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Publication numberUS2311137 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 16, 1943
Filing dateSep 9, 1939
Priority dateSep 9, 1939
Publication numberUS 2311137 A, US 2311137A, US-A-2311137, US2311137 A, US2311137A
InventorsFrederick A Sunderhauf, Frank W Broderick
Original AssigneeReynolds Metals Co
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Collapsible tamperproof box and tray, primarily for cigars
US 2311137 A
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Filed Sept. 9, 1959 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 WW4 n O W ME mwfi E W3 m N I T w.

zmbmz Feb. 16, 1943.

F. -A. SUNDERHAUF ET AL- 2,311,137 COLLAPSIBLE TAMPER-PROOF BOX AND TRAY, PRIMARILY FOR CIGARS Filed Sept. 9, 1959 2 Sheets-Shet 2 I N V E N TOR M 8x77242111 k. Bradzraifi ATTORNEY 7 ll/llllv of cigars in the Patented Feb. 16,1943 7 UNITED STATES PATENT o FFICE? COLLAPSIBLE TAMPERPBOOF BOX AND TRAY, PBIMABILY FOR CIGARS Frederick A. Sunderhauf, Rutherford, N. .l'., and

Frank- W. Broderick, New Brighton, N. Y., asslgnors to Reynolds Metals Company, Richmond, Va., a corporation of Delaware Application September a, 1989, Serial No. 294,100

1 Claim. 22916) This invention relates to a new and improved collapsible tamper-proof shipping container, primarily for cigars, which container will normally include a flat-collapsible tray member and a flatcollapsible outer covering member or carton 'member, the two being adapted for union in an assembly which is tamper-proof.

Heretofore', there have been various attempts I to form paper, or cardboard lamination, or metallic foil and paper or cardboard, flat-collapsible shipping containersifor cigars, or the like;

However, the Governmental authoritieshave ini slsted upon rigid specifications for such containers, and to date it is believed that no collapsible .cardboard or paper container of the machine made type suitable for large quantities of cigars, with the exception of the collapsible shipping container about to be described, has complied with all Treasury Department regulations and has received the approval of the Governmental authorities. One vital requirement for a container for cigars or the like, is that when the revenue tax stamp is aflixed to the container,

, that it be absolutely impossible for the container to be opened without destroying the revenue stamp, or, alternatively, without mutilating the package.

Therefore, it is the object of our invention to fabricate a paper or cardboard shipping container for cigars or the like, which is capable of being manufactured in large quantities at economical cost and which can be shipped flat to the cigar manufacturer from the paperor cardboard box manufacturer. It will be recognized that the wooden boxes heretofore utilized almost universally for shipping large quantities collapsed.

Therefore, it is a further object of our invention, to provide a sturdy shipping container, primarily for cigars, which includes an inner tray member and a cooperating outer carton member, both members adapted to be collapsed flat for shipping purposes to the cigar manuface turer and both members adaptedto be assembled together in upright position to form a stable;

shipping container for cigars, whichwilltamp to be amxed to the outer container sealing the container so that the same is tamper-proof, and so that the said container can not be opened without destroying the revenue stamp, or mutilating the container. The locking means preferably is an integral part of one of the members.

It is a further object of our invention to provide a simple one-piece blank; for formulating the outer carton, also a simple one-piece blank for the inner member and also a member so shaped as to provide locking means for the two,

thus making it economical for general use.

The above and various other objects and advantages will be readilyunderstood from the -.following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings of preferred embodiments of the invention in which-modificacigar trade cannot be shipped protect large numbers of cigars for transports; tion, and which yet aflords an attractive dllp llij of the cigars for retail trade purposes.

