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Publication numberUS2292419 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 11, 1942
Filing dateJan 22, 1940
Priority dateJan 22, 1940
Publication numberUS 2292419 A, US 2292419A, US-A-2292419, US2292419 A, US2292419A
InventorsWetherbee Herbert E
Original AssigneeBenton H Grant, Richard F Grant
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Shaving preparation and form thereof
US 2292419 A
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Aug. 11, 1942. I H. E. WETHERBEE 2,292,419


Patented VAug. 11, 1942 AUNITED STAT Es PATENT OFFICE SHAVING PREPARATION AND FORM n THEBEOF Herbert E.. Wetherhee, lGlevelaiul Heights, Oluo, assignor of two-fifths to Richard F. `Grant, New York, N. Y., and one-tenth to B enton H. Grant,

Stamford, Conn.

Application January 22, 1940, Serial No. 315,001

11 Claims.

The invention relates to shaving preparations and forms thereof adaptable for shaving operations. An important phase of the invention relates to a new form of shaving accessory consisting of a suitable support member provided with shaving material and adapted for incorporation with the shaving head of a safety razor, so that when the shaving blade traverses a wet surface, such as a wet face, the shaving material, due to its surface activity, will be slowly disseminated from'the f support member and will rapidly spread by its y own action as disseminated in a thin hlm over the face ahead of the' cutting blade. The invention also includes new and improved preparations forming shaving material, and new methods of making various forms of these shaving prepara tions.

This application is, in part, la continuation of my4 pending application Serial No. 254,132, and, in part, a continuation of my pending application Serial No. 268,768,1n which pending applications the characteristics of theshaving material above noted are disclosed as also, Athe fact that the material has some constituents slightly soluble in water.

The claims in this application are limited to the Y new forms of improved shaving accessories,and

to"certain of the improved shaving preparations .disclosed in the application.

The claims of the application Serial No. 254,- 132 are particularly directed to new shaving accessories consisting of a razor blade coated with a shaving preparation which is solid at ordinary temperatures and substantially entirely tightly- One hundred parts by'weight beeswax, ten parts oleic acid; g

Eleven parts by weight'iparailin wax, eleven parts beeswax, and one part oleic acid; and A Eleven parts by weight paraiiin wax, eleven parts beeswax, and one part camphor.

As disclosed in said application Serial No. 254,- 132', the ingredients are added together and then heated to melting temperature over a water bath,

which produces a homogeneous solution into which the razor blade is dipped to form the desired coating thereon, or the melted. composition can be brushed on the razor blade to form the coating, which is `then allowed to cool and thus frms a coating which is solid'at ordinary temperatures and which .is substantially entirely tightly-adherent.- A razor blade so coated can be repeatedly used for shaving operations by merely traversing it over the skin which has been previously wet, the shaving material actively illming adherent, the blade being adapted for shaving by contact with water. There are also disclosed in theapplication Serial No. 254,132 new composi-g over the wet skin ahead of the cutting blade. i

In the other pending application, viz., Serial.

No. 268,768, therel are disclosed variousforms of razor elements, other than the cutting blade, having shaving material-incorporated therewith so that shaving operations with razor heads having such elements result in the lming of the shaving material 'over the skin ahead of the cutting blade, some. of these improved razor elements being-.of special construction to provide for a desrable mounting of the shaving material in or onl the razor head and the dispensing thereof lduring the shaving operation.

