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Publication numberUS2300718 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 3, 1942
Filing dateAug 5, 1940
Priority dateAug 5, 1940
Publication numberUS 2300718 A, US 2300718A, US-A-2300718, US2300718 A, US2300718A
InventorsWilliams Frank B, Williams Harold E
Original AssigneeWilliams Frank B, Williams Harold E
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Method of making reinforced padding supports
US 2300718 A
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1942- F. B. WILLIAMS Em. 2,300,718 METHOD OF MAKING RBENFORCED PADDING SUPPORTS V Filed m. 5, 1940 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 M mVNToRs BY I 'AYTTORNEY.

1942- B. WILLIAMS ETAL 2,300,713


Patented Nov. 3,, 1942 I i Q UNITED PATENT]; OFFICE 1 1 2,300,718, t Q


*Carthage, Mo. Application August 5, 1940, Serial No. 351,460

3 Claims. (011409-107) a I Our invention relates to improvements in ablev cord like members. being shown-extended methodsof makingreinforced padding supports. through the closed eyesofth'e reinforcing wires.

It relates particularly to the makingpadding Similarchara'cters of referencedesignatesimsupports which are adapted for disposal upon the ilar parts in the diiferent views; ends of coil springs, used in upholstered seats, 5, Referring togFigs. Ito 5, I designates the warp backs and the like, the supports serving to pre-' and 2 the .woof strand of a fabric 'strip, which vent pads or padding coverin the springs from for clearness, purposesisshown with a very being forced intoor between the springs. coarse mesh. The strip may be burlap, or other One of the objects of our invention is the promaterial, composed of hemp, S jute Cotton vision of a novel method of making a padding 1Q strands, as desired. A support of the kind described in which reinforc- During the weaving of the fabric 'strip' woof ing members, as wires, ar woven into a fabric reinforcing members, such as metal wires 3, are

strip, as one made of hemp, sisal, jute, or cotton, woven in the strip at spaced intervals.

such as burlap, while the strip is being woven. In Fig. 1 the ends of the wires 3 are shown A further object of our invention provides new provided with eyes 4. In Fig. 2 th ends of the el means for establishing holding engagement of wires are shown with partly open eyes 4. The

the members, as wires, s0 woven, with pliable eyes 4 and 4' are herein termed lateral oilset members transverse thereto, as strips of flexible portions.

or cord-like material. When a desired length of the reinforced strip A further object of our invention is the prohas been woven, it is severed transversely across vision of a novel method of making a reinforced the warp strands l into portions of desired padding support, which is simple and economical lengths for padding supports.

in its performance. Two parallel pliable members 5, as cords, are The novel features of our invention are hereindisposed respectively in the closed eyes 4 by after fully described and claimed. threading through, or by being shifted laterally In the accompanying drawing illustrative of into the partly open eyes 4. In the latter case our improved method, the partly closed eyes 4 are closed by crimping,

Fig. 1 is a plan view of a partly completed so as to tightly clamp the members 5, if such padding support made in accordance with one clamping is desired. The closed eyes 4 may also form of our improved method, the reinforcing be crimped into tight engagement with the memmembers being woof wires having eyes at their bers 5. Or, if desired, the eyes may have holdends. ing engagement with the pliable members 5 by Fig. 2 is a view similar to Fig. 1, in which the simply encircling them, which will hold the wires end eyes are partly open for admitting the trans- 3 from lengthwise movement.

verse pliable members. Our invention provides also the employment of Fig. 3 is a plan view, similar to Fig. 1, showing reinforcing woof wires having no eyes when wovthe pliable transverse members extending through en in the strip, the ends of the wires after the the end eyes. weaving of the strip has been completed being Fig. 4 is a cross section on the line 4-4 of formed respectively around the pliable members Fig.3. 5 into holding engagement therewith.

Fig. 5 is a view similar to Fig. 4, showing the In the form shown in Figs. 6, 7 and 8, the reeyes partly open, prior to their being closed, as in inforcing wires 6 are warp wires which are woven Fig. 4. into the strip as the strip of fabric l-2 is being Fig. 6 is a plan view, partly broken away, showwoven. ing a partly completed reinforced fabric strip, The reinforced strip, shown in Fig. 6 is severed made in accordance with a modification of our transversely through the warp strands l and the improved method, in which the reinforcing memwires 6 into portions of desired lengths for padbers or wires are warp members of the strip. ding supports.

Fig. 7 is a plan view of a partly completed pad- The opposite ends of the wires 6 are then fasding support, severedfrom a strip corresponding toned i o o d e e t With e pliable to that shown in Fig. 6, showing the ends of the m m s y f n the nd p rtions of the warp wires formed into partly open eyes. wires around the members 5, or, as shown in Fig.

Fig. 8 is a plan view of a completed reinforced 7 the ends of the wires 6 may be formed into padding support made in accordance with the partly open eyes 4 which receive therein latermodified form of our improved method, the plially the members 5, after which the eyes are closed to hold the members loosely or, if desired, the eyes are crimped into tight nonslip engagement with the members 5.

In Fig. 1 is shown a padding support which eliminates the pliable members 5. In this form, the eyes 4 serve a double function, that of providing lateral offset portions which prevent the reinforcing members 3 fromlengthwise movement, and that of preventing the ends of the members from puncturing upholstering material with which they may contact,

In the form of padding support shown in Fig.

7, the partly open eyes 4 on the ends of the warp members 6, may also serve the same two functions. Or the pliable members 5 may be eliminated in the form shown in Fig. 8, and the members 6 with the closed eyes 4 used alone for reinforcing purposes.

With our improved method, the reinforcement is incorporated into the fabric strip during the manufacture of the latter, thus avoiding subsequent extra handling and work, and effecting a saving in the manufacture of the'reinforced padding supports.

Other modifications of our invention, within the scope of the appended claims, may be made without departing from the spirit of our invention. v

What we claim is:

1. The method of making a reinforced padding support, consisting in weaving woof wires into a fabric strip as the strip is being woven, by interweaving transversely between the warp strands at spaced apart intervals between the woof strands, and effecting clamping holding engagement of said woof wires with two pliable members transverse thereto and separate from said woof and warp strands. i v

2. The method of making a reinforced padding support, consisting in weaving woof wires into a fabric strip as the strip is being woven, by interweaving transversely between the warp strands at spaced apart intervals between the woof strands, and forming the end portions of each of said wires around and into holding en-

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