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Publication numberUS2311654 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 23, 1943
Filing dateJul 29, 1940
Priority dateJul 29, 1940
Publication numberUS 2311654 A, US 2311654A, US-A-2311654, US2311654 A, US2311654A
InventorsFilkins Arthur J
Original AssigneePaul Dickinson Inc
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Roof drain
US 2311654 A
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Feb. 23, 1943. VA. J. FILKINS 2,311,654

ROOF DRAIN FileaJuly 29, 1940 &@

- faf" 1 BY ATTORNEY.

Patented Feb. 23, 1943 ROOF DRAIN Arthur J. Filkins, Chicago, 111., assignor to Paul Dickinson, 1110., Chicag Illinois 0, 111., a corporation of Application July 29, 1940, Serial No. 348,125


This invention relates in general to a drain outlet and discharge for a flat or plain surface, and is more particularly described as a drain and outlet for a roof.

An important object of the invention is in the provision of a rectangular drain and improved means for attaching it to an outlet or drain pipe- A further object of the invention is in the provision of a raised drain outlet having a gravel stop and a roof insert therefor having an internal gravel stop and reservoir.

A still further object of the invention is in the provision of a domed roof drain having a pipe inlet together with gravel stoppin means and pipe discharge therefor.

Other and further objects of the invention will appear in the specification and will be apparent from the accompanying drawing in which:

Fig. 1 is a partial view of the top and also of the drain fitting below it;

Fig. 2 is a view partly in section of the drain shown in Fig. 1 as applied to a roof; and

Fig. 3 is a detail sectional view showing a modification of the drain pipe connection.

In a roof drain, it is desirable to provide gravel stop means which prevents gravel and other debris from clogging the holes of the drain, and also to provide additional means for arresting any gravel or other material which may pass through the holes of the drain before it reaches the drain pipe. It is also desirable to provide a roof drain which is easily and quickly removable for cleaning out the inside gravel stop, but which may be held tightly in place to make a Water-proof joint. It is sometimes desired to insert another down spout or pipe connection into a roof drain which will not interfere with the removal of the projecting Or domed outlet, but at the same time will insure proper connection of the inlet pipe when the dome is replaced.

Referring now more particularly to the drawing, this roof drain comprises a roof member 6 set into and suitably supported by a roof structure, and an upper or dome member I placed upon the flange and extending upwardly over the roof member 8.

The roof member has an upper outwardly extending flange 8 by means of which it is supported in a roof opening upon the roof 9 and rafters I 0 to which it may be secured in any suitable manner as by fastening bolts l l.

A separate clamping flange [2 corresponds to the flange 8 of the roof member and the edge of a water-proof layer or cover l3 such as felt or sheet roofing extends between the two flanges and is clamped between them by fastening studs or bolts [9 to provide a Water-proof joint. Another layer M of insulating or roof covering material may be interposed between the roof deck 9 and the covering l3 which is not extended between the flanges but terminates at the outer edge of the flange 8.

Extending upwardly about and integral with the marginal edge of the upper flange I2 is a gravel stop i5 having angular notches H3 at intervals extending to the upper edge of the flange I 2 and adapted to engage particles of dirt or gravel ll which may be used to coat or protect the water-proof covering l3.

The drain members are substantially rectangular or square in their outer dimensions and the upwardly extending dome is preferably angular With a plurality of slots I8 of different sizes extending from top to bottom in the different angular surfaces thereof. By providing a dome extending above the ordinary roof level, an increased outlet isprovided as the Water rises above the lower level, even though the lower drain openings are clogged by an accumulation of dirt or debris.

In order to hold the dome tightly in place, the upper portion of the dome member is formed at the lower edges of some of the slots or openings [8 with abutments 20 inclined slightly outward and terminate above the lower edge of the dome. The corresponding inner surface of the roof member 6 is provided with lugs 2| each having a slot 22 which registers with one of the openings I8. Threaded bolts 23 having heads 24 are each adapted to be engaged in the slot of a lug with the head at the under side of the lug or projection, and the threaded end extending, through the corresponding slot of the dome member. A winged nut 25 or some other suitable fastening device engages the outer threaded end of the bolt which rojects above the dome and also engages the upper surface of the abutment 20.