The claims of the application Serial No. 286,-

' 768 are directed-to such improved forms of razor tions of shaving material suitable for coating a razor blade in the manner described, amongst 4-- which shaving materials are beeswax, paraiiin wax, carnauba wax, Chinese insect wax, palmitic acid, and stearic acid. Preferably, in order to forni the new compositions, these materials are compounded with an ingredient to increase the surface activity of the composition, lsuch as oleic acid,- camphor, methol, and thymol. lDesirable compositions disclosed in 'said application include ingredients proportioned as follows: v

disclosed in said application Serial No. 268,768

,are the' following:

Beeswax fifty per cent by weight, stearic acid v thirty per cent,and thymol twenty per cent; a composition which forms a very satisfactory shaving paste;

Stearic acid seventy to ninety-five percent by weight, and thymol thirty to five per cent; most suitably, eighty-five per cent by weight stearic acid, and fteen per cent thymol; a solid cornposition at ordinary temperatures;

Beeswax fifty per cent by weight, stearic acid l Also, stearic acid from sixty-ve to ninety-ve per cent by weight, and mineral oil from'thirtyfive to five per cent; most suitably, substantially sixty-seven per cent by weight stearic acid, and thirty-three per cent mineral oil; a solid composition.

Said application Serial No. 268,768' also discloses improved processes of vmaking the new shaving compositions either in paste form, or into solid formations having adherent application to a razor element. Y

The annexed drawing and the following de- I scription setforth in detail certain means illustrating ,the improved water-like bodies containing shaving material. and adaptable for incorporation in a razor head; as also, the methods of making such wafer-like bodies; and new and imwords, the shaving material has been incorporated with the paper support;

Figure 'I is a view similar to Figure l, in which another form of razor head is disclosed having incorporated therewith another form of the wafer-like bodies mounted and secured in a different manner and in a diierent position than is shown in either of Figures l and 2;

Figure 7a is a view similar to a portion of Figure 7, in which another form of the wafer-like body is locked in position below the body portion of the razor guard;

Figure 7b is a plan of the wafer-like body included in the assembly shown in Figure 7a;

Figure 8 is' a plan of the razor guard in the form of razor head shown in Figure 7;

Figure 9 is a plan ofthe wafer-like body which is seated in a recess in the top of the guard shown in Figures '7 and 8;

Figure 10 is a side elevation of the wafer-like body shown in Figure 9;

Figure 11 is a view similar to Figures 1 and 7, but showing another form of razor in whose head is incorporated a form of the wafer-like bodies;

Figures l2 and 13 are, respectively, a plan and a side elevation of the-wafer-like body shown in Figure ll, the side elevation in Figure 13 showing the body thickness upon an enlarged scale; and

FiguresI 14, 15, and 1 6 are greatly enlarged sectional views, sirnilar to Figure 6, of other forms of the wafer-like body.

First referring to improved shaving preparay tions, in addition to those hereinbefore mentioned, which I have found suitable for use in the manner, and having the functions, hereinbefore described, certain desirable ones are compounded as follows:

Beeswax ninety-six per cent by weight. and oleic acid four per cent;

Beeswax eight-five per cent by weight, and thyproved preparations of shaving material; the

drawing, however, illustrating only a few of the various forms of suchwafer-like bodies and the ways by which they may be incorporated with a razor head, andthe disclosure setting forth only a few of the possible methods of making the wafer-like bodies, and only a few of the more desirable shaving preparations within the spirit of the invention therein.

In said annexed drawing: j

Figure 1 is a fragmentary end elevation, upon an enlarged scale, of a safety razor, .the head thereof being transversely sectioned, in which a wafer-like body containing coherent shaving preparation is locked between the upper surface of the razor guard and the lower surface of theV cutting blade; l

Figure 2 is a view similar to a portion of Fisure 1, in which the wafer-like'body is locked be- 1 body shown in Figure 3, the thickness of e body being shown upon an enlarged scale; y

Figure 5 is a greatly enlarged'sectlon through a portion of a piece of paper suitable as a support for receiving and holding 'shaving material,

to thus form the described.waferlike body;

Figure 6 is a view similar to Figure 5, but showing the completed wafer-like body;

