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Publication numberUS2289514 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 14, 1942
Filing dateApr 28, 1941
Priority dateApr 28, 1941
Publication numberUS 2289514 A, US 2289514A, US-A-2289514, US2289514 A, US2289514A
InventorsMastney Edward J, Williams John H
Original AssigneeOak Mfg Co
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US 2289514 A
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July 14 1942- E. J. MAsTNE'Y E'rAL. 2,289,514

MOUNTING Filed April 28, 1941 Patented July 14, 1942 MOUNTING- Edward J. Mastney, Berwyn, and John H. Williams, Chicago, Ill., assignors to Oak Mfg. Co., a corporation of Illinois Application April 28, 1941, Serial No. 390,712

(Cl. 24S-20) 3 Claims.

This invention relates to a mounting and particularly to a mounting which can be readily transformed from a rigid mounting t a spring mounting or vice versa. Many devices, as for example radios, phonographs, etc., are provided with a spring mounting during normal use thereof. During shipment of such devices, it is customary to render the spring mounting inoperatve to prevent damage.

The mounting means heretofore provided have been rather diiiicult and inconvenient to operate upon for changing from shipping condition to a normal use condition. As a result, many purchasers of such devices have failed to change the mounting from its shipping condition. This results in noisy operation in the case of a radio and more or less erratic operation with a phonograph or changer mechanism.

'This invention provides a simple mounting which may be naturally and easily adjusted from a shipping condition to a normal usable condition and vice versa.

In the drawing:

Figure l is a top view looking down upon a base board upon which is supported some device as a radio, phonograph or the like.

Fig. 2 is a detailed elevation of one mounting Y in a shipping position.

Fig. 3 is a view similar to Fig. 2 but showing the mounting in a normal usable position.

Fig. 4 is a bottom view of a mounting.

A base board I0 which may be part of a cabinet, stand, shelf or the like has disposed thereon a device II such as a radio chassis, phonograph, record changer for phonograph or any other device having similar mounting requirements. Device II is mounted on base board I0 by means of a plurality of mounting means I2.

Each mounting means I2 includes as part thereof a portion I3 of the device itself. This portion I3 may be the chassis pan of a radio, motor board of a phonograph or any suitable base plate carrying the parts of device II. Portion I3 is dished down to provide a region I4 and a threaded sleeve I5 into which a bolt I6 having a head I1 and shank I8 is disposed. Portion I3 also has a part 20 bent down toward base board I0.

Baseboard I0 may have a. countersinking 2I and aperture 22 in line with dished region I4. A coil spring 24 is disposed between base board I0 and portion I3 and sets in countersinking 2| and around dished region I4. Shank I8 of bolt I6 has a peripheral slot or groove 25 near the end thereof into which a spring clip 26 may be sprung. This clip may have any desired shape and need only be larger than the diameter of aperture 22.

It ls clear that bolt I6 should be long enough so that with clip 26 in position, the bolt length should be somewhat greater than the combined dimensions of the thickness of base board I0 and length of part 20. A shipping pad 28 of paper, wood, etc., may be disposed between base board I0 and part 20 and tightly clamped therebetween by turning bolt I6 to raise head Il thereof above portion I3 until clip 26 engages the bottom face of base board I0. In this position, bolt head I1 is above portion I3 and presents rather an unsightly appearance. Coil spring 24 should be compressed in this position of the mounting. The user of the device may then turn screw I6 down until head I1 fits into dished region I4 to provide a nished appearance. This will drop clip 26 clear of baseboard I0 and permit coil spring 24 to expand. Shipping pad 23 may be removed and a spring floating mounting be left.

It is possible to obtain a, rigid mounting by turning bolt I6 up so that coil spring 24 is tightly compressed.

The spring clip at the bolt end will remain in position in spite of vibration but may be readily pulled out to dismantle the mounting if desired.

If desired, the bolt may be reversed head I1 is below base board I0.

What is claimed is:

1. A mounting comprising a base board and a, device to be mounted thereon, said device having at least one mounting region, said region having a threaded aperture therethrough and said base board having an alined aperture, a bolt threaded through said region aperture and extending freely into said base board aperture, a spring tending to separate said device and base board and normally forming a. spring mounting, means at the base-board end of said bolt for limiting bolt travel from said board toward said region, means at the mounting region end of said bolt for limiting bolt travel in the reverse direcso that tion, said bolt having a travel range greater than necessary for tightly clamping said board and region together whereby at one extreme bolt positionl said region and board are tightly clamped together and at the other extreme bolt position said region and board have suilcient play therebetween to permit said spring mounting to be operative.

2. The structure of claim 1 wherein said bolt extends beyond the base board and device.

3. The structure of claim 1 wherein said bolt extends beyond the base board and device and wherein the bolt has an enlarged head at one end and a spring clip at the other end as the travel hunting means.


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U.S. Classification248/624, 439/382, 361/807, 108/136
International ClassificationF16F15/06, F16F15/067
Cooperative ClassificationF16F15/067
European ClassificationF16F15/067