At the lower edge of the dome is a short outwardly extending flange 31 which rests upon the clamping ring l2 inside of the rim attaching means 19 so that the dome may be removed for access to the interior of the roof member 6 without disturbing the water-proof clamping engagement with the roof covering I3.

At one side of the dome is a hollow extension 26 communicating with the interior of the dome member and projecting beyond or through the gravel rim I5 with an opening 21 therein for seating the end of a pipe 28 which may be of any shape conforming to the opening in the projection. This may be the discharge end of a down spout or any other pipe which discharges into the drain.

In attaching the dome member, the Winged nuts are threaded tightly in place and the pipe 28 may be inserted therein and fixed in any desired manner. In order to remove the dome member for cleaning or repairing the drain, the winged nuts are removed and the dome may be slipped out of engagement with the end of the pipe without materially disturbing its position. If this pipe 28 is movable with the dome member, it may be threaded into the opening.

At its lower end, the roof member has an upwardly turned rim or flange 30 which forms a surrounding gravel pocket 3| into which any gravel or other dirt flowing in through the dome will be caught and retained in the pocket 3|. The inner opening 32 is preferably circular to receive the circular end .of a down pipe :33 and this pipe may have a threaded end engaging a corresponding threaded portion 34 of the roof member as shown in Fig. 2 .or the lower end of the roof member may be formed with an inwardly projecting rim 35 which forms a packing gland with the upper end 36 of a pipe so that a packing such as oakum 31 and lead 38 may be inserted in the gland sealing the joint in a well known manner.

With this construction, a rectangular drain is applied to a roof but is adapted to receive a circular or other pipe inlet and to discharge into a circular or other pipe outlet; the roof member is protected from the accumulation of gravel or other dirt :at its lower-most openings by the upper and outer gravel stop and the passage of gravel or other foreign material to clog the inside of the drain is prevented :by theinside ravel stop or pocket at the top of the drain pipe. Provision is made for easily and quickly removing the roof or dome member so that access may be had to the inner gravel .stop for removing dirt therefrom.

I claim:

1. A roof drain comprising a roof .member to extend through 'aroof with an :upper-flange to extend under the'edge'oi :a water-proofroof covering, a ring flange to :overlie and clamp a roof covering between it and the other flange, an apertured dome removably seated on the upper flange, and a plurality of fastening bolts engaged at their inner ends at the inside of the roof member and extending through perforations around the dome at a distance above the lower edge, and fastening nuts at the upper ends of the bolts bearing against the dome to clamp it tightly on the ring flange.

2. In a roof drain according to claim 1, the member insertable through a roof being hollow and having inwardly projecting lugs, the dome covering the upper end of the hollow member having perforations around the sides, the fastening bolts having their heads engaging under the lugs and threaded ends extending through dome openings near the top of the dome, and the fastening nuts removably engaging the threaded ends of the bolts and the outer surface of the dome at the sides of the openings.

3. In a roof drain according to claim -1, the member insertable through a roof being hollow and having pairs of spaced inwardly projecting lugs, the dome covering the upper open end of the member having openings at the sides and downwardly inclined abutments at the lower ends of some openings terminating above the lower edge of the dome, and the fastening bolts having heads to engage the spaced lugs extending through the dome openings, and the nuts at the upper ends of the bolts engaging the inclined abutments.

4. In a roof drain according to claim 1 having a separate roof cover clamping ring flange at the top of the roof member flange with an integral outer gravel stop surrounding the dome and free from engagement therewith so that the dome is removable without disturbing the ring flange, and means for separately attaching the clamping flange to the extending upper flange of the roof member.

5. A roof drain in accordance with claim 1 having an outside gravel stop at the top of the ring flange surrounding and separate from the lower edge :of the dome and extending above the lower edges of the lowermost dome repenings, and a gravel catcher forming a part of and extending around the inside of the member below the attachment :of the fastening bolts therein.


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