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Publication numberUS2305402 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 15, 1942
Filing dateNov 19, 1940
Priority dateNov 19, 1940
Publication numberUS 2305402 A, US 2305402A, US-A-2305402, US2305402 A, US2305402A
InventorsHall Chauncey A, Stetson Avery
Original AssigneeTouraine Coffee Co
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Foldable container
US 2305402 A
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, Dec. 15., V1942. s.I Avi-:RYv AErm. n

FOLDABLECONTAINERy Fild Nov. 19. 1940 Iig?? UNITED i y ,StetsonrfA'ver Holliston, andkhauncey A. Melrose, Mass.,` assgnorsfto La .Tourafixie Cof feeCo., Bost n, Mass., Va corporation Achusetts r Application November 19, 1940,7.seriaiin 66,252 I j ,4 v4 claims.' (ci. rgesport) v Our present invention relates to open mouthed v peredJ-as show-n; yand `isaccordingly of., greater containers of paper. or like foldable stock vand "length thantheifwalll. f The edge ofthei'w'allsl morefparticularly to ythe sealing of such conand oftheftabportion liisgenerally-'formed with tainers to protect their contents against Vdeteserrationsl. y ti i s rioration and to ensure that-they may be'readily 5 In accordance witv theiembodimnt flour inopened Without lossl 1 i 1 I x "Y Vention s hOWn in' after the While ourinventionmay be usedv in packag- B is filled with a.predeterminellwelghtiof coilee, ing many products, its novel features and advanfor example?thefiwallsl andxzare'foldedadjacent tagesmay be wellillustrated by considering probthe mouth of the container along a transverse lems attendant the packaging 0f, ofee Vin. Such I0. lner'lndcated at 5 t0 bring the Over-fOldQd pl containers as paper bags, envelopes, and the like. Y l of the'shorter wall I in a position'to partially After such packages have been lled with a preoverlie fthe over-folded part 2* ofthe longer wall termined weight-of coffee, they are-tightly closed. 2. As shown in Fig. 3, this fold closes the upper One of the common objections to sealing the walls part of the container sufliciently to prevent coffee together by an adhesive is that coiee particles 1 5 particlesfrom working into a position where theyV become lodged adjacent the seal and when the would be spilled when the `seal was broken.

' container is opened, generally by tearing the walls The over-folded part 2" of the wall 2 is then below the seal, a considerable quantity of coffee is folded transversely preferably adjacent the base spilled. of the tab portion 3, against the over-folded por- Our present invention has for its purpose the so tion l,a of the shorter wall I to which it is sealed Ymaking of such otherwise acceptable containers f in any desired way. ForApurposes of illustrating satisfactory in use. We accomplish this result by a suitable seal`,'we haveindicated in-Fig. 1 a providing atight seal protecting the contents and coating of suitable adhesive carried by the vtait having the dual advantage of being easily opened portion 3 and that portion of the wall l that while preventing the waste of the contents of the g5 constitutes the over-folded part l* to ensure their package. registry. l Preferably the coatings 6 terminate We accomplish this result, in accordance with well inwardlyof the sides of the wall l and the our invention, by utilizing a container having tab portion 3 to minimize the possibility of tearfoldable walls, one of which is longer than the` ing the paper when the containers are opened. other by reason of a tab or tab portion. The :i0 It is desirable, however, that thefadhesive be walls are then folded adjacent the mouth and the light by which term we mean that while it must l tab or tab portion is folded against the foldedtightly seal the mouth of the container, it must over part of the other wall to which it is united yield readily to avoid tearing the stock from'which by adhesive to seal the container with the tabY the container is made. The use of a. light seal end disposed for engagement so that it may be 35v is possible because the r'st fold effectively prepulled to release the seal to open the container. vents coiee or like particles from working into In the accompanying drawing, we have illustheover-folded part andthe pressure of the con- -trated an embodiment of our invention to illustents is not exerted against the seal. trate its novel features and advantages. In the In accordance with our invention, the tab 3 exdrawing: Y f 40 tends beyond the end of the package established Fig. 1 is a fragmentary front view of a typical by the'rst fold, to be readily engageablve when package, K the container is to be opened.` When the tab 3' Fig. 2 is a view similar to Fig. `1 but showing is pulled, the seal between the tab 3.and the overthe package closed in accordance with our invenfolded part I a iscleanly broken as the' parts il non, 45 andZ are unfolded as shown by a comparison Fig. 3 -is a fragmentary enlarged vertical secof Figs. 3 and 4. tion along the 1ines3-3, of Fig. 2, and We are thus Vable to provide, in accordance Fig. 4 isa similar section along the lines 4 4, with-.our invention, in a container of low cost, a of Fig. 1. Y tight seal thatmay be easily broken without loss We have shown in the drawing, Vas indicative `50 of the contents. y Y t of the type of container or package with which What wetherefore claim and desire to secure we are concerned, an' open mouth bag or envelopeYV f by Letters Patent is: B of paper or like foldable stock having a front 1. Apackage of the bag type comprising -arbag wall l anda back wall 2. The back Wall 2 C011- having front and rear walls, the top portion of ventionally includes a tab POItiOn 3, generally ta- 515 therear wall extending beyond the top of the against the downwardly folded part of the Vshorter wall, and means securing the upwardly folded longer wall to the face of the downwardly folded part of the shorter wall to maintain the mouth of the bag closed, and the top edge of the tab being exposed to be gripped and pulled to release the seal and to open the mouth of the package.

wardly folded portion of said front wall to maintain the mouth of the package closed, said tab projecting above said fold line to be gripped and pulled to release said fastening means and to open the mouth of the package. f Y' 2. A package as set forth in claim 1 in which the fastening means uniting the tab with the rearwardly and downwardly folded portion of the front wall comprises an adhesive extending trans-4 versely of said walls but spaced inwardly of the edges thereof.

3. A package of the bag type comprising a bag V having front and rear walls, the top portion of one wall extending beyond-the top of the other wall and constituting a tab, said walls being folded together downwardly with the shorter wall on the outer side vof the fold along a line'below the upper edge of the shorter wall to close the mouth of the bag, the longer wall being upwardly folded 4. A package of the bag type comprising a bag having front and rear walls, the top portion of Vone wall extending beyond the top of the other 1 wall andr constituting a tab, fastening means comprisving a coating of adhesive on the inner surface of the tab a substantial distance below its top and on the outer surface of the shorter wall, said walls being folded together downwardlsr with the shorter wall on the outer side of the fold along a line below the upper edge of the `shorter wall to close the mouth of the bag, the longer wall being upwardly folded to bring its coating of adhesive against the coating of adhesive on the shorter wall thereby to establish arseal between the walls to maintain the mouth ofthe bag closed, andthe top edge of the tab being exposed to be gripped and pulled to release the seal and to open the mouth of the package. l y



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