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Publication numberUS2305982 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 22, 1942
Filing dateFeb 24, 1942
Priority dateFeb 24, 1942
Publication numberUS 2305982 A, US 2305982A, US-A-2305982, US2305982 A, US2305982A
InventorsMorando Emanuel R
Original AssigneeMorando Emanuel R
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Back washing device
US 2305982 A
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Patented Dec. 22, 1942 UNITED STATES rgTssT oFFlcE BACK WASHING DEVICE Emanuel R. Morando, New York, N. Y.

Application February 24, 1942Serial No. 432,107

3 Claims.

This invention relates generally to washing device, such as used in bathrooms or other washing or bathing places, and has particular reference to a back washer. l

One of the objects of this invention, is the provision of means for washing and cleansing the body, in an improved, expeditious and desirable manner, in places, such as the back thereof, which are difficult to reach manually or with formerly known means. Heretofore diiculty has been experienced in reaching portions of the back, such as between the shoulder blade bones, and along the dorsal vertebral region; and a more specific object of the invention is the provision of a washer of the type described, which maybe effective to Z.-

perform different kinds of washing, scrubbing, so to speak, and rinsing, at the same time or substantially so.

Another object of this invention is the structural characteristics, the apparatus including a perforated metal delivery pipe, made of preferably aluminum, which has certain desirable qualities, particularly its lightness is also desirable. To the metal delivery pipe is connected a supply hose,

and around the pipe is a perforated sponge rubber if.'

covering, which may contain a pocket for a cleaning or antiseptic element, or soap, and extending from opposite ends of the pipe are control or manipulating bands, tapes or members, which may be constructed of fab-ric or cotton.

Other object of this invention, is an elastic suspension cord or band, which is adjustable for arranging a suitable length, and engages around the neck, so that the cord or bands, having hand gri-ps,

are urged downwardly, and automatically return by means of said suspension cord, the result is, with water owing in said hose, that the washing operation is satisfactorily performed.

Other objects and advantages will hereinafter appear, as the description proceeds in the following specification, accompanied by the annexed drawing, in which Figure 1 is a front elevational View of the back washer of this invention.

Figure 2 is an enlarged view of the rollercushion shown in Fig. 1, being partially in section.

Figure 3 is an enlarged sectional view taken on the line 3-3 of Fig. 1.

Figure 4 is an enlarged view of the hook member to which the elastic cord is secured.

Figure 5 is an end view on a reduced scale, of the washing device in operative position on a user, the latter being represented in dot and dash lines.

Figure 6 is an interchangeable brush roller that may be used in place of the roller cushion.

vFigure 7 shows a flat brush that can be used if so desired.

Referring to the drawing, a metal pipe IIJ, having a length to correspond approximately with the dimension of a user across the back at the shoulders, is yprovided. with a plurality of spaced openings or apertures II, for discharging liquid, said apertures being spaced apart a selected distance,

and the pipe being in communication internally with a supply line or hose I2, which is capable of being fitted, as by a socket or end I3, onto any faucet I4, or any water supply line or pipe, the faucet I4, here selected, being in a position such as is to be found in an ordinary bath tub. The control means or valve, of the faucet I4 is easily reached by a user of the washing device.

The pipe Ill has thereon, especially over its lines of apertures I I, a perforated or foraminous cushion I5, said cushion being, as in the present instance, constructed of sponge rubber, and having therein any number of apertures, such as shown at I6, by way of illustration, so as to facilitate movement of water therethrough.

The washing member or sponge rubber I5 is placed on the pipe ortube I0 before end ttings of the pipe, the fittings being presently described, and in order to prevent said member from turning on the pipe, the latter may have thereon a fiat portion, not shown.

The member I5 has therein a front central recess I1, in which is cleansing material, such as soap I 8, and in order that the soap may be renewed or placed in the recess I1, at any time, the member I5 is provided with a front slit I9. Owing to the resiliency of the rubber slit or pocket, the entrance automatically closes over the soap.

In some instances, the soap I8 may have thereon a sponge rubber covering or casing 20, the slit I9 and recess I1 being of such dimensions as to admit both the soap and its sponge rubber casing. The member I5 may have at each end thereof a cap 2| of imperforated rubber.

The fittings of the pipe I0 are alike at each end, except where otherwise noted, and these fittings include a metal bushing 22, preferably threadedly held on the pipe; and threadedly held in the bushing 22, at the upperside thereof, Fig. 2, is a stub rod or pipe or anchorage 25. On the under side of said perforated :tubeat the bushing 22, a stub rod or pipe or anchorage 26, similar to the member 25, is threadedly mounted a hooked retaining socket 21 which, as seen in Fig. 4, has a limited entrance 28 between the hook 29 and body portion.

