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Publication numberUS2291614 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 4, 1942
Filing dateDec 6, 1940
Priority dateDec 6, 1940
Publication numberUS 2291614 A, US 2291614A, US-A-2291614, US2291614 A, US2291614A
InventorsFay Horace B
Original AssigneeGridiron Steel Company
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Ironing table
US 2291614 A
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IRONING' TABLE Aug. 4, 1942.

,F iled Dec. 6, 1940 INVENTOR. Home: B. E4).

BY I I W Patented Aug. 4, 1942 moms TABLE Horace B. Fay. Willoughhy, Ohio, assignor to Gridiron Steel 00 Application December 6, 1940, Serial No. 368,883

1 Claim. (Cl. 38-137) The present invention relates to improvements in fireproof metal ironing tables and more specifically is directed to an improved form of board consisting of a frame element and a separate top element which is removably mounted in the frame. The removable top element in the present invention is of "a particular type so formed that it provides a top having substantially one half or more of the surface open to provide ventilation through the board to aid in carrying 011 the moisture which accumulates during the ironing operation.

The present invention in particular provides an improved form of panel or board element of the general ,type shown in my oo-pending application for United States Letters Patent, Serial No. 361,466, filed October 16, 1940, which provides adequate ventilation and moisture dispersion under the severest ironing operations.

To the accomplishment of the foregoing and related ends, said invention, then, consists of the means hereinafter fully described and particularly pointed out in the claim; the annexed drawing and the following description setting forth in detail certain structure embodying the invention, such disclosed structure constituting, however, but one of various forms in which the principle of the invention may be used.

In said annexed drawing;

Pig. 1 is a pe sp ctive view of an ironing table with the frame supported-by a set of folding legs and with the removable panel shown as disassembled for sake of clarity;

Fig. 2 is a bottom plan view of the frame without the legs but showing the reinforcing braces in place, and v Pig. 3 is a fragmentary section through the frame and panel.

Referring to the drawing and more particularly to Fig. 1, there is shown an ironing table comand the like to be slippedover and ironed with- Theframe 2| isformed witbailat top portion 23 and an offset shoulder, the panelfltting within such flat top and down and rolled into a bead or flange 36 to form a rigid structure which is suitably braced by a series of reinforcing cross. members 25, shown as channel irons although their exact form and shape is relatively unimportant. The legs are secured to the under side of the frame in any suitable manner to allow the usual folding thereof.

I In the present construction the panel is made of a sheet of metal or plastic material of sumcient transverse strength to take the weight of the iron and the ironing pressure without sagging and such panel is formed like a grill with at least one quarter and preferably up to one half of the material cut out to provide ventilation and even distribution of ventilating apertures over the entire top area within the frame. The apertures 26 are shown as square but the exact form" and shape is unimportant except to cut the panel in such a way as to retain sumcient longitudinal and transverse strength to provide a satisfactory 3' ironing speed. Where weight is an important factor light metal such as aluminum or magnesium alloy may be employed or a plastic material of light weight and fireproof quality may be used as Other modes of applying the principle of my invention may beemployed instead of the one explained, change being made as regards the structure herein discload, provided the means stated by the following claim or the equivalent 4 of such stated means be emplo ed.

li fromone-quartertonotmorethanonbhalfoi 'thesurfaceareaofthepanelandeachopsning beingrestrlctedinsizesothatmarkingbytbs open-work panel of the materialis Home: a. rag.

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U.S. Classification38/137, D32/66, 52/658
International ClassificationD06F81/10, D06F81/00
Cooperative ClassificationD06F81/10
European ClassificationD06F81/10