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Publication numberUS2290690 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 21, 1942
Filing dateSep 19, 1940
Priority dateSep 19, 1940
Publication numberUS 2290690 A, US 2290690A, US-A-2290690, US2290690 A, US2290690A
InventorsElsa Lehman
Original AssigneeElsa Lehman
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Glove or other wearing apparel
US 2290690 A
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j GLOVE on o'rnEn WEARING APPAREL Elsa Lehman, New York, N. Y. 4 Application September 19, 1940, Serial No. 357,385

6 Claims. (or 250-11) This invention concerns improvements particularly in or relating to gloves or other articles of wearing apparel.

One of the principal objects of the present invention is to provide a preferably luminous or luminescent article of wearing apparel wherein the luminous or luminescent parts form an integral and necessary concomitant structural feature of said apparel.

It is a further object of the present invention to provide an article of the above nature which is enabled to be perceived at a relatively far distance during black-outs and to show up in the dark.

It is another object of the present invention to utilize adornments inherent in said article or accessories thereof as carrier for means serving the aforesaid purpose.

Still a further object of the present invention is to provide means of preferably luminescent character to be incorporated in the said article without changing shape or formation thereof.

Yet, another object of the present invention resides in the provision of means of preferably luminescent character deposited or otherwise joined to the said article whereby the appearance of the latter may be embellished on account of contrasting coloring of the material of which the article is made and of the said means added thereto. A still further object of the invention is to provide means of fluorescent or luminescent character which may be seen from both sides (front and back) of said article.

With these and other objects in view, the invention comprises certain novel features and advantages of construction, combinations and arrangements of parts as will be subsequently specified and further explained by the attached drawing, in which:

Fig. 1 shows the invention as embodied in a glove.

Fig. 2 illustrates diagrammatically a glove embodying the invention as seen in a dim or dark medium. 7

Fig. 8 shows a detail in form of a thread on an enlarged scale for use in connection with the invention.

Fig. 4 shows a button incorporating the inventfin and applicable to a glove.

Referring now in particular to the drawing, there is disclosed in Fig. 1 a glove Ill of usual construction and design having on its rear face adornment stripes or darts I I, l2, l3. These darts may be made of luminous, fluorescent or like rays emitting threads ,the latter being adjacently placed on the rear face l5 of the glove as shown at It, Ma, Mb, Me. These threads may be made luminescent or light emitting by coating or otherwise preparing the same with luminous substance or composition of any known character.

1 These threads may cover the usual darts by embracing the latter or interweaving the luminous threads therewith.

The conventional stitching of the glove may 'be substituted also by such luminous threads.

thread material or any-other suitable flexible carrier for the luminous substance may be used.

Fig. 4 shows a button l9 made of any known material, however it is preferred to use transparent or translucent material in which the fluorescent or luminescent substance is inserted in apertures, such as 20, formed in said button. Of course, it is well understood that the button itself may be sewed on the glove with the abovementioned fluorescent or luminescent thread.

Although the drawing shows the body or carrier of the luminous material as being in the form of a glove, it is understood, however, that any other body or carrier capable of receiving the luminous material is contemplated by the present invention. For instance, the button may be employed on other articles of wearing apparel or as a separate or independent instrumentality, such as signs, display, indicating or signalling devices.

It is to be noted that the radium luminous compounds, luminous enamels, fluorescent or phosphorescent media may be employed to accomplish the above result. These media may be directly joined or connected to the carrier or they may be first applied to a base, such as a strip of material, and then attached to said carrier or body.

Luminous compound may be incorporated in yarn strands, fibres or fabric which in turn is then applied to the object orfbody proper. Such luminous compound may be/brought on Nylon thread by first treating the same with phenol,

thymol, or a mixture of both of. them, or any other suitable chemical substance, preferably in aqueous solution, and then pasting the luminous compound thereon whereby it may be incorporated in said Ny1on" product.

It is evident that the yarn strands, fibres, etc., employable in the present invention may'be covered with a suitable protective layer or coating of lacquer.

From the above description it will be apparent that there is thus provided an article or a device of the character described possessing the particular features of advantages before enumerated as desirable, but which obviously is susceptible of modification in its form, proportions, detail construction and arrangement of parts without departing from the principle involved or sacrificing any of its advantages.

While there has been shown and described and pointed out the fundamental novel features of the invention as applied to the above embodiment it will be understood that various admissions and substitutions and changes in the form and details of the device illustrated and its operation may be made by those skilled in the art without departing from the spirit of the invention.

Having thus described the invention what is claimed as new and desired to be secured'by Letters Patent is:

1. A glove or like wearing apparel comprising .a body having a front face and a rear face and provided with a marginal edge at which said front and said rear face are connected, and a continuous carrier including luminescent means, said carrier passing through said body adjacent said edge whereby respective portions of said carrier with said means may be viewed from either face of said body.

2. A wearing apparel of the character described comprising a body having a front face and a rear face and a marginal edge connecting.

said faces, and luminescent carrier means threaded through said faces adjacent said edge in such manner that respective parts of said means may be viewed from either face of said body.

3. In combination with a glove body, of thread means provided with luminous substance, said thread means covering predetermined parts of said glove body and threadedly engaging said parts, whereby said luminous thread means may be exposed to view on said parts.

4. As an article of manufacture, a glove body, and luminous means engaging said body and extending over predetermined parts thereof, whereby said luminous means at said parts may be exposed to view, said predetermined parts forming adomments, such as darts, inherent in said glove body.

5. As an article of manufacture, a glove body, and flexible luminescent means, said luminescent means being attached to said glove body in such manner that at least parts of said luminescent meansmay be perceived from front side and rear side of said body.

6. A an article of manufacture, a glove body, base means, and luminous means carried by said base means, said base means engaging said glove body and extending over a predetermined part thereof, whereby said luminous means at said part may be exposed to view, said predetermined part forming an adornment inherent in said glove body.


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