Figure 8, may be provided with two small transversely disposed mounting bands IIa, instead of the single longitudinally disposed'band II. When the two bands IIa are used as in Figure 8, they will pass through slots in the front and rear walls of the carton instead of in the end walls of the same and will pass through the carton in contact with the normal bottom wall thereof as is the case with the band II in Figure 1. The use of two bands IIa adapted to pass around the visor adjacnt the opposite ends of the latter will render lunnecessary the use of the adhesive pads I3 or a protecting band I9'for the sun visor.

From the foregoing description, it is believed that the construction and manner of use, as well as the advantages of the present invention, will be readily apparent to those skilled in the art.

What I claim as new is:

In combination with a support including a substantially'rigid panel and a tissue dispensing container having slots in opposite walls thereof, an endless elastic band extending through the slots and about the panel longitudinally thereof to urge the container always in the direction of one face of the panel, a second band extending tightly about the panel and transversely thereof, and ladhesive pads applied to the container and adhering to the second band under the influence of the elastic band to prevent the latter and the container from accidentally shifting relative to the panel.


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