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Publication numberUS2288798 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 7, 1942
Filing dateJan 16, 1940
Priority dateJan 16, 1940
Publication numberUS 2288798 A, US 2288798A, US-A-2288798, US2288798 A, US2288798A
InventorsFleming Susan P
Original AssigneeFleming Susan P
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US 2288798 A
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July 7, 1942. S RFLEMING 2,288,798


Filed Jan. 16, 1940 I 2 L HG! f.




Patented July 7, 1942 FHCE OLL Susan P. Fleming, Flushing, N. Y. Application January 16, 1940, Serial No. 314,018

.Claims My invention relates to dolls and particularly to several dolls in which one or more small dolls are carried within a larger doll and has among its purposes and objects to provide:

A mamma doll having a hollow flexible torso r trunk and baby dolls removably carried there- 1n.

A flexible hollow trunk or torso yieldingly movable to open for the insertion and removal of dolls.

An opening and closing means for doll bodies.

A means for closing and securing the opening in hollow doll bodies.

A plurality of dolls in which the trunk of the largest ,doll contains the smaller dolls.

I accomplish these and other objects by the construction herein .described and shown in the accompanying drawing forming a part hereof in which: V

Fig. 1 is a perspective view showing the application of my device.

Fig. 2is a section at 2-2 Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a section at 22 Fig. 1 in an open position.

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary section of the opening.

Fig. 5 is a section at 5-5, Fig. 1.

Similar reference characters refer to similar parts throughout the several views of the drawing and in the specification to follow.

Dolls as childrens playthings and the numerous constructions employed in their manufacture are too well known and common to require detailed description herein, and it is well known that dolls have been made hollow using a great variety of materials to give them not only the appearance of humans but also a feeling to the touch which adds realism for the child playing with them.

Mamma dolls and baby dolls are commonly associated with each other in the childs assortment of dolls and it is my purpose to provide an even closer association of this type.

My invention permits the mamma doll and its babies to be kept in closer relationship and to be more truly proportioned as they form a set or that intimate part of a little family. By the provisions I have made, the baby dolls and mamma doll are kept together and the baby dolls are carried by the mamma doll in a common assembly in the most natural way.

by reason of its construction flexibility and natural feeling child. It and its babies becomes the childs most prized possession.

of the trunk or torso of body I have provided 7 open to facilitate the Referring to the drawing, the construction and function of my invention may be understood. I have herein shown in detail one of the constructions illustrating the embodiment of the principles which underly my invention. To those skilled in the art of dolls, it is expected that, after a study of this disclosure, numerous modifications will be suggested or apparent. I do not therefore wish to be limited to the details of construction herein used to "illustrate my invention as I may wish to depart therefrom within the scope of the appended claims which set forth my invention.

The body I of the mamma doll 2 is preferably provided with a relatively stiff yet resilient member 3 over which I have provided the inner lining 4 and on the exterior surface 6 of the member 3 is secured the comparatively soft padding -5 over which is the'cover l.

The general shape of the member 3 and the parts covering it conform to the natural shape the mamma doll when in a closed position.

Positioned at any suitable point 8 around the the longitudinal slit 9 which is normally held substantially closed by the zipper II] which is concealed by the flaps II and I2 projecting over the zipper from each side of the slit.

The slit is preferably so constructed that the relatively stiff member and its covering are not brought snugly together particularly at the top and bottom ends when the zipper is closed; thus the opening is made wider when the zipper is easy insertion and removal of the baby dolls I3. The flaps, however, are brought very snugly together when the zipper is closed, thus leaving the outer surface of the body as smooth and free from the appearance of a. slit or opening as possible, and to accomand I 5 beyond which the zipper and flaps project.

The somewhat cylindrical interior chamber II, normally containing one or more baby dolls, is closed at the top end with the shoulder and neck end piece I8 to which the head I9 may be secured and from which the arms 20 project. The lower end of the chamber I! is closed by the hip end piece 2! which serves to shape the body and below which the legs 22 project. The chamber is thus closed at each end by said end pieces I8 and 2|.

The cover 1 may be extended to cover the padded portion 23 of the arms and the padded portion 24 of the legs. The hands 25 and feet 26 are secured to the padded portions 23 and 24. The mamma doll and the baby dolls may be provided with dresses 21 and 2B and the materials of construction with the exception of the body portion of the mamma doll may be those commonly used in the manufacture of dolls,

The zipper and the opening preferably extend the entire length of the chamber l1 and the body or trunk of the mamma doll and a fullness or folds 29 of the covering material particularly near the ends of the member 3 where the ends are closed both at the top and bottom permits the edges I and It to be separated a greater distance girthwise than would be the case if the cover at both edges was secured together at the ends of the slit. The flaps covering the zipper are extended beyond the end of the slit to permit the maximum opening provided by the fullness of the cover within over the member 3.

The appended claims set forth my invention.

I claim:

1. In a doll, a doll body having a chamber therein and a resilient member holding the body in shape girthwise around said chamber, said member having longitudinal edges separated to provide access to said chamber, stiff end pieces positioned near the ends of said resilient member secured to and supporting the legs and head of the doll and a flexible inner lining secured to said resilient member and to said end pieces to secure one to the other, said lining having a fullness adjacent the longitudinal edges of said resilient member at said end pieces whereby said longitudinal edges may be separated to provide access to said chamber.

2. In a doll, a doll body having a chamber therein and a stiff resilient body forming member around said chamber, said member having longitudinal edges separable to permit an opening for said chamber, a cover and padding over and outside said member, stiff end pieces secured to and covered by said cover and padding closing the ends of said chamber and supporting the head and limbs of said doll and an innor lining securing said end pieces of said member foldable to provide fullness near the longitudinal edges of said stiff resilient member to permit said edges to be opened near said stiif end pieces.

3. In an animal figure having a non-collapsible chamber in the body thereof and a cover and padding and an inner lining and a resilient yielding member around said chamber preventing said chamber from collapsing, disposed between said cover and padding and said inner lining said member having longitudinal edges secured to said cover and inner lining, said edges being separable to provide an opening to said chamber.

4. In an animal figure having a non-collapsible chamber in the body thereof and a cover and padding and an inner lining and a resilient yielding member around said chamber preventing said chamber from collapsing, disposed between said cover and padding and said inner lining having longitudinal edges secured to said cover and inner lining, said edges being separable to provide an opening to said chamber, and fastening means securing said edges, said cover and lining to detachably secure said open- 5. In an animal figure having a chamber in the body thereof and a resilient member disposed girthwise around said chamber, and slitted through its length, preventing the collapse of said figure at said chamber, said member bein covered and lined, said slit being movable, and stiff end pieces closing the ends of said chamber disposed transversely of said figure and secured to said flexible member so as to permit the movement of the edges of said slit to provide opening and closing means for said chamber.


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