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Publication numberUS2313428 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 9, 1943
Filing dateNov 30, 1938
Priority dateNov 30, 1938
Publication numberUS 2313428 A, US 2313428A, US-A-2313428, US2313428 A, US2313428A
InventorsHelen Glenn
Original AssigneeHelen Glenn
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Cigarette case
US 2313428 A
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March 9, 1943. H. GLENN CIGARETTE CASE Filed NOV. 30, 1958 III ' INVENTOR. HEtEN GLENN BY Pwd Aww.


Patented Mar. 9, 1943 UNITED vs'la'irfzs PATENT VOFFICE:


My invention relates to an improvement in cigarettepackages and cases particularly to cigarette cases which are suitable for a pack of cigarettes and has among its purposes and objects to provide:

A means of preserving and dispensing the cigarettes singly or a few at a time with one hand.

A package for cigarettes which prevents the cigarettes from being crushed and broken.

A package for dispensing cigarettes.

vAcigarette case'whichwillholdapackofc I accomplish these and other objects by the con- Astruction herein described and shown in the accompanying drawing forming a part hereof in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view.

Fig. 2 is a plan view.

Figs. 3, 4 and 5 are fragmentary details.

Fig. 6 is an end elevation.

Fig. 7 is a side elevation.

Figs. 8, 9, 10 and 11 are modiiication details of the cover.

Similar reference characters refer to similar parts throughout the several views of the drawing and in the specification to follow.

To the cigarette smoker the many cigarette cases intended to preserve cigarettes particularly from being crushed are inconvenient because they usually require unpacking the cigarettes from the pack or carry the ordinary pack of cigarettes withbe rearranged in the cigarette case. After the cigarettes are unpacked and inserted in the cigarette case, ,and when a cigarette is desired for smoking both hands are required in opening and removing the cigarette from the case.

All of this inconvenience is eliminated by the use of my simple invention which permits the case to be loaded directly at the factory in the same man- I ner as when filling the ordinary pack. The cigarettes being thus shipped in a cigarette case rather than in the ordinary soit paper and Cellophane package. My device may be also made of metal, plastics or other suitable material and used to repack or carry the ordinary pack of cigarettes without unpacking. The ordinary pack may also be inserted into the case after tearing a portion of the end of the pack open and by the sliding cover, one or more cigarettes may be caused to drop out by gravity by partially opening the cover. One hand serves to complete the operation.

While I have herein shown and described my invention in one simple form of construction it will be obvious to those skilled in the art to which it pertains that many modications may be made to the construction herein shown and described without departing from the principles embodied in my invention.

Referring to the drawing, I have shown my ciga..

rette case I conforming in size and shape to the ordinary pack of cigarettes so that the cigarettes only or the pack may be easily inserted into the case without unpacking it. The case and its sliding cover 2, may be of any durable material of suflicient stiffness to be carried in the pocket or pocket-book without danger of being crushed or damaged.

When the cover is removed the. top 3 is open and of substantially the size and shape of the four walls which are parallel from top to the bottom I and also `of a size to permit the pack 5 of cigarettes 6 to be freely inserted wherein the cigarettes lie parallel to the sides and may be removed or dropped out. When the pack is inserted after removing a part of the end of the pack the cigarettes may be removed in like manner.

The cover 2 is then inserted by engaging the projecting flanges 1 and 8 in the slides or grooves 9 and I0 of the case l. The cover is preferably constructed of three parts comprising the inner cover plate II which is of suillcient width and length to protect beyond the width and length of the outer cover I2 to provide the flanges 1 and 8 as well as the end ange I3 which engages the end groove Il in the case, the outer cover. I2 and the retracting means located between the inner and outer cover.. The inner cover and outer cover may be secured to each other by welding, soldering, or other suitable means after the retracting means has been placed between the covers.

