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Publication numberUS2315126 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 30, 1943
Filing dateJul 7, 1939
Priority dateJul 28, 1938
Publication numberUS 2315126 A, US 2315126A, US-A-2315126, US2315126 A, US2315126A
InventorsFrieda Michalke
Original AssigneeFrieda Michalke
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Covering convertible into a bag
US 2315126 A
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March 3o, 1943. F. MICHKALKEME PARNOW 2,315,126

COVERING CONVERTIBLE INTO A-BAG 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed July 7, 1939 IIIIII IAIII) `/n ve n for'v fuggi@ Jackal/158,'



ne@ Par-now A orney March 30, 1943. F. MICHALKE, NE PARNow 2,315,125

covERING CONVERTIBLEINTO A BAG -Fled July '7, 1939 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 ne Parrzow Afzorneys Patented Mar. 30, 1943 CovltRING CONVERTIBLE INTO A BAG Frieda Michalke, ne Parnow, Bel-lin, Germany, vested in the Alien Property Custodian Application July 7, 1939, serial No. 283,301 ln Germany `uly 28, 1938 s'clalms. (cl. 19o-4s) The invention relates to a covering such as a blanket or the like which can be converted into a bag, which is intended to be used for purposes, such as a sleeping bag or baby-carriage bag and similar purposes. I

The essenceof the invention consists in that on the outer surface of the covering, which is in a single layer or folded into a plurality of layers,

at about a third of the distance from the transverse edge, there are arranged Zip-fasteners in such manner that the covering, after the two side parts have been folded inwards about the Zipfasteners and the covering itself then folded about the longitudinal middle line,\can be converted into a bag closed at the sides and at the bottom, by closing the Zip-fasteners which are then located at the lateral edges.

The advantage of this bag resides in the fact that it can be converted simply and rapidly, by simply opening the Zip-fastener, into a traveling rug or under-blanket. Conversely, the covering such as a blanket or the like can easily and rapidly be converted into a bag having a plurality of compartments in which objects of any kind can be accommodated, for example thermos asks, food, bathing articles and the like. When in the closed state, i. e. as a bag, the arrangement has a Very pleasing appearance and can be carried in a convenient manner. It is not possible for articles placed in the bag to fall out at the sides or at the bottom as, after the bag has been formed, it is closed at the sides and at the bottom. The compartments in the bag are separated from one another by breadths of cloth, so that the objects accommodated in the bag cannot knock against one another. By means of the invention the onerous rolling up of a blanket, as hitherto usual, is avoided. As the covering, when it is folded, is a at bag it is considerably more convenient to transport than a travelling rug, in a rolled state, and above all, thanks to this invention, the separate bags which hitherto were often necessary for transporting the different articles required in travelling, hiking, bath ing and the like become superfluous.

The arrangement according to the present invention can be used with advantage for travelling, motor journeys, walking trips, travel in boats and ships, or bathing. The device according to the invention may also be provided with a shoulder strap adapted to be buttoned on, the device being then used as a bag to be carried on the back. In this form of construction it is particularly suitable for walkers and cyclists.

The device according to this invention can, for

example, also be used for small children and then be utilised for accommodating diapers, milk bottles or the like.` When spread out it at the same time provide a hygienic and warm underblanket for the child. For this purpose it is advisable to itremovably to the blanket or the like, for example, by means of press-studs, a piece of rubberized silk. Also in other cases it may be advisable to fix a waterproof covering on the actual covering, such as a blanket or the like.

The device can, of course, be made in various sizes, and the covering used may be of various qualities. The invention is not restricted to the use of a blanket, but can also be applied to other coverings, for example a tent sheet or awning, or the like.

One form of construction of the invention is illustrated in the annexed drawings, wherein:

Fig. 1 shows diagrammatically the device folded as a bag as seen from the side.

Fig. 2 shows the arrangement according to Fig. 1 in a half-opened state.

Figs. 3 and 4 are diagrammatic views.

In these drawings, the device consists mainly of a covering l, for example a blanket which when in a 'folded state forms a bag, for which purpose two lateral Zip-fasteners 2 and further fasteners 3 are provided. As seen in Fig. 1, the fasteners 3 may comprise ariiap member having an opening formed therein, the fdap member being secured to each corner of the blanket on the exterior surface thereof, as by stitching. These iiaps are of sucient length as to overlap 'the longitudinal-edges of the folded portions of the bag and are releasably held in position by buttons or hooks also secured to the exterior surface of the bag intermediate its end edges. At the upper edge of the folded covering, i. e. when a bag is formed from it, there are iitted handles d, so that the bag can be vcarried conveniently in a flat state. By the folding of the covering, separate compartments are formed, in which thermos flasks, bathing equipment, food and to lf3-V4 of the length of the covering. The two side parts 8 are first of all folded inwardly about the lines in which the Zip-fasteners 2 lie, so that the transverse edges 5 now lle inside and the Zip-fasteners 2 at the sides (Fig. 4). Then the covering is folded about the longitudinal middle line 1 and the Zip-fasteners 2 are closed. Thus a, bag as shown in Fig. 1 is obtained.

What I claim is:

l. A device of the type described, comprising an elongated, substantially rectangular sheet of flexible material, slide fastener elements secured in pairs to one side of said material inwardly, from each opposed end edge thereof, .a distance substantially equal to one-third the width of said sheet, lthe members forming each pair extending, respectively, on each side of the longitudinal median line of said sheet, and a -pair of slide fastenersl cooperating with said pairs oi'- elements whereby, when the material between said elements and said end edges is folded inwardly so as to leave said pairs of elements along exposed edges, respectively, and said device' is then folded along said longitudinal median line, said slide fasteners may be slid to join the members forming each pair of elements to form a bag.

2. A device as claimed in claim 1, said slide fastener elements extending substantially parallel with said end edges.

3. A device as claimed in claim 1, and an opposed pair of carrying elements secured, respectively, to said sheet of material adjacent each longitudinal edge thereof whereby, when said sheet is folded along said longitudinal median line, said elements form plural carrying means.


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