' tween the upper surface of the cutting blade and in other mol fifteen per cent; Beeswax seventy-five per cent by weight, thymol fifteen per cent, and a viscous water-white tasteless mineral oil ten per cent; Beeswax eight-eight per cent by weight, thymol seven per cent, and mineral oil tive per cent; Beeswax eight-rive per cent by weight, mineral oil ten-per cent, oleic acid four per cent, and

thymol one per cent;

Beeswax seventy-tive per cent by weight, mineral oil twenty per cent, oleoc acid four per cent. -and thymol one per cent;

The above preparations are all solids at ordinary "temperatures,

A couple of desirable preparations which are of a consistency of a'soft paste at ordinary temperatures are:y ,Y

Mineral oil eighty per cent by weight, beeswax fifteen per cent, and thymol five per cent; and

Mineral oil eighty per cent by weight, beeswax nineteen per cent, and thymol one per centi Adesirable preparation which is liquid at'or- Y.

dinary temperatures comprises:

Mineral oil ninety per cent by weight, beeswax veight per cent, and thymol two per cent,

shaving powder. This powder is fine enough so that a small amount, of it can be shaken onto the razor part and, in the presence of water, and,A

brushed with-the hot mixture, and, upon cooling,4

the preparation forms a solid adherent coating.

rThe use of the preparations herein disclosed does not induce the formation of any lather on the surface being shaved, since none of the ingredients of any of the preparations is of a soapy naturel. Also, the improved preparations are anhydrous, since none of the ingredients entering thereinto contains any water content. The

preparations become active, in the presencev of water, and serve their purpose onea wet surface, but they do not in themselves contain any water. Furthermore; an additional suitable for forming a coating upon a razor element, such as a guard or blade, or suitable for use with a support to form the coherent wafterlike shaving accessories which are incorporated in the razor head, is that they are all solids at ordinary temperatures.

. characteristic of those preparations which are f The supports of the various wafer-'like shavingA accessories shown in the accompanying drawing include any suitable material which will take an adherent coating of the shaving preparation and/or capable of impregnation by the shaving preparation, the complete coherent accessory being also of wafer-like thinness so as to be suitable for incorporation in the heads of standard razors without necessarily revamping the razor design' and without injuriously impairing the relative positions ofthe -several razor elements or their functioning during the shaving operation. The manner of incorporating such a waferlike body is illustrated in the accompanying drawing by application thereof to three different types of razor heads. i

Referring particularly to Figure 1, a razor handle I,'guard 2l with protective teeth 3, cap 4 having depending longitudinal retaining rib 6, and a blade 6, are assembled in a well-known manner to form a razor of standard construction. Between the guard 2 and the blade 8 is positioned one of the improved wafer-like bodies 1, Figure 6, comprised of a thin porous'paper support 3 forming means for holding in a coherent mass 'shaving preparation with which the paper support l is treated, the treatment forming a skin 3 of the shaving preparation upon the paper support 8 and also impregnatingv the paper support 3 with the shaving preparation, as indicated by I0, Figure 6.

As-will be noted in Figure 3, the wafer-like body 'I is of a design similar to that of the blade '3 designed for use with a razor head of the type shown in Figure .1, the body 1 having a longitudinal slot 1 through which the retaining -rib 5 is passed, when assembling the razor elements. and a central hole 'I2 through which the threaded post (not shown), depending from the cap 4 and having engagement with the handle I, is passed.

The form of assembly in Figure 2 is similar to that shown in Figure 1, with the exception of incorporating the wafer-like body -fI between the cap 4.and the blade 3, instead of between the guard 2 and' the blade 8,'as' shown in Figure 1.

