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Publication numberUS2288299 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 30, 1942
Filing dateOct 3, 1940
Priority dateOct 3, 1940
Publication numberUS 2288299 A, US 2288299A, US-A-2288299, US2288299 A, US2288299A
InventorsPileggi Vincent R
Original AssigneePileggi Vincent R
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Combined comb and thinning razor
US 2288299 A
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' v. R. PILEGGI 2,288,299


Filed Qo'b. 5, 1940 INVENTOR BY V/hcem* R F/Yeygi Patented June 30, 1942 UNETED STATES: PATENT OFFICE,-

2,288,299 COMBINED coivre AND THINNING Razon Vincent R. Pleggi, Philadelphia, Pa. Application October 3, 1940, Serial No'. 359,470

' s claims. (c1. sii- 31) My invention relates to a combined comb and thinning razor employed for cutting and combing womens hair.

Heretofore, hairdressers have found it inconvenient to use a multiplicity of different instruments whiledressiV is necessary to use an instrument for thinning the hair, which may be one instrument; then it is necessary to use a comb, which is another instrument. Eiforts in the past have been made to combine these instruments, to wit: the comb and the thinning razor, but they have usually provided an unwieldy and inconveniently arranged article. The hairdresser does not find it convenient to constantly turn and twist the instrument from one side to the other as has been proposed. Y

As a result, I have devised a combined comb and thinning razor to obviate the inconveniences of the prior art devices whereby both instruments are located at one end and within the same vertical plane and wherein a single handle is used c. 5.V r. For example, it"V so that a portion of the handle will make either the comb or thinning instrument readily available.

It is also an object of my invention to providek an inexpensive article of manufacture which may be readily adjusted and cleaned.

Another object of my invention is to provide a thinning razor combined and utilized in conjunction with a comb. Y

Another object of my invention is to provide a razor which has a safety attachment which may be readily removed or aiixed.

Other objects of my invention are to provide an improved device of the character described, that is easily and economically produced, which is sturdy in construction and which is highly eilicient in operation.

With the above and related objects in view, my invention consists in the details of construction and combination of parts, as will be more fully understood from the following description, when read in conjunction with the accompanying drawing, in which:

Fig. 1 is a front side elevational view of a combined comb and thinning razor embodying my invention.

Fig. 2 is a rear side elevational view of the combined comb and razor illustrated in Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a sectional View taken on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is a side view of the horse-shoe end of the blade-holder.

Fig. 5 is a side view of the thinning blade,

per se.

Fig. 6 is a modification of my invferntionrwherefg/ in the handle hasa frat-tail Yohair-curlingV or hair-stretehing'pin. Referring now indetaii tothe drawing, I Vshow a combined comb and thinning razor wherein a handle, generally designated as A, is affixed to a horse-shoe or U-shap'ed razor blade holder il. The sides of the U adjacent the opening converge together analogous/to the shape of a horse-shoe and are relatively flexible in order that they may hold the sides of a single-edge razor blade, generally designated as B. The removable razor blade B has a stiffening and holding member l2 which surrounds one yedge lll of blade member I6. The holding member l2 and the blade member I6 are rigidly united together so that they will not come apart and the blade will not bend. The blade B may be slipped into the U-shaped holder I0, and it may be removed for the purpose of replacement or of sharpening when the holding member l2 is enveloped by the U-shaped holder l0. The converging sides of the U-shaped holder Contact both the sides of the holding member l2 and the sides of the blade member I6.

A protector or guard, generally designated as C, constructed of metal or other suitable material, the body of which is of a length corresponding to the length of the razor blade edge. The guard C has a concave surface, as at I8, on the upper portion 20 to envelope and grip the outsid-e of the horseshoe shaped razor blade holder l0. The concave surface I8 has one overlapping arm 22 of sufficient resilience to frictionally hold the guard C in engagement with the blade. A plurality of protecting edges 24 are spaced both from one another andv from the cutting edge of the razor blade and are formed as a part of the guard C. A space 25 is defined by adjoining protecting edges 24.

The protecting edges 24 enable the hair to be thinned but prevent accidental cutting of the human skin. The lowermost edges of the protecting edges 24 are bent to align with the plane of the blade in order that the hair thinning operation may be performed with facility over the hair and skin without undue frictional resistance.

Upon the upper portion 2G of the guard C is a key or tongue 2S which is adapted to receive a `complementary groove 28 on a comb, generally designated as D. The tongue 28 and groove 28 are locked together in a transverse position, but they may slide with respect to one another in a'longitudinal position whereby the comb D may be removed or replaced. The key or tongue 26 is T-shaped, and the complementary groove 28 is likewise T-shaped.

`The guard C has a series of slots 30 therein in the upper portion 20 in order that the guard will have a greater degree of resilience or flexibility in both a transverse and in a longitudinal direction.

In operation, the operator need only turn the handle A to use the comb D or the thinning blade B. The thinning blade B may be removed readily for cleaning or replacement purposes and so may the comb D.

In Fig. 6 I show a modication of my invention wherein a foldable handle 50 is'piv'oted at 52, and the handle may be closed whereby it will cover the razor blade B, and a rat-tail shaped stem 54 then will be exposed for twisting or pulling hair thereabout.

Under certain conditions the razor-blade B guard may be removed in order to enable 'the f razor-bladewtg,` be used without a guard in thinning the hair; an construction, the y.

guards-.24 need not extend beyon the bladebutgextend close to the edge, thereby limiting the pen"e`trati9n of the edge ofthe blade. Although my invention has been described in considerable detail, such description is intended as illustrative rather than limiting, since the in- Vention may be variously embodied, and the scope of the invention is to be determined as claimed.

I claim as my invention:

1. A hair-thinning razor guard and comb holder comprising a handle, a horseshoe shaped member rigidly joined to said handle, a blade guard having a concave shaped holding unit being adapted to envelope the outer surface of said horseshoe shaped member, and a T-shaped tongue upon Vthe upper end of said guard whereby a comb may be held.

2. A thinning razor guard and comb holder comprising a plurality of spaced edges at one end, a key adapted to lock a comb in position at the other end, a 'concave recess having an overlapping spaced exible arm whereby said guard may be attached to a handle, said guard having a plurality of cut-outs inthe upper portion thereof in order to impart ilexibility to said guard.

3. A guard and a comb holder for a razor blade comprising av U-shaped portion adjacent one end', a plurality of blunt spaced teeth at the her end, anda T-shapedV key member'extending l the-opposite side oi said U-shaped portion.


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