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Publication numberUS2297984 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 6, 1942
Filing dateSep 3, 1940
Priority dateSep 3, 1940
Publication numberUS 2297984 A, US 2297984A, US-A-2297984, US2297984 A, US2297984A
InventorsRcller Lucille S
Original AssigneeRcller Lucille S
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Cosmetic case
US 2297984 A
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Oct. 6, 1942. L. s. RELLl-:R 2,297,984

G OSMETIC CASE File'd Sept. 3, 1940 !Patented ct. 6, 1942 oosMTrc CASE Lucille S. Rcller, Chicago, lll.

Application September 3, 1940, Serial No. 355,200

1` Claim.

The present invention relates to containers and more particularly to Va Vcontainer which is adapted to be carried in a ladyspurse vand which is particularly useful as a vanity kit wherein the usual cosmetics, etc. that are carried may be conveniently stored so as to be readily accessible any time it is desired to use them.

The invention contemplates a container of the character described, having therein certain compartment forming elements so arranged as to enable the user properly to separate and hold the various items. The contemplated container is also constructed in such a fashionthat when opened and placed upon a flat surface it occupies a small amount of space and is stable in said open position. The container in its open position, ready for use, has a flat surface which rests atly upon the support and holds that part of the container which has the bottles, comb, powder case, and the like in it in such positions that the articles are readily accessible and removable. The container has a simple cover which, when the body portion of the container is resting on the flat surface and is upright, will cooperate with the body portion to oppose tipping of the upright part. Provision is made in the cover for the carrying of sheets of cleansing tissue in such a fashion that they may be readily removed. Furthermore, ,the container and cover are so constructed that the cover closes and fastens in a simple, effective manner.

The features and advantages of the invention will appear more fully from the following description, reference being had to the accompanying drawing wherein a preferred form of the invention is shown. It is to be understood however that the drawing and description are illustrative only and that the details of construction may be varied substantially without departing from the scope of the invention. The drawing and description are therefore not to be taken as limiting the invention except insofar as it is limited by the claim.

In the drawing:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a cosmetic case embodying the present invention;

Fig. 2 is a sectional view taken substantially on the line 2--2 of Fig. 1; and

Fig. 3 is a plan sectional view taken substantially on the line 3-3 of Fig. l.

Referring now to the details of the drawing, the present invention is embodied in a container which comprises a body portion 5 and a cover portion 6. The materials of which the container is constructed are not important to the present invention. Anyv suitable sheet material, whether of metal or of non-metallic compositiom'is considered satisfactory for my purpose. The design as shown is not intended to illustrate minor production perfections such as the shaping of edges and corners. to prevent their being too sharp. It is obvious however that these details are part of the production of any item of this nature.

The body portion 5 of the container consists of a back 1, two end portions 8 and 9 integral with the back and extending at right angles thereto, a base or side portion I0, also integral with the back and the end portions and extending at right angles thereto, and a short ange II opposite the base I0 and parallel therewith, said flange being provided with a lip I2, the purpose of which will presently appear. The base I0 is at and is adapted to serve as a support to maintain the body portion 5 in upright position upon any at surface. The interior of the body portion 5 within the connes of the back l, the ends 8 and 9, and the base Ill provides a space which is adapted to receive such items as bottles I3, a vanity case I4, lipstick I5, a comb, and other items commonly used as a part of the makeup equipment carried in the pocketbook. The space in which these several articles are carried may be divided up in suitable fashion by a longitudinally running low ledge I6 and a channel member I1. The ledge I6 is secured in any suitable fashion to the end 8 and the base Ill. Similarly the channel shaped portion II is secured to the base I0 and the end 9. The channel member I1 is spaced from the back wall 'I so as to provide an open narrow space I8 to receive vanity cases I4 of varying sizes and shapes. Alternatively this space may be used for a powder pui where the powder is carried in a separate container. It is desirable to divide the channel member I 'I by means of a partition I9 so as to provide two compartments, one of which may contain the lipstick I5 while the other may contain rouge or other articles.

The cover 6 is hinged to the body 5 by a suitable hinge construction 20, such for example as the well known'piano type hinge. It is essential that the hinge be so constructed as to permit the base I0 and the cover 6 to lie flat upon a supporting surface when the cover is open. In other words, the hinge is turned inwardly as shown in Figs. 1 and 2. The cover carries a clip 2l which is fastened to the left hand end of the cover and which is adapted to hold a plurality of sheets 22 of cleansing tissue or similar material. nIt will be noted that this clip is so situated as to extend into the body portion 5 above the ledge I6 so as not to waste any space. The end edges of the cover 6 are not turned up but are left at and smooth so that the sheets of cleansing tissue may be withdrawn easily.

The cover 6 has a latching flange 23 which is adapted to be complementary to the narrow ilange Il so as to close the container along the top. This ange also has a folded over or ribbed edge 24 which is adapted to extend beneath and behind the edge I2 on the flange II. There is suilcient spring in the cover to enable the flange 23 to snap under the flange Il and effect an interlocking closure as shown in Fig. 2. It will be understood of course that the side edges 25 and 26 of the portion 23 of the cover are offset so as to fit underneath the flange ll and inside the end Walls 8 and 9 to make a smooth closure. From the foregoing description it is believed that the construction and operation of the present invention will be readily apparent to those skilled in this art. Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

A vanity kit container adapted to be carried in a ladys purse, said container comprising a body portion having a back Wall, a bottom wall, and end Walls but open at the top, article segregating and holding members fastened in said body to hold articles in position therein to be removed readily when the body portion is upright, a cover joining said bottom wall, said bottom Wall and said cover being hingedly connected so that both rest flat on a supporting surface when the body portion is upright and the cover is open, said cover having a flange at the edge thereof opposite its connection to the bottom Wall, said flange extending across the top opening of said body portion for closing said top opening when the cover is moved to closed position, said body portion having a narrow lip at the open top and said flange being resilient whereby it may be pressed under said lip, and cooperating latch portions on said lip and said flange to hold the cover closed.


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