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Publication numberUS2299718 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 20, 1942
Filing dateSep 7, 1940
Priority dateJul 22, 1938
Publication numberUS 2299718 A, US 2299718A, US-A-2299718, US2299718 A, US2299718A
InventorsFlorez Luis De
Original AssigneeFlorez Engineering Co Inc De
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Removing coke from coke stills
US 2299718 A
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Oct. 20, 1942. L, DE F'. REZ 2;299,71s REMOVING COKE FROM COKE STILLS I Original Filed July 22, 1958 n- Y I 72 e9 l 1 i. 69b

I 26 z 29 2a 27 as z 1 2 g l s. 23


Patented Oct. 20, 1942 2,299,718 REMOVING COKE FROM COKE STILLS Luis de Florez, Pomfret, Conn; assignor to De Florez Engineering Co. Inc.,

Hartford, Comm,

a corporation oi Connecticut Original,- application In 220,714. bet 7, 1940,

1 Claim.

This application is a ing application Serial No. 220,714, filed July 22, 1938 upon which Patent No. 2,248,903, issued on July 8, 194i.

This invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in ellecting the removal of coke from cracking or coking stills.

A primary objectof the invention is to provide for expeditiously and efilciently removing coke formed in stills or reaction chambers wherein hydrocarbon or petroleum oils are reduced to coke.

The invention contemplates the application to the mass in the coking drum, under an applied hydraulic pressure, of a plurality of power-actuated coke cutting or boring elements. In accordance with the invention a rotary hydraulic carries a plurality of cutting is provided with separate power-operated actuating means.

For the purpose of more fully disclosing the invention, reference will now be had to the accompanying drawing wherein:

Figure 1 is an elevation, partially in section, 01' apparatus constructed in accordancewith the invention and constituting an embodiment Figure 2 is an enlarged view tool and the cylinder for operating it taken on line 2 2 of Figure 1.

Referring to the drawing, and particularly to Figure 1, a coking drum framework H and is adapted for accomplishing the coking of hydrocarbon oils 'into asolid residue or coke mass l2. e coking drum is provided with a bottom manway, preferably of accommodate the relatively large diameter, to entrance of. the coke removal A well or hydraulic casing I6 is provided for applying hydraulic pressure to a plunger H. The hydraulic casing is equipped with a stufllng box It. The plunger I! is rotated by means of a turntable I 9 formed with bevel gear20 meshapparatus.

, ing with pinion 2| mounted on shaft 22 suitably geared to amotor 23 and provided with a clutch 24. The plunger 7 splines 25 for engagement with the hub 26 of the turntable l9 so that arotary movement may be'imparted to division of my co-pend-' of the cutting in is supported on a 1y 22, 1938, Serial No. Divided and this application Sep Serial No. 355,735

longitudinal movement of trolling the admission the plunger through the turntable IS. A bearing framework 21 supports a bearing 26 secured by a threaded colis supported by a bracket 69b fixed to a crossshaft 19 ha bar H which may be suitably secured to the frame H. Steam under pressure is admitted through pipe 12 to the stationary chamber 69. The rotating chamber is carried by the splined plunger I! and rotates therewith. Flexible hose connections 13 establish communicationtvith the cylinder 61 for operating the piston therein. The steam cylinder 61 rides a screw-threaded shaft 14 supported on the table 66 so that the cutting element may be moved back and forth transversely of the table 66. For operating the screwthreaded shaft 14 by hand a sprocket chain 15 and flanged sprocket 16 are provided. The sprocket I6 is mounted on a shaft 11 which is provided wiigka chain drive 18 for operating a mesh with a worm gear 86 mounted on the shaft I1 is formed with a plurality of 1 the plunger I! while permitting plunger, the

14. As shown in Figure 2 the cutting element 66 may be formed with a knife-like serrated edge. With the hydraulic pressure applied to the rotatlngshaft II, the reciprocating cutting element 66 operated by the steam cylinder 61 serves to break and chip the coke; By moving the cylinder 61 by means of the threaded screw I4, the position of the chipping element 68 may readily be shifted as desired.

From the preceding description it will be seen that. the invention contempltaes the rapid breaking up of the coke mass in the drum by means of the combination of the simultaneously applied forces of the upward thrust of the hydraulic rotating movement of the plunger and: the individual movements of the cutting element 68 carried by the plunger.

Although the preferred embodiment of the invention has been set forth in connection with apparatus having a particular construction and arrangement of parts and mode of operation, it will be seen that various changes and modificag a worm pinion (not shown) in tions may be made therein, while securing to a and mounted on the screw-threaded shaft for greater or less extent some or all of the benefits movement thereon transversely of the inclined of the invention, without departing from the table, a cutting element carried by said cutting spirit and scope thereof. head and disposed for reciprocating movement I claim: 5 in a plane parallel to the inclined table, separate Apparatus forremoving coke from coking power-operated means adapted to impart recipchambers comprising a hydraulic pressure plungrocatlng movement to the cutting element simuler, power-operated means adapted to rotate said taneously with the rotary and thrust movements plunger simultaneously with the thrust moveof the plunger and means for operating the ment thereof, an inclined table mounted on said 10 screw-threaded shaft to move the cutting head plunger and adapted to rotate therewith, a screwto a desired position. threaded shaft mounted transversely of the in- LUIS on FLOREZ.

clined table, a cutting head on the inclined table

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