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Publication numberUS2307970 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 12, 1943
Filing dateSep 23, 1942
Priority dateSep 23, 1942
Publication numberUS 2307970 A, US 2307970A, US-A-2307970, US2307970 A, US2307970A
InventorsWilliam L Sparks
Original AssigneeWilliam L Sparks
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Label holder for filing systems
US 2307970 A
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' Jan. 12, 1943.


w. 1.. SPARKS 2,307,970 Y Patented Jan. 12, 1943 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE LABEL HOLDER FOR FILING SYSTEMS William L. Sparks, Hartsdale, N. Y.

Application September 23, 1942, Serial No. 459,346

2 Claims.

The object of my invention is to provide a non-metallic label holder to be detachably affixed to the guide or index cards of filing systems. Particularly it is an object to provide such a label holder from fish paper or like material which has the property of being tough, stiff, yet yielding or bendable without breaking and which may be subjected to long usage without being torn or destroyed, The label holder is constructed to be used in combination with stiff file guide cards which are provided with a series of holes at their upper edges. The label holder comprises an upstanding label supporting body having legs which straddle the card in a cliplike manner together with bendable fastening straps which are threaded through some of the spaced holes in the card to hold the label holder in adjusted position thereon. Accordingly my invention is embodied in a label holder constructed as hereinafter described and as illustrated in the accompanying drawing in which Fig. 1 is a face view of the label holder.

Fig. 2 is an edge view thereof looking from the left in Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 shows the label holder attached to a file index card of the type described.

The label holder is made from a strip of fish paper or like material by means of a die, not shown, which severs the holder from the strip, cuts it into shape and forms it for its purpose. Such die cutting and shaping operations are known. As shown in the drawing the label holder comprises an upper label supporting body or portion 5 of a size and shape to support whatever type label a particular filing system requires. The portion 5 has label holding lugs 1 bent up from the back 8 and it may be provided with a label enclosing bead 6. The holder i further formed with two downwardly extending side legs 9, 9 and a central leg I between the legs 9, The central leg has extending therefrom to each side a bendable strap II. The legs are separated by severing cuts as at l2.

Fig. 3 illustrates a portion of a file card l4 which has a line of spaced holes along the upper edge Hi. The dotted lines [1 in Fig. 1 indicate the points at which the straps I I are bent up from the holder to be inserted through two of the holes I5 in the card M. The lines I! indicate the points at which the straps will conveniently be bent forward of the holder and the distance between the points I! matches the spacing of the holes so there will be no difficulty in inserting the straps.

In use the label holder is attached to the card by bending the straps up from the holder at about a right angle and passing the two straps through two holes in the card as shown at 20, 20 in Fig. 3. This action at the same time naturally places the card in front of the central leg I0 while the legs 9 are slightly lifted so as to pass in over and in front of the card. The latter is thus gripped between the legs which act like a clip. Then the straps are bent towards each other and threaded through two adjacent holes as shown at 2!, 2|. The free ends of the straps are thus placed between the holder and the card and there are no protruding ends or edges to catch the papers which are filed. The holder is detached by simplygripping the exposed portions of the straps and lifting them up. The ends of the straps then slide easily out of the holes 2|. Then the holder may be detached and used over again in another position on the card. The fact that the holder is made from fish paper or like material makes repeated uses and adjustment possible without injury. A label 22 is conveniently placed upon the back 8 and held by the lugs I as shown. The holder need not have the head 6. It is however an advantage and presents a neat appearance.

The label holder according to this invention is very inexpensive to manufacture and is a perfect substitute for a metal label holder, in some respects more advantageous because repeated bending of the attaching straps does not impair the use and there are no sharp cutting edges.

I claim:

1. In combination with a file guide card having a series of spaced holes in a line along its upper edge, a label holder comprising an upper label supporting portion, separate legs extending downward from said portion straddling said guide card placed edgewise between said legs to position said label holding portion above and adjacent the upper edge of said card in the plane thereof and bendable straps extending from one of said legs threaded through holes in said card to aifix the label holder thereto, the free ends of said bendable straps being threaded through additlonal holes in said card, the free ends of the straps lying between the said holder and the card.

2. In the combination according to claim 1, means for positioning and securing a label on and to said label supporting portion.


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U.S. Classification40/360, 40/651
International ClassificationB42F21/10
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