Referring particularly to Figure 7, another.v

form of wafer-like body 20 is incorporated in the head of another well-known form of razor comprising the handle l2, guard I 3, having the ldownwardly-projected protective edge flanges I4 and the raised elongated diamond-shape shoulder .I3 forming the central recess I9, cap I5, having the longitudinal retaining rib I6, andblade I 1. The

wafer-like body 20 comprises a blotting paper support member coated and impregnatedwith a shaving preparation and is seated in the recess I9 and securely held, when the razor parts. are assembled, by the depending cap rib I6 and the depending cap post (not shown). This form of wafer-like body 20 is thick as compared with the form shown in Figures 3 and 4, and also as compared with the forms hereinafter fully dev scribed and shown in Figures 12- and 13, in Figure 14, Figure 15, and Figure 16. The design of the wafer-like body 20 itself is shown in Figures 9 and 10.l

Referring particularly to Figures 7a and 7b, the

wafer-like body 42 is locked between the top of the handle I2 and the bottom surface I3' of the guard I3. VThis wafer-like body 42 one design of which is shown in Figure 7b thus is incorporated with the razor head exteriorly of and below the latter.

Referring particularlyl to Figures 11, 12. and 13,

another form of well-known razor assembly is shown, consisting of a handle 2i having the head4 block 22, pivotally-mounted cap 23, guard 24 having protective teeth 2'5, and blade 26. The blade for this type of razor has only one cutting edge,

the opposite edge being secured between the leavesof a two-ply clamp 21? The blade 26 is4 formed with a slot which accommodates a lug 28 upstanding from the body of' the guard 24 and serving to'position and retain the` blade 26. The l wafer-like body 29 is mounted on the top surface of the guard 24 under the cutting blade 23, one

edge of the wafer 29 being positioned against the shoulder 21' formed by the bottom leaf of the clamp 21. The wafer bodyis of a design similar to the exposed portion ofthe blade 28, having a central hole 23' through which the lug 28 passes.

Referring to the form of wafervlike body 30 shown in Figure 14, and designed particularly for use with razors of the types shown in Figures 1 and 11, this body 30 consistsof a thin paper support 3l metallic-coated on one side 32, the other side of the paper 3I'being of a porous nature so that when the paper 3l is treated with a shaving preparation, the latter will not only form a skin 33 of theshaving preparation onv the porous side treated porous sideofthe paper vsupport 3l' is positioned adjacent the cutting blade and, when paper similar to"` that shown in Figure 14; i. e.,

the razor head is opened to clean the razor elements after the shaving operation, the wafer-like body 30 adheresto the cutting blade.

Referring to the form of wafer-like body shown l in 4Figure'l, the same comprises a support 3I of thin paper having one resistant side 32, such as a metalliccoated side. However, to the other side of the paper 3| is ailixed a thin paper 35, of a tissue nature, after that other" side of the paper 3| has been treated with a shaving preparation. 'I'he shaving preparation impregnates the sup'- 'pgrt 3|, and the tissue paper 35,v as indicated' by 3 vReferring. to the form of waiter-like shown in Figure 16, the same comprises three paper thicknesses consisting of anintermediate paper support 31 of a porous nature which is nrst treated upon both sides with shaving preparation and then has affixed to its two sides tissue paper coverings 33. The shaving preparation impregnates the intermediate support paper member 31, as indicated by 23, and, when the tissue coverings 33 are afiixed, the shaving preparation impregnates the tissue coverings 33, as indicated by I0. Also, there are thin layers lvl of the shaving preparation between the intermediate paper support member 31 and the tissue coverings 3l.

When wafer-like bodies of the character shown in Figures 15 and 16 are used, they will not tenaciously adhere to any part of the razorhead, when the latter is opened for cleaning, but can easily'be washed of! by holding the razor part to which they fortuitously cling, under running water.

The various forms of wafer-like bodies shown in Figures 3-4, 12-13, 14, 15, and 16, diner amongst themselves somewhat in thicknesses, as will be readily understood from the aforegoing descripti'ombut theyare all comparatively thin as compared with the blotting paper type, shown in Figures 7, 7b, 9, and 10, and they are all adaptf able particularly for assembly in razor heads of the types shown in Figures 1 and 11.