It is a further object oi our invention to provide a flat shipping container, primarily for cigars, which includes an inner tray. member and an outer carton member having interlocking -means, which permit a single revenue tax stamp Fig tions may be made without departing from the scope of the appended claim. In the drawings: Fig. 1 is a plan' view of a blank suitable for forming the outer carton member;

- Fig. 2 is a plan view of a blanksuitablefor forming the inner tray member;

Fig. '3' is a perspective view of the assembled tray member, showing the same partially filled with cigars;

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the assembled outer cartonmember;

5 is a perspective view of an assembled outer carton member with an assembled and a loaded inner tray member partially inserted therein;

Fig. 6 is a perspective view similar to Fig. 5, except that the tray member has been inserted within the carton member, and a locking flapv 11 indicates a series of inner tray membe s. l ps d for shippin pu poses; and

Fig. 12 is an enlarged cross-section taken upon a the line "-1: er Fig. 6 to illustrate that the outer carton member may be formed of light cardboard stock covered with metal foil. preferably aluminum foil.

(It be recognized that the metal foil'increases the moisture-proof and air-proof characteristics of the shippin containen and also that the metal foil may be embossed and printed upon in attractive designs, but that the shipping container may otherwise be formed of varying thicknesses of cardboard or the like, either with or without metal foil mounted thereupon); and

Fig. 13 is a cross-section of an alternate form of our invention.

In these figures, the outer carton member Ill may be formed of a conventional box-like portion l2 having an opening l4 therein, for the inspection of merchandise, and forming protective corner portions indicated as [6, and a hinged top portion I8. Hinged top portion will preferably have integrally connected thereto side flap portion 20, which in turn has integrally connected thereto, locking tab 22. Flap end portions 24 of conventional design will be provided for box-like member l2. This forms a strong and suitable outer carton member, having a looking means for the cover thereof. ,As indicated in the plan view of the blank,as shown in Fig. 1, all of the above-identified portions will be formed from a one-piece blank, thereby permitting all of said portions to be joined, one to another.

However, it will be observed that the locking tab 22 in no way afiects end portions 24 of outer carton member I0.

It will also be observed that, with the exception of said end portions 24, the outer carton member may be sealed by afilxing a revenue tax stamp 25, or like seal, when the locking tab 22- is positioned in locking slot- 26, jointly upon side wall 20 and the bottom of the box indicated as 28, all as shown clearly in Figs. 6 and 7.

Therefore, to prevent illicit entry to'the contents of the shipping container, we have devised an inner tray member 30 of conventional design,

except that it is additionally provided with a locking flap 32 so formed and positioned that the same cooperates with, and fills one side of, opening l4 of outer carton member I0, so that when the tray 30 is in position within-the outer carton l0, and locking flap 32 bent outwardly over side portion'34 of carton member ID (Fig. 6), and the top of the outer carton closed, and this locking tab 22 positioned in locking slot 26, and the revenue tax stamp or seal 25 affixed thereon, the contents of the tray cannot be reached without breaking seal 25, or, alternatively, mutilating end portions 36 of tray member 30.

Tray member 30, as indicated in Figs. 2 and 11, will be formed of conventional design, and

outer. layers of preferably aluminum foil mount- .ed upon an irmer layer-of paper.

Fig. 13 is a cross section of a modification oi our invention wherein the tray 30, instead of being provided with a locking flap 32, is provided with an elongated slot 39 approximately registering and conforming in shape with slot 28, and conforming generally in size and shape to the outer portion of locking tab 22, upon Such a disposition ofhinged top portion. [8. parts prevents the lateral movement of the tray member when the shipping container is closed and locking tab 22 is inserted through slot 28 and through slot 39.

It will readily be recognized that while our invention is specifically adapted for the shipping of cigars, as described, that owing to the tamperproof qualities of this shipping container, it is capable of wide utilization for the shipping of other merchanidse, particularly because the combination of the two units, namely, the outer carton member and the interlocking inner tray member aflord a strong and suitable shipping container.

Therefore, it will be obvious to those skilled in the art that various changes and modifications of the invention may be employed, but it is understood that our invention is not to be limited to what is described in the specification and shown in the drawings, but only as indicated in the appended'claim.-

We claim:

In a tamper-proof shipping container, com-.

prising an open tray member and a collapsible outer carton comprising bottom, side walls and top member, a new sealing means therefor comprising an extension on said tray to overlie one wall 01 said outer carton, an extension integral with the top of said outer carton to overlie said first extension member and to hold it from being raised, said top extension adapted to be locked .in position by a single seal, thereby providing a lock to prevent removal of said tray without the breaking of said extension member or said seal.


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