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Publication numberUS2291051 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 28, 1942
Filing dateJul 3, 1937
Priority dateJul 11, 1931
Publication numberUS 2291051 A, US 2291051A, US-A-2291051, US2291051 A, US2291051A
InventorsMascuch Joseph J
Original AssigneeMascuch Joseph J
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Magneto shielding
US 2291051 A
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July 28, 194 J. J. MAscucH MAGNETO SHIELDING Original Filed July 11, 1931 ATTORNEY INVENTOR M055 J M45606;

Patent ed l uly 2s; 1 942 4 2,291,951 MAGNETO SHIELDING Joseph J. Mascuchrftlaplewood,

Original application Julyll, 1931, Serial No.

Divided and this application July 3,

1937, Serial No..151,956

fi Claims. (Cl. 123-148) This invention relates tojradio'shielding and particularly to meansv for shielding magnetos;

' The present' application is a division of application Serial 550,076,'filed July 11, 1931, and a continuation in part of application Serial394,618, filed'september23,..19295 Where radio receiving equipment is used in proximity to internal combustion engines it is necessary to shield the ignition circuit-to prevent; interference with the radioreceptionThe shielding is accomplished by enclosingall parts of. the ignition system in grounded metal-casings which'absorb and ground any electrical emanations which would adversely affect the radio equipment;

I -In the casewof 'magnetos or similar units for the distribution of electrical .energy; the frame conventional magnet the magneto being shown or casing ofthe magneto is ,usually-of metal and 1 acts as a partial shield.- -It is customary. however, to'leave the distributor blocks of the magneto exposedso that the ignition-wires may be led from the distributor blocks to the spark plugs. Therefore, one object of the presentyinvention is to provided means to completely shield a magneto by enclosing in metal covers the normally exposed distributor blocks and the ignition wires leading therefrom.

Magnet-0s are placed indifferent positions on different engines, and it is desirable that the ignition wiresbe led from the magneto to the spark plugs as directly as possible. Accordingly, a further object of the invention is to provide a shielding means which will permit the ignition wires to be led from the magneto in any desired directionf A specific object of the invention is to provide a rotatable elbow formation so that the ignition wires may be led to the spark plugs without the necessity of making any sharp bends in the wires.

The invention consists of the construction, combination and arrangement of parts, as herein illustrated, described and claimed.

In the accompanying drawing, forming part hereof, is illustrated one form of embodiment of the invention, in which drawing similar reference characters designate corresponding parts, and in which:

Figure l is a away;

Figure 2 is a vertical section, partly in eleva tion, taken approximately on line 2-2 of Figure 1, looking in the direction indicated by the front elevation, partly broken arrows;

Figure 3 is a side elevation on a reduced scale, showing the application of the invention to a yentional magneto such as a scintilla.

provided tocover the distributor blocks. pl ates i9 may be of any desired contour depending upon the structure of the magneto to in outline; and, 4

Figure 4 is a front elevation, on a reduced scale, partly broken away, showing the invention with the magneto omitted.

Referring to the drawing, 5 designates a con- Ignitionwires 6 covered with usual insulation 1 lead ,from the distributor blocks (not shown) to the spark plugs of the engine. Normally, the distributor blocks andthe ignition wires 6 are not shielded. The wires 6 emerge from the mag- ,neo 5 in. a group and may be led to the spark plug through a shielding system such as shown in application Serial 550,076. While the wires 6 varemaintained together, as. a group, they are preferably shielded by being enclosed in a flexible metallic sheath 8. The sheath 8 may be formed of braided metal having oneor more layers and at its extremity .is provided with a U- shaped ferrule 9. A ring 10 is secured to the outer portion of the ferrule 9, and abuts a coupling nut' H' which engages a threaded outlet l3 of a metal elbow M. A gasket I2 is disposed in the'outlet 13 adjacent the ferrule 9 to provide a liquidproof joint.