The under surface I5 of the outer cover is recessed to provide the spring chamber I6 into which the zigzag spring I1 is secured at one endv by inserting its upturned end I8 into the socket I9 in the surface I5. The opposite end 20 of said spring is also turned upwardly and passes through the slot 2| to the outside of the outer cover I2 where a button 22 is secured. When the cover is inserted and in place the cigarettes are completely housed and practically hermetcally sealed within the case. 'Ihe slot 2| in the cover is then in augment with the slot 23 in the case and by a lateral movement of the button 22 the end 2|I of thespl'ing l'l isplacedinitsnor malpositioninthecasel andwhenthecover 2 is moved the compression of the spring is increased causing the cover to at once close upon releasing it.' x To permit the spring 'end to travel when com-1A pressed in opening the cover, I have provided the side slot 25 in the side of the outer cover I2 communicating with the spring chamber I6. The slot 2l and the spring l1 limit the travel of the cover sothat:itcannotpulloutofitsguidesorbere-v moved without the button 22 fromthe slot 23.

To facilitate movement of the cover against the spring I have provided the thumb nail notch 2l in the upper end'surface of the cover making it convenient to operate the cover by movement of the same hand holding the case'.

When the cover is partially opened and the case partially inverted the cigarettes by a slight shake or jar will drop out as desired.

After all of the cigarettes have been removed Vthe button 22 is returned from the end of theslot 23 in the case to the end of the slot 2| in the cover springs` or rubber bands and the cover may be modined to moveand be removed in numerous ways'. Ido notwishtobelimitedtothedetailsof construction herein shown and described as I may wish to depart from the details within the scope of the appended claims which set forth my invention. f

I claim:

1. In a cigarette case, a case having an opening at its end substantially the size of a pack oi` cigarettes and a cover slidably mounted in said case closing said opening said case having grooves receiving the edges of said cover, said cover having achamber and retracting means within said chamber secured to said cover and detachably secured tosald case.

2..In a case, a slidable cover at the end of the case guided and movable to open a part or to fully open the entire end of said case, means retracting said cover to its closed position from its position of fully opening the end of said case,

' said retracting means comprising a spring, one

by moving the buttonl 22 and thus prevents accidental movement.

In Figs. 8, 9, 10 and 11 I have shown modifications of the cover of my case inwhich the cover is closed by an elastic strip 26 which may be positioned in an interior compartment 21 as in Fig. 8 or exterior compartment 28 and 29 as in Fig. 9 or in the grooves 9 and Ill and through and around the case as in Figs. 10 and 1l or the elastic may be carried around the top of the case I on the exterior and so positioned or secured to it and the cover at each end as to yieldingly hold the cover in its closed position.

In addition to the notch 2l or in its stead I have provided an upward projecting member 30 on the top surface 3l of the cover 2 to facilitate engagement by the thumb or finger of the operator to open or slide the cover against the tension of the cover closing means such as the elastic or spring.

The use of elastic and a simplified cover construction makes it possible to construct my device very cheaply so that my case may be substituted for the ordinary wrapping or pack commonly used in packing cigarettes at the cigarette factory.

The cover may be retracted by other forms of end of which is held against said cover and the other end of which is movable to either engage the case or the cover, said spring being disposed and positioned outside the closed interior of said case, and means on theoutside of said case disengaging said retracting means, thereby permitting the removal of said cover, said retracting means preventing the removal of said cover when engaged.

3. Inia case, a cover closing one of the ends of said case Aand slidable therein, said casehaving grooves along its interior end surface receiving the side edges oi' said cover to guide said cover and to permit its withdrawal and retracting means preventing the free withdrawal of said cover from said case comprising a. spring, one end of which is movable to engage either the cover or the case. said spring permitting the free removal of said cover when said movable end of said spring is in engagement with said cover.

4. In a case, a slidable cover removable to open the entire end of said case,- said cover having a chamber between its outer and inner surface and means in said chamber secured to said cover and said .case retracting said cover and means on the exterior of said case movable to engage and disengage said retracting means with and from said case.

5. In acase, a slidable cover removable to open the entire end of said case, said cover having a chamber between itsv outer and inner surface. and means in said chamber secured to said cover and said case retracting-said cover, means on the exterior of said case movable to engage and disengage said retracting means, said retracting means limiting the travel of said cover.


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