The body portion of the hooked member 21 has therein a socket opening to receive the stub rods or pipes -26, and with the hooked members 21 a rubber or elastic suspensory cord cooperates. The cord 30 is provided with looped ends 3I, each alike and each loop 3| is snapped or urged through an entrance 28, to be permanently held on the hooks. A conventional clip 32 is shown on the cord 3|) so that the latter may be adjustable for length. The cord 30 may be suspended otherwise than around the neck, and Washing with the device I5 need not be conned to the back.

In the bushing 22, as at one end of the device, Fig. 2, is threadedly emplaced a nipple 33, and since the hose I2 is provided with another end expansion or socket '31, which ts onto said nipple, the connection makes a path for the water or cleansing :duid from the faucet I4. As only one hose I 2 is at present shown, one of the bushings 22 has thereon a closure cap 34.

On each lower stub pipe 26 is a hooked member 35, substantially like the member 21, `although instead of a hook 29 the member 35 may be provided with a ring, as will be clear to those skilled in the art.

Cooperating with each member 35, one at each end of the device, and also each alike, is an operating or pull cord, tape or band 38, on which is a terminal ring 39. Each band 38 may also have thereon an auxiliary ring or gripping means 40, which may be used by some persons, or in diierent operations, rather than the ring 39. The bands 38, are constructed of fabric, cotton or the like, and are not resilient. Said bands have their upper end 36 permanently engaged in the members 35.

In Figure 6, a brush roller 45 is shown, that may be interchangeable with the rubber or cushion roller I5. This brush may be rotated by the water pressure, means of which may be provided by the screw-like iins 45. If so desired a flat brush 50 may be used as shown in Figure 7, and is not rotatable like the roller brushes I5 and 45.

In the present case only one hose or supply pipe I2 is shown, but another or like hose, having also an attaching end I3, may be used at the opposite end of the discharge tube III, for the purpose described.

Either warm or cold water, or a mixture of both, may be supplied through the hose I2, or a second hose may be used on the end 34 of the tube Il). With water flowing, and there being a delivery of soap therewith at one point, the operation may be easily seen, on referring to the drawing, including Fig. 5, as hereinbefore referred to.

The washer I5 is drawn or pulled downwardly, by the bands 38, against the action of the cord and on relaxing theA pulling movement, said cord is eiective to draw the washer I5 upwardly. The movement may be slow or rapid, as desired, and it is a feature of the apparatus the cords 38 may not be operated in the same manner or uniformly, since they may be operated to move the washer I5 at an inclination between its ends, or almost vertically, and likewise crosswise. It is easy to reach the soap I8, thorough cleansing, the device may be used for rinsing, Without any soap.

so that after Variations may be resorted to within the scope of the invention, and parts of the improvements may be used providing same comes Within the scope of the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States of America, is as follows:

l. An apparatus for Washing the back at the shoulders comprising a short hollow tube having at one end thereof means for receiving a fluid supply pipe, said tube having in one side thereof and adapted to face the back a line of uid delivery openings, a perforated sponge mounted on the tube along said openings, said sponge having therein in front of said openings a pocket holding soap, a resilient suspensory cord having its ends attached to the ends of the tube and adapted to be passed around the neck at the front thereof, operating straps also attached to the ends of the said tube and depending therefrom, said straps having hand grip elements thereon, whereby as uid from the tube passes around the soap and through the sponge perforations said straps may be successively pulled down, said cord being effective to return the straps whereby to import oscillatory movement to the tube with its mounting.

2. In an apparatus of the character described, comprising a back washing device having a hollow tube with one end provided with means for receiving a uid supply, said tube having spaced holes therein, a perforated or foraminous cushion-like rotary brush arranged upon said tube, a resilient suspensory cord or element having its ends attached to the end portions of said tube and rotary brush, strap members with gripping elements at one end, and the other end adaptable to be attached to the end portions of said tube and brush, said suspensory cord or element adapted to be placed around the neck whereby said rotary brush rest upon the upper part of the back of user, said gripping elements adapted to be manipulated thereby moving said rotary brush up and down the back, Whereat said ud supply flows through said tube and brush for the Washing of the back therewith.

3'. In a back washing device of the character described, comprising a foraminous brush member mounted onto a hollow tube having one of its ends connected to a Huid supply, the other end of said tube adaptable to be closed, said tube having spaced holes, the end portions of said tube provided with bearings, a resilient suspensory member attachable to said bearings, strap members having one end attachable also to said bearings and the other free ends provided with hand gripping elements, said suspensory member adapted to be placed around the neck, and said hand gripping elements adapted to be manipulated by the hands of the user, whereby the brush member moves up and down the back during the flow of fluid from said tube and brush member.


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Sep 12, 2000ASAssignment
Effective date: 20000808