Many forms of paper other than those of a blotting paper nature, or metallic-coated papers,

or thin tissue; as also, materials comprised of other vegetable fibers, such as cloth of various sorts, or even thin materials not'of a -vegetable nature, but capable of being locked to a razor head, in the manner illustrated by the accompanyirig drawing, can be used as supports for holding the shaving material in coherent form and permitting its' self-dissemination and rapid spreading in the manner and under the circumstances described.

The paper or other support simply forms amedium by which a thin mass of the' shaving preparation can be held together in a manner suitable for handling it without breaking, and

for application to and securing to the razor head, A and for its gradual dissemination in the jform oi! during shava flashing film upon a wet'surface ing operations.

When the wafer-like body contains enough shaving preparation to serve for a plurality of shaves, it is easilycleansed after each shaving operation, in like manner as other razor' parts. and can be replaced with the other parts to form the assembled clean razor head, the shaving 'material being only gradually dispensed during the shaving operations, and serving for such op'- erations until the shaving material has been so completely dispensed as not to leave on the support suicient of the material for effective and quick shaving.

The wafer-like bodies are preferably made from paper which is punched in strip form so as to provide a plurality of the wafer supports of 1 the desired configuration and then the strips are pulled through a bath of the shaving preparation,v the strips thus treated being withdrawn from the bath vertically so as to drain. ThenA the strips are subdivided into a plurality of individual wafers after the. shaving. preparation coating has solidified. Also the wafer-like bodies may be made by treating a .comparatively large sheet of thesupport member with the `shaving preparation, or by brushing the support member, either one side thereof or both sides, according to the particular wafer-like body desired. fIfhe treated support members have then affixed to them the wafer-like body has such coverings, according to the various forms of wafer-likebodies herein-' fore described, such coverings being 'also in comparatively large sheets. Then, after the shaving preparation has set, the treated supports, or the treated supports with their coverings, are subdivided in any suitable manner and by any suitable apparatus into a plurality of the individual l0 wafer-like shaving accessories.

. When using a razor-within whose head is in- .corporated one of the wafer-like supports impregnated and/or coated with a shaving preparation, the face is washed in the usual manner and kleft wet. Then the razor head is dipped into water and shaving started in the usual manner, the face being kept wet, if, for any reason, it dries before the shaving is finished. Thevrazor head wetted skin, which'is formed with so great rapid-4 ity as properly toA be termed a flash-film, so

that it is always in advance of the cutting edge of the razor blade. The net result ofthe operationV is to afford a quick clean shave which leaves the face nonfirritated, smooth, and soft. f

The improved shaving preparations also afford a flash-filming thereof over a wet face, and a quick, clean shave which leaves the face nonirritated, smooth, and soft, even if they are applied to the face in manners other than from the razor head. For instance, a small portion thereof, either in solid. paste or liquid formation, may be added to a bowl of warm water, and the razor head dipped into such water and the shaving operation effected upon the wet face. The shaving preparation immediately forms a film thereof over the-entire surface of the water and is picked up by the dipping of the razor head therein in ample quantities'to form a flashing film over the wet skin ahead ofthe cutting blade, when the razor head is applied to the skin for the shaving operation. Or, the shaving preparation may be transferred from the film on the surface of the water in the bowl to the wet skin by the ngers, which will result in the immediate forination of a `film upon the wet skin so that an effective pleasing shaving operation canbe effected with an untreated razor head.

, Other'methods of applying the improved shaving preparations to a wet skin will readily suggest themselves, any application of the improved preparations to a wet skin resulting in a flashiilming ofthe preparation over the skin, it being an inherent characteristic of the improved preparations that they are highly surface-active and surface.

