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Publication numberUS2295141 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 8, 1942
Filing dateJul 15, 1940
Priority dateJul 15, 1940
Publication numberUS 2295141 A, US 2295141A, US-A-2295141, US2295141 A, US2295141A
InventorsNeil P Van Wingen
Original AssigneeAmerican Box Board Co
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US 2295141 A
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Sept. 8, 1942. N. P. VAN WINGEN 2,295,141

Patentecl Sept. 8, 1942 CONTAINER Neil P. Van Wingen, Grand Rapids, Mich., as-

signor to American Box Board Company, Grand Rapids, Mich., a corporation of Michig en Application July 15, 1940, Serial No. 345,451

3 Claims.

This invention relates to a nove1 construction of receptacle in which articles of merchandise may be carried and in which they may be transported either by rail or by truck. While the construction has been designed more particu- 1arly for a receptacle to contain fruit, such as peaches or the like, it is not necessarily limited in use to any particular articles.

One primary object and purpose of the present invention is to provide a receptacle which may be used in shipping and transportation made entirely of paper stock and which is verticaliy strengthened and reinforced at the corners so that the boxes with contents therein may be stacked one upon the other and not crush because of the corner strength whch wil1 sustain the weight of the boxes and contents above.

With my invention the complete box, except for the cover, is made from one piece of paper materal with a minimum of waste of the material in cutting the sheet to the proper form such that it may be folded to make the complete box.

An understanding of the invention may he had from the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the complete box without a cover thereon.

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of one end portion of the box, both ends being identioal in construction, showing the end unfolded.

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary perspective and transverse section looking into the box at its open upper side, and

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary longitudinal section at one end of the box with a cover over its open upper side.

Like reference characters refer to 1ike parts in the derent figures of the drawng.

In the construction of the box a sheet of paper material of the requisite thickness and strength is provided and is proper1y scored to make a bottom I of rectangular form from eaoh side of which sides 2 are bent vertically upward at right angles. Each of the sides 2 is bent back inwardly upon tself to provide a strengthening and reinforcing flap 3 whch extends the entire length of and within each side, and after it is fo1ded inwardly said fiaps 3 are stapled or otherwise permanentiy secured to the sides 2. This makes a smooth and rounded upper edge for each of the sides of the box.

At each end of each of the sides 2 a flap 4 is extended and is adapted to be turned inwardly at right angles, the flaps at each end of the box being turned to extend toward each other.

At each end of the bottom I a rectangular section 5 is integrally connected and is adapted to be folded upwardly at the outer sides of the inturned fiaps 4. At the outer edge of each of the end seotions 5 a section 6 is integraliy connected being connected with the part 5 for a portion of its length but cut therefrom adjacent each end for a short distance as best shown in Fig. 2. At each end of each of the sections 6 are extensions and 8, the extension 1 being integrally connected to the section 6 and for substantially the full width thereof while the parts 8 are of a shorter 1ength as shown and.

are positioned at the outer portions of and integrally connected with said extensions 1.

After the flaps 4 have been turned inwardly toward each other and the end section 5 turned upward at their outer sides, the section 6 is turned inwardly and downwardiy within the inner sides of the fiaps 4 and over their upper edges with the parts positioned diagonally across the corners as shown in Figs. 1 and 3, and the parts 8 turned to bear against the adjacent portons of the sides 2 and located between the 1ower edges of the reinforcing flaps 3 and. the bottom of the box. The free edge portions of the sections 6 are provided with short projecting tabs 9 and at the ends of the bottom I rectangular openings I0 are made to receive these tabs thereby interlocking the parts together.

With this construction the partg located diagonally across the corners of the box and extending the full depth thereof serve as supports for the weight of other boxes and. contents above. Any suitable cover may be applied to this box after it has been filled. The boxes may be shipped in their unfolded fiat condition and are readily bent upon the scored lines between the bottom and. sides, between the bottom and the end sections 5 and. between the end sections 5 and the part 6 and otherwise so that the formation of the box nto its completed form from the fiat sheet Of material is done readily and. without the necessity of using too1s or skilled labor.

The oonstruction i very practical and usefu1. In the case of fruit and some other articles which may be contained in a box of this eharacter, the sides are provided with openings as shown for venting. These openngs, however, are no part of the present invention and in cases where not needed may be dispensed with.

The invention is defined in the appended claims and is to be consdered comprehensve of all formg of structure comng wthn their scope.

I claim:

1. A box havng a. rectangular bottom, sdes extending vertcally upward from the sde edges of sad bottom, said sdes each havng en inturned end flap at each end thereof, an outer end section c0nnected to each end of the bottom and extendng upwardly at the outer sdes of sad end fiaps, an inner end secton connected to the upper edge of outer end section extending downwardly at the inner sdes of sad flaps, sad inner section havng at each end thereof and connected thereto a part extending angularly across a corner wthn the box, sad parts bearing at one end upon the bottom of the box and extending substantially to the upper edges of the sdes and ends of the box, each of sad sdes ha.ving located at the inner sde and upper porton thereof a flap extendng substantially the full length and turned downwardly at the inner sde thereof, each of sad angularly located parts havng an extenson thereto at ts free end of less height which extensions are turned to 1ie against the inner sdes of sad sdes of the box between the bottom thereof and the lower edges of sad flaps.

2. A box of the class deserbed made from a single sheet of paper materal comprisng, a, bot

tom of rectangular shape vertcal sdes ntegral wth sad bottom, end fiaps one at each end of each sde, the fiaps at each end of the box being turned nwardly toward each other, an outer end secton at each end of the box turned upwardy against the Outer sdes of adjacent end flaps, an

connected at the upper edges at each sde of the box and turned downwardly at the inner sdes thereof, the width of sad flaps being less than the heght of the sdes, each of sad extensions havng an ntegral narrower porton of a vertical dimenson substantally equa1 to the distance between the lower edges of sad longtudnal fiap and the bottom of said box, and turned to 1e aganst the sdes of the box and extending in the directon of the ends thereof, as specified.

3. A box of the class descrbecl made from a. single sheet of paper material havng a bottom of reetangular form, a vertca1 sde at each sde edge of the bottom integral therewth and extending upwardly. therefrom, an end flap at each end of each sde ntegral therewth, the end fiap at each end of the box beng turned inwardly toward each other an outer end secton ntegral with and having a length substantially equal to the wdth of the bottom and havng a width substantally equa1 to the height of the sdes extending upwardly from each end of the box at the outer sdes of the adjacent end fiaps, an inner end secton integral wth each outer end secton intermedate the ends thereof and for a, dstance less than the length thereof wth sad inner end section beng turned over the upper edges of sad end fiaps and downwardly at the inner sdes thereof, each of sad inner end sectons having a part ntegral therewth extending from each end thereof and separated from the outer end sectons, whereby when the inner end sectons are located at the inner sdes of said end fiaps, sad parts extend diagonally across the corners of the box, sad parts being of a heght substantally equa1 to the depth of the box, and each of said parts, one at each end of the inner end secton, havng an extenson thereto of a less heght than such part, sad extensions being bent to 1e aganst the inner sdes of the box and extendng toward the ends of the box, and means on th inner sdes of the box to come against the upper edge of sad extensions, thereby preventing upward movement thereof.


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