The lower portion of the elbow i4 is formed with a shoulder [5 from which depends an annular. flange IS. The lower end of the elbow l4 terminates in .a skirt ll having therein an annular groove I 8.

.A pair of complementary cover plates l9 are The which they are applied. The upper end of each plate I9 is formed with a substantially semicircular wall so that when the plates l9 are placed together there will be a single, substantially circular opening formed to register with the lower portion of the elbow M to permit the passage of the ignition wires 6. Each of the plates i9 is formed with bosses 20 and an annular flange 2|. The plates l9 are held together by means of bolts 22 disposed through the bosses 20.

When the parts are assembled the skirt ll of the elbow i4 is entered in the opening formed by the curved upper portion of the plates IS. The flange 2i interlocks with the flange E5 of the elbow I4 so that the elbow I4 is free to rotate with relation to the plates l9.. Carried by one of the plates I9 is a setscrew 23 adapted to enter the annular groove IS in the skirt ll. The screw 23 is adapted to hold the elbow M in may be held in. poeitiuurbwrlwetsfll 5 plates i! are placed in paeiflumon tha and held together Ni -2m? 24 will maintain the illow1|maidenunclaimed as to prevent vibration:


desired angular relation with the plstel "I I mimmmmm anmuflet preuentithe unintentional cm album:-

3. tor -the ignition imumnmum; a of exam-um time mm the up pm emdmrelehiplkwbdwlmm a mai a substan- All or the wires e be'rmed-througir-thl --io uniy cimdlammm'm of wires elbow ll andtlwnce throuih tmmmm lh In some installations is uennmrwpm-v auxiliary outlets so that may'balell'imn the elbow H to a switchgbmsbanMmW:

placed on a m lwmlm mfld our the Accordingly, the'elbowltmay be rmmmmam a cmu than on the one or more outlets.ililizronglr:whichfiwl'i'flll 'ci'l' are led. The wires a usemen -m w a flexible conduit flL hmgtazltel-lwufls Aalliquidprooi Joint betweemthvoonmW-lthm nwm weater amannulu recess on the em m'flwdbowma retaining means In I m a groove outlet is formedby more folu intui ion 3|, and a coupling nut I l-hoild: the pmmm The structure 01' the conduit 28- in Patent No. 2,oau,m,amu:m;.imm1aau the gasket 30 may be as shownz im am" Serial 731,833, filed June 223934 It will be understood tliat thwwnmthe: magneto I is grounded; ai -mums" and sheath 8 are inmebaricah grounded through thecaaiml-noi the. mm

A complete radio shield is-thentoream-iot 30-- the normally posed- I o!- Audie- Same t it willflbempnmt tmttire em il may be rotated so than-the the magneto 5 iniany'dehired directional Having thusfully described the inwantiumlwlr'at is claimed as newandflidliretl-tobe swmd bi' Letters Patent is:

1. ma radio'shieldingimuma for the-m stantially semi-eirculmfiwlllhto pmtde ia substantiallycircular. omingr ior thwplmmi wires from themagneto wkenr tlii pmfi-are' placed on a mazneto'anda ably mounted over-thcirlaniawomima 2. In a radio shieldlngmeans fol thidwtlw'fio systemof an internal-omino s; ignition system includmg milwg ar pdr o!- iixed complementary platerto ooverrtlwnwmll'y exposed distributor blocks-bra "mmithe substantially semi circular wallto provides. sub stantially circular opening for the'pueagef 'ot wires from the magneto when the plates-.-. ane": placed on a magneto, a shieldingrelbow-rotawbly system 01' an internalrcmustion enmrgm 4M1 y 5 U i a rotatable W th m tannit "apalr mm cimiit therem swam dmblmr'bll ot; mum -mwaidrcuing to pre- 'positiolim omsaim i wwm mom MW 6. the :lmitim syem m famimnulr W -m, said mm diai i a Wwm" diamwemm 5 W vent W lliam hemmed;

tallic pamngntesmemzeneaue the same.

JOSEPH J. mscucn.

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