What I claim is:

1. A shaving preparation 'which is solid atrbrdinary temperaturesand is comprised of a' preponderant portion of beeswax and a minor por- 95 tion of mineral oil, by weight, together with substances`-which are'surface-active and promote a vrapid self-spreading of the preparations in a film upon a wet surface when the latter is contacted thereby, said surface-active substances including oleic acid in an amount substantially four percent of the whole preparation, and a modicum of thymoL/ l 2. A shaving preparation which is comprised,

jby weight, of substantially eight-five parts beesone or two thin paper coverings, if the wax, ten parts water-white mineral oil, four parts oleic acid, land one part' thymol. y

3. A shaving preparation which is solid at orn dinary temperatures and is comprised of a maior.

portion of stearic acid, a minor portion of mineral oil, and a modicum of 'thymoL 4. A shaving preparation comprised of sub-1 stantially sixty-six perI cent stearic acid, by weight, thirty-three per cent mineral oil, and

about one per cent thymol.

' 5.7 A shaving preparation comprised of a sub- I siantially homogeneous' anhydrous mixture of base or primary shaving material selected from `a group consisting of beeswax, paraffin wax,

carnauba wax, Chinese insect wax, stearic acid,

and palmitic acid, and ofsurface-active material which is slightly soluble in water and vwhich acts 9. A wafer-like accessory for mounting in a razorfhead comprising a thin support' mem` ber carrying in coherent formation' a mass` of i shaving PreparationY tightly-adherently incorpof rated therewith, which shaving preparation is t comprised-of base: or primary shaving material selected from a group consisting of beeswax, paramn wax, carnauba wax, Chinese insect wax,

stearic acid` and palmitic acid, and of surface` water surface, actsas a distributing medium for the preparation by promoting a dissemination as a distributing medium for the preparation by promoting a slow exhaustion of the ,latter and a i rapid spreading thereof' as exhaustedin a nlm distributing material which promotes a slow exhaustion of the preparation and a rapidseifspreading of the preparation as exhausted in a nlm over the'surface of water when thelatter'is contactedby' the preparation.

active material which is slightly soluble in water and which, when the preparation contacts a thereoffrom the support member and a rapid spreading thereof as disseminated in-a fllmover the lwater 10. A wafer-like shavinglaccessoryormount., y ing 'ina'frazorhead comprising a thin porous l memberrhaving' an impervious face and impreg-v nated'with a shaving preparation comprised of base' or 'primary' shaving material selected from. a, group consisting of beeswax.l paramn wax,

carnauba wax, Chinese insect wax', stearic acid (and palmitic acid, and of surface-active material -which isv slightly soluble, in water andwhich,

vwhen the preparation contactsI fa water surface, -1

acts as a' distributing medium for thev preparation by promoting a dissemination thereof from the'poro'us member and a rapid spreading thereof' as in a nlm over the water .l1v A wafer-like 'shaving accessory for mounting in a razor head comprising a porous member '1.' A shaving preparationdwhich is at or-v I dinary temperatures; and is comprised of a substantially homogeneous mixture ofa preponder- .ant portion, by weight. ot beeswax and a minor" j witha shaving preparation comprised of base or4 portion of mineral oil, constituting a base, to-

ing distributing material which promotes a slow exhaustion of the p tion and a rapid selfspreading of the preparation ais-exhausted in a gether with a minor portionof thymol constitutslightly soluble in water and which, when,;the i nlm over the surface of water when the latte; is A contacted by the preparation.v

8. A shaving preparation which is solid'at or dinary temperatures'andis comprised of a substantially homogeneous mixture of substantially. by' weight, seven parts" eight-eight para beeswax. thymol, and nve parts mineral oil. l y

and a relatively thin porous facing member mounted on each side of the rst mentioned' porous member, said members being impregnated' primary shaving material selectedvfro'm a group consisting" of beeswax,fparamn wax.'c carnauba wax, Chinese insect wax, stearic acid and palmitic acid, fand' of 'surface-active material "which *is preparation contacts a water surface,v acts as adistributing medium for the preparation by promoting a dissemination thereof from said mem-- bers and a `rapid spreading thereof as dissemi` nat'ed in a illm over the water surface.


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