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Publication numberUS2317123 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 20, 1943
Filing dateApr 27, 1939
Priority dateApr 27, 1939
Publication numberUS 2317123 A, US 2317123A, US-A-2317123, US2317123 A, US2317123A
InventorsWarp Harold
Original AssigneeWarp Harold
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US 2317123 A
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April 20, 1943. H. WARP mooTHBRUSH Fi1ed April 27. 1339 NVENTo Patented Apr. 20, 1943 UNITED STATES PATENT oFFCE ooTHBBUSH IfafoId vofp, (hiogo, IlL

AopHoofion.Apri127, 1939, Seri1 No. f0 395 2 0laims.

The invention relateS to bfuShes and TIlore oartioulafly to tooth brushes, and hS 3 genera1 objeot to provide a tooth bfI1Sh having a handle of new and iInpToved oonstTuotion ond deSign providing a unique feature.

Science and hygiene diotate that a -tooth bruSh be useo by o Single perSon only, and that, InoTeover, iS the practioe vvhioh people inhefently fo11ovv. ovever, With the tooth bruSheS for the variouS nleInbeTS of a fon1ily ooStonlaTily kept inthe saIne cobinet, and not infrequently in the San1e holder, the posSibility of a tooth brLSh being uSed by other than the owne1' the1,eof is vefy great. This posSibility of confuSion is pTeS ent, even though oare nlay have been exefoised to Seleot tooth bruShes of different ooloT or of different n1ake, for the partioulaT color of nloke may be forgotten of the perSon intending to uSe a tooth bTuSh nlay have beooTne oonfused aS to the ooloI'. It freqllently beooIneS neceSSary,

therefofe, to diSoard the entife Set of toofh bfusheS of to take a chanoe on oSing the vvrong tooth bf11Sh, and frequently ar perSon IlseS the wrong tooth bfosh confidont that -he is using hiS ovo1 tooth broSh.

,It is aJ n1ofe pofficIflar object of thiS inven tion, thefefore, to provide a, tooth br11Sh having unique ond iInproved Ineans for indicting own erShip of the tooth bruSh which 111eons Wi11 not require `TI1en1ofizing aJ paTtiot11aT oo1o1' or Inake of tooth bruSh,

nother object of the inventfon iS to provide a tooth bfush having S11oh o nefShp indioating neanS inoofpofated therein Without 11eceSSitaJt ing ohonge from the stondard shape of tooth bruSh handle and without forIning raiSed poftionS, TeceSSes, or oreviceS, in the cornero of Whioh diTt and germS n1ay oolleot.

Sti11 anothef objeot iS to provide a footI1 bTuSh hoving a hoHow handle of tranSporent Inaterial and al naIne oard of plate, illse1'table vvithin the handle, to whioh the pufchaSer himSelf adds the ownershi indicoting indicia, and Which is con- Str11cted to be readily iT1Se1'ted and Sealed in the handle by the pufohaSer hiInSelf.

of further objeot iS to pTovide a tooth b11Sh having a. ho11ow, tfanSparent handle and aF naTne card of plote inSertable witf1in the handle vvherein the noIne cord of plaJte corries nleanS aI1toInatically effective to Sea1 the TeoeSS in the handle againSt InoiStI1re aS on incident to con1- plete insertion of the card o1 plate within the handle.

otheI' o]ojeots and advantages Wf11beooTne op porent f1'on1 the follovving detailed desoription token in connection with the aocoInpanying draWing, in Whioh= 1 ig. 1 iS o perSpective view of a tooth buSh en1booying the featuTes of the invention.

ig. 2 iS a ffagfnentary pan vieW Showfng the hondlo of the tooth bruSh vith the nIne card or plate removed thefefrom.

Fig. 3 is an enlarged and b1'oken longitodinal sectional vieW of the handle of the tooth bfush.

'ig. iS a tfanSveTSe seotiono1 veW taken appfoxinfafoly along the line 4 of ,ig. 3.

g. 5 is a tTanSvefSe Seotiona1 vieW faken approxiInately along the line 55 of ig 3.

Eig. 6 iS a ffagn1entary and bfoken hoTiZontal Sectional view of thJe handle tke1 approxinlately along the line BG of g, 3.

vvhile the invention fS SuSceptible of variouS InodificationS and alternative conStruotonS i iS Shown in the dTawing and wi11 be desoTibed heTe inaJfter in a prefen ed embodiment, but it iS not intended that the invention iS o be 1!nited thereby to the Speciflo constfuotion diSoloSed. bot it iS intended to oover a11 n1odioationS ond alternotive oonStruotibns folling v/ithin the spifit aFIld soope of the invention aS defined in the oppended olaiTns.

Eor purpoSeS of diSo1oS111 e, the invenfion iS Shown eInobdied in a tooth buSh l of genera11y oonventiono1 oonstruotion- The tooth bTush oompriSes a hondle oomposed of a tTanSpar ent Inoteria1 such aS Sone cellI11oSo of TeSinouS condensotion pTodoct, o head l2, and bfistleS ff Secured in tufts in the head l2 in the oSuol nlanner. f desired, the handle of the tooth bfoSh nlay `h5fve an pertuTe l3 foffned in the eoo theTeof for the purpoSe of SuSpending fhe tooh bruSh ffoIn a hook of naf1.

AS pfeviously Stated, the handle of tho tooth bfuSh iS of neW ond inproved oon5tHotion and deSign eInbodying o unque feotoTe, naIney n1pfoved IneanS for indicating oWnerShip of the tOoth bruSh. Broadly, the ownefSh p indioating Tneans is odopted oo be Tooefed within the handle of the tooh bTuSh 50 as to e11T1intve Taised oT depreSSed poTtonS on the exteToal SLl1' fce of thehandle Whch In ht Sefve aJS trapS fo1 dift nd gefInS. ThiS 1eo11S, n1oTeove1, iS StandoTd for a11 pofohasofS ith he idontifyin indiof4a applied to the IneaBS by the poTohase1 hin1Self- Aocofdng1y, fhe ha oldle iS fo rITled with a flat, e1ongoed reoeSS eenong 1ongi, tudinony of the hande nd Woh, in the oTeSeof instance, opens hoogh the ffee of apertofed end of the handie ThiS receSS Inay be very thin ond thus moy be fofrned in a hoodle of Stand handle extending tranSversely therethrough to provide n1eans foI' SuSpending Said brush, an elongated nat strip inSertable Within Said receSS, sarid Stfip confofIning at its outer end to the Shape of the end of Said handle and having an aperture therein adapted to regiSter With the aperture in Said handle When the end of said Strip iS nuSh vvith the end of said hand1e, a Inajor portion of said strip being originolly blank to provide for the inScription of identifying in dicia by the owner of the brush, and a coating of plaStic sealing con1pound carfied by the apertured end of said strip, said coating growing pro gressively heavier ais the end of the strip is approached and being operable upon insertion vvithin the flaJred opening of Said recess to con forn1, under the application of nlanual pressure, to the flared opening of Said 1'eceSS and oon jointly With the end of Said Strip c10Sing ajnd Seailing the Tecess againSt the entry of Iffoist11re.

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International ClassificationA46B15/00
Cooperative ClassificationA46B15/0085, A46B2200/1066, A46B15/00
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